ncurses: Fix build of libncursew
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / package / libs / ncurses / Makefile
2015-12-11 John Crispinncurses: Fix build of libncursew
2015-06-02 Hauke Mehrtensncurses: Fix building with gcc 5.1
2015-04-23 Felix FietkauRevert "ncurses: cleanup InstallDev"
2015-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichncurses: add host build for 'tic'
2014-11-06 Nicolas Thillncurses: cleanup InstallDev
2014-11-02 Steven BarthAdd a few SPDX tags
2014-06-16 Steven Barthncurses: Install xterm-256color
2013-05-09 Felix Fietkautoolchain: eliminate the INSTALL_LIBSTDCPP config symbo...
2013-04-23 Jonas Gorskincurses: update to 5.9
2013-01-07 Florian Fainellincurses: fix typo on INSTALL_LIBSTDCPP configuration...
2012-10-24 Florian Fainellincurses: build C++ bindings only our toolchain supports C++
2012-10-19 Hamish Guthrielicensing: Add licensing metadata to many packages...
2012-10-08 Felix Fietkaumove library packages to package/libs/