olsrd: remove deprecated 6and4 compatibility
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2017-01-11 Simon WunderlichMerge pull request #243 from ecsv/batman-adv-2016.5
2017-01-04 Bastian BittorfMerge pull request #246 from SvenRoederer/fix/compile...
2016-12-22 Sven Roedererolsrd: disale compiler-warning "missing-include-dirs" 246/head
2014-06-09 Gabriel KerneisMerge babeld configuration fix by zorun
2014-06-08 Saverio Protoolsrd: Merge branch 'olsrd_6and4' by Alessio Caiazza.
2014-06-08 Saverio Protoolsrd: bump version to, remove redundant patch
2014-05-17 Saverio Protoolsrd: jsoninfo: HTTP headers with CORS (if requested)
2014-05-17 Saverio Protoolsrd: security fixes for olsrd plugins
2014-03-31 Saverio Protoolsrd: bugfix patch, Fix processing error for fragmente...
2014-03-15 Russell Seniorolsrd: bump version to, remove redundant patch
2013-08-26 Saverio ProtoMerge pull request #6 from mmunz/master
2013-08-23 Manuel Munza much simpler and cleaner fix 6/head
2013-08-23 Manuel Munzfix for iynvalid jsoninfo output