LEDE v17.01.0-rc2: adjust config defaults
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / feeds.conf.default
2017-02-07 Jo-Philipp WichLEDE v17.01.0-rc2: adjust config defaults v17.01.0-rc2
2017-01-16 Jo-Philipp WichLEDE v17.01: set branch defaults
2016-08-01 Felix Fietkaufeeds: switch from github to lede-project.org mirrors
2016-07-17 Felix Fietkaufeeds.conf: disable the targets feed by default
2016-06-13 John Crispinfeeds.conf.default: disable management feed
2016-04-20 John Crispinfeeds.conf.default: remove the commented ancient feeds
2015-03-19 Felix Fietkaufeeds.conf.default: add new targets feed
2014-12-11 Steven BarthMove telephony feed to github
2014-10-09 Jo-Philipp Wichfeeds: switch LuCI to Github repo
2014-07-29 Steven Barthfeeds: disable oldpackages by default
2014-06-12 Luka Perkovfeeds.conf.default: add management feed
2014-06-11 Florian Fainellifeeds.conf.default: restore the old package feed tempor...
2014-06-10 Steven BarthSwitching default packages feed to github
2014-04-19 Felix Fietkaufeeds.conf.default: the telephony feed is now on git...
2014-03-26 Felix Fietkaufeeds.conf.default: fix copy&paste mistake (#15383)
2014-03-26 Felix Fietkaufeeds: switch to using http(s) urls
2014-02-03 Felix Fietkaufeeds: disable the x-wrt feed, it is unmaintained
2013-07-05 Felix Fietkaufeeds.conf.default: switch packages feed to git (#13818)
2013-04-29 Mirko Vogtmove packages related to telephony into its own feed
2013-04-20 Jo-Philipp Wichfeeds: fix syntax error
2013-04-20 Jo-Philipp Wichfeeds: add openwrt-routing feed and drop bmx6 feed...
2013-04-16 Jo-Philipp Wichfeeds: add upstream bmx6 openwrt feed
2013-03-25 Jo-Philipp Wichfeeds.conf.default: switch LuCI feed to nbd.name git...
2011-11-16 Michael BüschAdd xorg feed to feeds.conf.default
2010-11-16 Jo-Philipp Wichswitch to LuCI trunk, should be stable enough for commo...
2010-08-12 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd lxde feed to feeds.conf.default
2009-12-13 Jo-Philipp Wichadd a src-link example to feeds.conf.default
2009-11-07 Jo-Philipp Wichswitch back to LuCI main repo
2009-11-04 Jo-Philipp WichLuCI main repo is down due to server crash, switch...
2009-06-10 Jo-Philipp Wichswitch to LuCI 0.9.x branch
2009-04-01 Andy Boyettfeeds.conf.default: Change openwrt feeds urls from...
2009-01-19 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd desktop and xfce feed to feeds.conf.default
2009-01-17 Mirko Vogtmove <efl> (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) and...
2009-01-17 Mirko Vogtmove <packages/phone> into own feed <feeds/phone> and...
2008-10-16 Steven BarthSwitched LuCI-SVN to another server
2008-09-06 Steven Barthfeeds: Switched to LuCI stable branch
2008-08-17 Felix Fietkaurename feeds.conf to feeds.conf.default, make feeds...