bmx6: fix libjson-c dependency
[feed/routing.git] / quagga /
2015-01-26 Moritz WarningMerge pull request #66 from lynxis/upstream_nodogsplash
2014-12-16 Steven BarthMerge pull request #69 from stintel/bird_update
2014-12-15 Saverio ProtoFix Quagga vtysh build against readline 6.3
2014-12-11 Steven Barthquagga: mark as @BROKEN, unfixed since September
2014-11-03 Steven BarthAdd SPDX license tags
2014-09-05 Saverio ProtoMerge pull request #49 from cjkoenig/update_quagga
2014-09-03 Christoph Königquagga: Update to 49/head
2013-08-04 Axel NeumannMerge branch 'bmx6_testing' into bmx6_testing_new_config
2013-08-03 Axel NeumannMerge branch 'master' into bmx6_testing
2013-08-02 Vasilisquagga: Update to v0.99.22.3
2013-08-01 Axel NeumannMerge branch 'master' into bmx6_testing
2013-07-11 p4uMerge branch 'master' of
2013-07-01 Saverio Protondppd: importing ndppd package in openwrt-routing feed
2013-06-28 Vasilis TsiligiannisMerge branch 'quagga'
2013-06-28 Vasilis Tsiligiannisquagga: Move files in package directory