usign: use distro agnostic comments
[keyring.git] / usign /
2019-07-25 Jo-Philipp Wichusign: use distro agnostic comments
2019-07-24 Jo-Philipp Wichusign: fix filename of Stijn's usign key
2018-07-15 Hauke MehrtensAdd my public GPG and usign key
2018-05-18 Jo-Philipp WichAdd public usign key used for the 18.06 release builds
2017-10-03 Stijn TintelAdd my public usign key
2017-06-09 Alexander CouzensAdd my public key for gpg and usign
2017-01-20 Jo-Philipp WichAdd public usign key used by the 17.01 release builds
2016-12-07 Hans DedeckerAdd my public usign key
2016-04-30 Jo-Philipp WichAdd unattended usign build key
2016-04-26 Ted HessAdd my public usign key
2016-04-16 Álvaro Fernández... Add my public usign key
2016-04-14 John CrispinAdd my public usign key
2016-04-05 Jo-Philipp WichAdd my public usign key