bmx7: fix source url
[feed/routing.git] / hnetd /
2016-01-19 Bastian BittorfMerge pull request #126 from NeoRaider/master
2015-10-03 Steven BarthMerge pull request #133 from plntyk/fix_bird
2015-09-29 Markus Stenberghnetd: Depend on zonestitcher (the scripts supported...
2015-09-29 Markus Stenberghnetd: Bump to account for mismatched PATHs in trunk...
2015-09-15 Markus Stenberghnetd: Bump, use DDZ script, and remove the OpenWrt...
2015-09-08 Bastian BittorfMerge pull request #136 from HRogge/master
2015-09-08 Markus Stenberghnetd: Bump + removed rebind_protection disabling ...
2015-09-02 Markus Stenberghnetd: Now disable in dnsmasq both rebind_protection...
2015-08-22 zorunMerge pull request #132 from tcatm/babeld-config-lists
2015-08-21 Oryonhnetd: Adding wifi autoconf PoC
2015-08-18 Oryonhnetd: Enable multicast support when pimbd is present
2015-07-31 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'openwrt' 113/head
2015-07-30 Bastian BittorfMerge pull request #112 from HRogge/master
2015-07-28 Steven Barthhnetd: bump and add tunneling support
2015-07-10 Steven Barthhnetd: fix issues on 32-bit platforms
2015-07-03 Markus Stenberghnetd: Bump. Some corner case fixes + dncp-07/hncp...
2015-06-29 Henning RoggeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-06-17 Steven Barthhnetd: stability improvements
2015-06-09 Steven Barthhnetd: stability improvements
2015-05-28 Steven Barthhnetd: switch to babeld instead of babels
2015-05-28 Steven Barthhnetd: bump to latest
2015-05-11 Markus Stenberghnetd: Update to the latest.
2015-04-30 Steven Barthhnetd: depend on ip
2015-04-22 Steven BarthMerge pull request #91 from dedeckeh/master
2015-04-20 Steven BarthMerge pull request #89 from SeattleMeshnet/master
2015-04-17 Steven Barthhnetd: remove accidental debug logging
2015-04-15 Steven Barthhnetd: bump to latest
2015-04-10 Steven Barthhnetd: update to latest
2015-02-03 Markus Stenberghnetd: Disabling localservice from default dnsmasq...
2014-11-25 Steven Barthhnetd: update to latest version
2014-11-03 Steven BarthAdd SPDX license tags
2014-09-30 Steven Barthhnetd: remove exit statement in postinst script
2014-09-30 PauMerge pull request #54 from eloicaso/master
2014-09-26 Steven Barthhnetd: stability and bug fixes
2014-09-05 Saverio ProtoMerge pull request #49 from cjkoenig/update_quagga
2014-09-02 Steven Barthhnetd: fix mdns-support
2014-07-31 Steven Barthhnetd: fix ipv4 uplink detection
2014-07-29 Steven Barthhnetd: more racecondition fixes
2014-07-28 Steven Barthhnetd: bump for more race condition fixes
2014-07-25 Steven Barthhnetd: stability fixes
2014-07-17 Markus Stenberghnetd: Updated to latest. Various bugfixes, external...
2014-07-14 Steven Barthhnetd: rework dependencies for luci-app-hnet
2014-06-19 Markus Stenberghnetd: Updated to latest.
2014-06-15 Steven Barthhnetd: add correct per-link FQDNs
2014-06-13 Steven Barthhnetd: daily bugfix bump
2014-06-12 Steven Barthhnetd: various bugfixes (incl. convergence failure...
2014-06-11 Steven Barthhnetd: bump for bugfixes
2014-06-10 Steven Barthhnetd: bump and package LuCI pages
2014-06-08 Saverio Protoolsrd: Merge branch 'olsrd_6and4' by Alessio Caiazza.
2014-06-06 Steven Barthhnetd: add global config file
2014-06-02 Markus Stenbergminimalist-pcproxy: Added.
2014-05-04 Steven Barthhnetd: some openwrt-integration and stability fixes
2014-04-23 Markus Stenberghnetd: Updated with better service discovery support...
2014-04-19 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #23 from Noltari/bird-next
2014-04-17 Steven Barthhnetd: fix segfault in yesterday's version *sigh*
2014-04-16 Steven Barthhnetd: add support for guest mode + stability fixes
2014-04-14 Steven Barthhnetd: bump for various fixes
2014-04-10 Steven Barthhnetd: various stability fixes
2014-03-26 Saverio ProtoMerge commit 'ad9d95cca240fa0edd8e033126877ec58ed848d8'
2014-03-25 Steven Barthhnetd: Bump to latest
2014-03-21 Steven Barthhnetd: fix ubus / libubox interaction
2014-03-19 Steven Barthhnetd: bump version
2014-03-05 Steven Barthhnetd: fix a segfault in ubus handling code
2014-03-01 Steven Barthhnetd: improve postinst logic
2014-02-28 Steven Barthhnetd: remove some debug flags
2014-02-28 Steven Barthhnetd: add hnetd package