iftop: bump to latest upstream
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / package / network / utils / iftop / Makefile
2017-02-26 Kevin Darbyshire... iftop: bump to latest upstream
2016-12-16 Felix Fietkautreewide: clean up download hashes
2016-07-11 Kevin Darbyshire... iftop: fix mac address display
2016-06-07 Jo-Philipp Wichtreewide: replace jow@openwrt.org with jo@mein.io
2016-05-10 Bert Vermeuleniftop: Update to latest version, and drop patch
2014-11-03 John Crispinlicense info - revert r43155
2014-11-03 John CrispinAdd more license tags with SPDX identifiers
2014-11-02 Steven BarthAdd a few SPDX tags
2012-10-16 Florian Fainelliiftop: update iftop to 1.0pre2
2012-10-10 Jo-Philipp Wichiftop: move to trunk and add myself as maintainer