Merge pull request #87 from dangowrt/fix-bmx6-libjson-c-dependency
[feed/routing.git] / babeld /
2014-11-03 Steven BarthAdd SPDX license tags
2014-09-08 Casper Meijnbabeld: create the directory for the config file before...
2014-09-05 Saverio ProtoMerge pull request #49 from cjkoenig/update_quagga
2014-09-03 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Specify edge cases
2014-09-01 Gabriel KerneisMerge pull request #47 from zorun/babeld_configfile
2014-08-30 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Backward compatibility with old config files 47/head
2014-08-30 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Update configuration file for new syntax
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Support default interface configuration
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Take interface name from "option ifname"
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Handle ignore options
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Print an error when startup fails
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Generate a configuration file instead of passin...
2014-08-27 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Update to 1.5.1
2014-06-09 Gabriel KerneisMerge babeld configuration fix by zorun
2014-06-08 Saverio Protoolsrd: Merge branch 'olsrd_6and4' by Alessio Caiazza.
2014-06-08 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: fix configuration for new options 32/head
2014-06-01 Gabriel Kerneisbabeld: new upstream release 1.5.0
2013-11-27 Axel NeumannMerge branch 'master' into bmx6_testing
2013-10-28 Gabriel Kerneisbabeld: migrate from openwrt/packages