busybox: disable rdate, enable ntpd by default
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / package / acx /
2011-08-09 Jonas Gorskipackage/acx: mark as broken for linux 3.1
2011-03-17 Vasilis Tsiligiannisacx: Major rework of acx.sh script
2011-03-17 Vasilis Tsiligiannisacx: Add newline at end of autodetected wireless config...
2011-03-13 Vasilis Tsiligiannisacx: Detect every device present
2011-01-27 Florian Fainelliacx: don't fail if 'wifi' led is missing
2010-10-13 Felix Fietkauwifi: change the default channel from 5 to 11, 5 was...
2010-07-12 Claudio Mignantimassive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX...
2010-07-11 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: fix build problems with recent kernel versions
2010-06-26 Felix Fietkauremove obsolete kernel dependencies and version checks
2010-05-16 Nicolas Thillbump a bunch of packages updated after 10.03
2010-05-04 Florian Fainellifix acx compile error with VLYNQ support (#7281)
2010-05-02 Florian Fainellimake acx available to PCI platforms as well (#7174)
2010-03-26 Gabor Juhospackage/acx: refresh patches
2010-03-08 Nicolas Thillacx: remove wrong CONFIG_PCI dep (should have been...
2010-03-06 Florian Fainellimove netdev_ops conversion, previous hunk was not correct
2010-03-06 Florian Fainellimigrate acx to netdev_ops, required for later kernels
2009-08-03 Florian Fainelliacx fixes for 2.6.30
2009-05-07 Florian Fainellifix acx compilation on 2.6.27
2009-04-17 Felix Fietkauget rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has...
2008-10-13 Florian FainelliAdd acx wireless configuration (#4095)
2008-09-15 Nicolas Thilluse the Download/ macro to get ACX firmwares
2008-07-14 Matteo Croceacx: fix firmware download URL
2008-05-26 Nicolas Thillremove hacks to disable modules on some targets now...
2008-05-02 Matteo Croceacx100 fix by nabcore
2008-04-20 Nicolas Thilldon't build acx* kernel modules on UML
2008-03-29 Florian FainelliAdd support for the C19 revision of the ACX111 firmware...
2008-02-10 Matteo Croceupdate acx100
2008-02-08 Matteo Crocebackport acx100 2.6.24 fixes from SVN
2008-01-14 Matteo Croceacx: fix X86 builds
2008-01-12 Matteo Croceupdate the acx driver
2008-01-04 Florian FainelliBump release number after the vlynq change
2008-01-04 Florian FainelliAdd native vlynq support to the old acx driver (#2864)
2007-10-03 Matteo Croceupgrade acx and acx-mac80211, removed two patches now...
2007-09-29 Nicolas Thilldisable acx & acx-mac80211 on atheros, renable check...
2007-09-17 Matteo Crocedisable powersave, vlynq can't handle this
2007-09-16 Matteo Croceacx: Fix Makefile
2007-09-16 Matteo CroceUpdated acx (#2394) and fixed acx-mac80211 build
2007-09-08 Felix Fietkaumajor target cleanup. it is now possible to have subtar...
2007-09-07 Nicolas Thillmove package description to a separate definition,...
2007-09-06 Felix Fietkaustrip the kernel version suffix from target directories...
2007-09-03 Nicolas Thillpackage Makefile cleanup: remove uneeded vars
2007-09-02 Nicolas Thilluse a default VERSION field for kmod packages
2007-07-17 Imre Kalozavr32 build fixes
2007-06-17 Florian FainelliPut the acx tarball on openwrt.org (#1913)
2007-06-05 Felix Fietkauupgrade a few packages to newer versions (includes...
2007-06-04 Felix Fietkaurefresh all package patches in the buildroot using...
2007-06-03 Florian FainelliFix endianness issues with adm5120eb, thanks to Gabor !
2007-03-18 Eugene KonevAdd acx package