batmand: Switch upstream URL to HTTPS
[feed/routing.git] / batmand / Makefile
2017-01-23 Sven Eckelmannbatmand: Switch upstream URL to HTTPS
2017-01-23 Sven Eckelmannbatmand: Replace maintainer with Elektra
2017-01-18 Simon WunderlichMerge pull request #259 from jow-/batmand-fix-package
2017-01-18 Jo-Philipp Wichbatmand: switch to tarball download, fix build with... 259/head
2014-11-03 Steven BarthAdd SPDX license tags
2013-07-01 Saverio Protondppd: importing ndppd package in openwrt-routing feed
2013-06-28 Vasilis TsiligiannisMerge branch 'quagga'
2013-05-11 Saverio ProtoMerge remote-tracking branch 'nodogsplash/master'
2013-04-24 p4uAdd bmx6 packages not existing because of the commit...
2013-04-24 Marek Lindnerbatmand: adjust folder name to application name