2015-01-31 Steven BarthMerge pull request #76 from Noltari/bird-next
2015-01-26 Moritz Warningnodogsplash: code cleanup, add option gatewayinterface...
2015-01-26 Moritz WarningMerge pull request #66 from lynxis/upstream_nodogsplash
2015-01-23 Álvaro Fernández... bird: add lightweight client support 76/head
2015-01-14 Gabriel Kerneisbabel-pinger: fix typo in Makefile
2015-01-12 Markus Stenbergminimalist-pcproxy: Update to github HEAD.
2015-01-12 Markus Stenbergohybridproxy: Update to latest.
2015-01-08 Simon Wunderlichalfred: bump version to 2014.4.0
2015-01-07 Marek Lindnerbatctl: upgrade package to latest release 2014.4.0
2015-01-07 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: upgrade package to latest release 2014.4.0
2015-01-07 Alexander Couzensnodogsplash: migrate to uci based configuration 66/head
2015-01-05 Saverio Protoolsrd: increasing package version after merging pull...
2015-01-05 Saverio ProtoMerge pull request #75 from andrenarchy/olsrd-fix-pingcmd
2015-01-03 André Gaul[olsrd] adapt init script for 0.6.8 (PingCmd option) 75/head
2015-01-02 Steven BarthMerge pull request #74 from openwrt-es/mcproxy-next
2014-12-31 Álvaro Fernández... mcproxy: update to latest version, add UCI support 74/head
2014-12-30 Gabriel Kerneisbabel-pinger: initial import (closes #65)
2014-12-29 Saverio Protoolsrd: bump to 0.6.8
2014-12-21 Steven Barthminiupnpd: bump to latest, fix enabled-check in hotplug...
2014-12-16 Steven BarthMerge pull request #69 from stintel/bird_update
2014-12-15 Saverio ProtoFix Quagga vtysh build against readline 6.3
2014-12-14 Stijn Tintelbird: bump to 1.4.5 69/head
2014-12-11 Steven Barthquagga: mark as @BROKEN, unfixed since September
2014-12-02 Steven Barthminiupnpd: bump to 1.9.20141118
2014-12-02 Steven BarthMerge pull request #67 from stintel/miniupnpd_shutdown_...
2014-12-02 Stijn Tintelminiupnpd: fix error message during shutdown 67/head
2014-11-29 Moritz Warningnodogsplash: upgrade to 0.9_beta9.9.9
2014-11-25 Steven Barthhnetd: update to latest version
2014-11-24 Axel Neumannbmx6 update to master tip
2014-11-20 Pau Escrich[bird-openwrt] Add documentation file. Remove OSPF...
2014-11-18 sbyxMerge pull request #64 from lbschenkel/smcroute
2014-11-13 Leonardo Brondani... smcroute: Use correct file name in conffiles. 64/head
2014-11-06 Markus Stenbergminiupnpd: Upgraded to 1.9 (+ third party PCP patch).
2014-11-06 sbyxMerge pull request #62 from lbschenkel/smcroute
2014-11-05 Steven Barthnat46: fix compiler issues with gcc 4.9
2014-11-05 Steven Barthluci-app-bcp38: moved to github
2014-11-05 Steven Barthbcp38: moved to packages-feed
2014-11-04 Simon WunderlichMaintainers: Update Simons email address
2014-11-04 lindnermarekMerge pull request #63 from ecsv/batadv-conffiles
2014-11-04 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Preserve configuration file on update 63/head
2014-11-03 Leonardo Brondani... smcroute: Add package for version 2.0.0. 62/head
2014-11-03 Steven BarthAdd SPDX license tags
2014-10-24 Bastian BittorfOLSRd: bump version from 0.6.7 to (released...
2014-10-21 Steven Barthminiupnpd: fix musl build
2014-10-19 Bastian Bittorf[OLSRd] bump version from to 0.6.7 (released...
2014-10-15 Steven Barthpim6sd/mcast-tools: abandon package
2014-10-15 Steven Barthbabels: add SPDX tag
2014-10-15 Steven Barthminiupnpd: avoid unnecessary restarts, add SPDX tag
2014-10-13 Marek Lindnerbatctl: upgrade package to latest release 2014.3.0
2014-10-13 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: upgrade package to latest release 2014.3.0
2014-09-30 Steven Barthhnetd: remove exit statement in postinst script
2014-09-30 PauMerge pull request #54 from eloicaso/master
2014-09-29 Markus Stenbergohybridproxy: Added -4 and -6 options to explicitly...
2014-09-29 sbyxMerge pull request #57 from ixs/master
2014-09-28 Andreas ThienemannPrevent miniupnpd compile failure when building IPv4... 57/head
2014-09-26 Steven Barthhnetd: stability and bug fixes
2014-09-15 Steven Barthminiupnpd: bump to 1.8.20140906
2014-09-11 André Gaul[alfred] fix missing alfred-gpsd binary
2014-09-10 Eloi Carbobird-openwrt: BIRD daemon integration with UCI and... 54/head
2014-09-08 Casper Meijnbabeld: create the directory for the config file before...
2014-09-05 Saverio ProtoMerge pull request #49 from cjkoenig/update_quagga
2014-09-03 Christoph Königquagga: Update to 49/head
2014-09-03 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Specify edge cases
2014-09-03 Baptiste JonglezUpdate MAINTAINERS
2014-09-02 Steven Barthnat46: add map-t meta-package
2014-09-02 Markus Stenbergminimalist-pcproxy: ANNOUNCE opcode support and better...
2014-09-02 Steven Barthhnetd: fix mdns-support
2014-09-01 Gabriel KerneisMerge pull request #47 from zorun/babeld_configfile
2014-08-30 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Backward compatibility with old config files 47/head
2014-08-30 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Update configuration file for new syntax
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Support default interface configuration
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Take interface name from "option ifname"
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Handle ignore options
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Print an error when startup fails
2014-08-29 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Generate a configuration file instead of passin...
2014-08-27 Baptiste Jonglezbabeld: Update to 1.5.1
2014-08-19 Bastian Bittorfolsrd: change name of PID-file for olsrd4 from '/var...
2014-08-12 Steven Barthmcproxy: bump to latest
2014-08-12 Steven Barthbabels: update to latest
2014-08-10 Steven Barthbabels: update repository URL
2014-07-31 Steven Barthhnetd: fix ipv4 uplink detection
2014-07-31 Pau Escrich[luci-app-bmx6]: Remove not used code. Fix luci depende...
2014-07-30 Steven Barthminiupnpd: fix integer conversion in NAT-PMP, update...
2014-07-29 Steven Barthhnetd: more racecondition fixes
2014-07-28 Steven Barthhnetd: bump for more race condition fixes
2014-07-25 Steven Barthluci-app-bcp38: import from cerowrt
2014-07-25 Steven Barthhnetd: stability fixes
2014-07-25 Dave Tahtpackages: BCP38 support for openwrt
2014-07-24 Simon Wunderlichalfred: bump version to 2014.3.0
2014-07-17 Markus Stenberghnetd: Updated to latest. Various bugfixes, external...
2014-07-14 Steven Barthhnetd: rework dependencies for luci-app-hnet
2014-07-13 Steven Barthbabels: bump to latest version
2014-07-01 Jo-Philipp... miniupnpd: fix typo in init script
2014-06-26 Markus Stenbergminimalist-pcproxy/miniupnpd: added+using upnp.config...
2014-06-25 Markus Stenbergminiupnpd: Fixed hotplug script's DEVICE handling.
2014-06-23 Markus Stenbergminiupnpd: Fixes #39. Based on discussion with jow...
2014-06-19 Markus Stenberghnetd: Updated to latest.
2014-06-19 Markus Stenbergohybridproxy: Updated with latest which fixed one typec...
2014-06-15 Steven Barthhnetd: add correct per-link FQDNs
2014-06-15 sbyxminimalist-pcproxy: Fix typo in postinst