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Project Description Owner Last Change
project/firewall3.git OpenWrt firewall configuration... Git 4 months ago
project/fstools.git OpenWrt filesystem utilities Git 7 weeks ago
project/iwinfo.git Library for accessing wireless... Git 5 days ago
project/jsonpath.git JSON parsing utility Git 15 months ago
project/librpc-uclibc.git Standalone librpc forked from... Git 3 years ago
project/libubox.git C utility functions for OpenWrt Git 2 months ago
project/luci.git Lua Configuration Interface... Git 12 hours ago
project/luci2/ui.git DEPRECATED - use https://githu... Git 4 years ago
project/make_ext4fs.git Standalone fork of Android... Git 23 months ago
project/mdnsd.git OpenWrt MDNS daemon Git 16 months ago
project/mountd.git OpenWrt automount daemon Git 4 months ago
project/netifd.git OpenWrt Network interface... Git 8 days ago
project/odhcp6c.git Openwrt DHCPv6 Client Git 4 months ago
project/odhcpd.git OpenWrt DHCP Server Git 8 days ago
project/omcproxy.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Git 5 months ago
project/opkg-lede.git LEDE fork of Opkg Git 3 months ago
project/procd.git OpenWrt service / process... Git 2 weeks ago
project/relayd.git IPv4 pseudo-bridge routing... Git 3 years ago
project/rpcd.git OpenWrt ubus RPC daemon Git 3 days ago
project/ubox.git OpenWrt core utilities Git 6 weeks ago
project/ubus.git OpenWrt system message/RPC bus Git 4 weeks ago
project/ucert.git OpenWrt usign certificate... Git 8 months ago
project/uci.git OpenWrt Unified Configuration... Git 8 days ago
project/uclient.git libubox HTTP client library Git 6 months ago
project/ugps.git OpenWrt GPS daemon Git 6 months ago
project/uhttpd.git Tiny HTTP server Git 5 months ago
project/umbim.git OpenWrt MBIM modem utility Git 6 weeks ago
project/uqmi.git Tiny QMI command line utility Git 12 months ago
project/usbmode.git usbmode - usb_modeswitch repla... Git 17 months ago
project/usign.git Tiny signify replacement Git 2 years ago
project/ustream-ssl.git ustream SSL wrapper Git 9 months ago