kernel: add missing symbol for bcm27xx
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / package / network / utils /
2022-05-04 Daniel Golleuqmi: update to git HEAD
2022-04-26 David Baueriwinfo: update to latest HEAD
2022-04-24 David Baueriwinfo: update to latest HEAD
2022-04-16 Cezary Jackiewiczcomgt: support ZTE MF286R modem
2022-04-16 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: try to detect interface for ttyACM ports
2022-04-16 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: select first available network interface...
2022-04-16 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: allow specification of interface name
2022-04-11 Eneas U de Queiroznftables: add CONFLICT between versions
2022-03-24 Daniel Golleuqmi: fix acquiring PIN status
2022-03-19 Etienne Champetieriptables: bump PKG_RELEASE
2022-03-19 Etienne Champetieriptables: add {arp,eb}tables-nft
2022-03-19 Etienne Champetieriptables: add xtables-nft package
2022-03-19 Etienne Champetieriptables: add xtables-legacy package
2022-03-19 Etienne Champetierebtables: rename to ebtables-legacy
2022-03-19 Etienne Champetierarptables: rename package to arptables-legacy
2022-03-19 Josef Schlehoferiwinfo: update to latest Git head
2022-03-19 Felix Fietkaubpftools: fix library path on 64 bit systems
2022-03-19 Felix Fietkaubpftools: update to standalone bpftools + libbpf, use...
2022-03-13 Etienne Champetieriptables: backport missing init_extensions6() calls
2022-03-13 Florian Eckertipset: add backport patch for IPv6 nftables ipset-trans...
2022-03-12 Daniel Golleuqmi: update to git HEAD
2022-03-12 Lech Perczakuqmi: set CID during 'query-data-status' operation
2022-03-10 Yousong Zhouiptables: add iptables-mod-socket
2022-03-07 Josef Schlehofernftables: update to version 1.0.2
2022-03-05 Hauke Mehrtensiproute2: Remove libxtables from some tc variants
2022-03-01 Florian Eckertipset: update to 7.15
2022-02-28 Paul Spoorenlayerscape: use semantic versions for LSDK
2022-02-28 Etienne Champetieriptables: bump PKG_RELEASE
2022-02-28 Etienne Champetieriptables: move libiptext* to their own packages
2022-02-28 Etienne Champetieriptables: rename to ip(6)tables-legacy, add PROVIDES
2022-02-28 Etienne Champetieriptables: move IPTABLES_{CONNLABEL,NFTABLES} to libxtables
2022-02-28 Etienne Champetieriptables: make mod depend on libxtables
2022-02-28 Etienne Champetieriptables: fix libnftnl/IPTABLES_NFTABLES dependency
2022-02-12 Hauke Mehrtenstcpdump: Fix CVE-2018-16301
2022-02-08 Leonardo Mörleinwireguard-tools: allow generating private_key
2022-02-03 Felix Fietkaumac80211: backport MBSSID/EMA support patches
2022-02-02 Etienne Champetieriptables: add ip{,6}tables-legacy{,-restore,-save}...
2022-02-02 Etienne Champetieriptables: use ALTERNATIVES for ip(6)tables(-nft)
2022-02-02 Etienne Champetieriptables: rework ip(6)tables-nft dependencies
2022-02-02 Etienne Champetieriptables: fix ip6tables-nft description
2022-02-02 Etienne Champetieriptables: fix ip6tables-extra description
2022-02-02 Daniel Golleuqmi: update to git HEAD
2022-02-01 Hauke Mehrtensethtool: Update to version 5.16
2022-01-13 Paul Spooreniptables: enable nftable support by default
2021-12-31 Stijn Tintelnftables: allow quoted string in flowtable_expr_member
2021-12-28 Hauke Mehrtenslayerscape: restool: Remove build of manpages
2021-12-27 Martin Schillerumbim: add missing json_close_object call
2021-12-27 Martin Schillerumbim: explicitly check for PIN1 state
2021-12-27 Martin Schillerumbim: call umbim disconnect in error case
2021-12-26 Hauke Mehrtenstcpdump: libpcap: Remove mirror
2021-12-14 Hauke Mehrtensiw: Update to version 5.16
2021-12-13 Martin Schillerrestool: bump to LSDK-21.08
2021-11-30 Stijn Tintelnftables: bump to 1.0.1
2021-11-30 Kevin Darbyshire... nftables: install package file
2021-11-22 Daniel Golleuqmi: update to git HEAD
2021-11-21 Hans Dedeckerethtool: update to version 5.15
2021-11-20 Daniel Danzbergernftables: install libnftables to staging dir
2021-11-13 Russell Senioriproute2: update to 5.15
2021-11-06 Daniel Golleuqmi: update to git HEAD and improve proto handler...
2021-11-01 Eneas U de Queiroziproute2: Avoid unnecessary package rebuilds
2021-10-23 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Update to version 5.14.13-1
2021-10-23 Hans Dedeckerethtool: update to v5.14
2021-10-23 Hans DedeckerRevert "ethtool: update to v5.14"
2021-10-23 Hans Dedeckerethtool: update to v5.14
2021-10-20 Hauke Mehrtensiw: sync nl80211 with kernel backports
2021-10-18 Stepan Henekwireguard-tools: add uci option to disable wireguard...
2021-10-18 Stijn Tintelnftables: bump to 1.0.0
2021-09-23 Rosen Penevrestool: add back PKG_VERSION
2021-09-22 Rosen Penevbpftools: fix compilation with musl 1.2.x
2021-09-22 Rosen Penevrestool: update to LSDK-20.12
2021-09-21 Kuan-Yi Lirestool: fix compilation with GCC 10
2021-09-18 Hans Dedeckeriproute2: update to 5.14
2021-09-09 Roman Yeryominiproute2: depends on dynsyms.list
2021-08-31 Eneas U de Queirozethtool: fix recursive dependency
2021-08-30 Kevin Darbyshire... wireguard-tools: bump to 20210424
2021-08-18 Stijn Tintelumbim: bump to git HEAD
2021-08-08 Ansuel Smithiproute2: bump to 5.13
2021-08-08 Jianhui Zhaoiw: enable print wpa ie for scan
2021-08-04 David Bauerethtool: update to v5.13
2021-08-04 David Bauerethtool: introduce ethtool-full build variant
2021-07-11 Jo-Philipp Wichiwinfo: update to latest Git HEAD and move device info...
2021-07-02 Jo-Philipp Wichiwinfo: build with nl80211 backend only and make shared
2021-07-02 Arjun AKpackage/comgt: Handle bind/unbind events
2021-06-28 Felix Fietkauiwinfo: update to the latest version
2021-06-27 Paul Spoorendante: move to packages.git
2021-06-20 Rosen Penevtreewide: remove BUILD_PARALLEL from CMake packages
2021-06-10 Felix Fietkauiwinfo: update to the latest version
2021-06-07 Robert Markoethtool: update to version 5.12
2021-06-05 Adrian Schmutzlerumbim: fix return value of proto_mbim_setup()
2021-06-05 Adrian Schmutzlerumbim: fix whitespace issues
2021-05-26 Felix Fietkaumac80211: sync nl80211.h with upstream and backport...
2021-05-26 Andre Heideriw: update to 8fab0c9e
2021-05-23 Hauke Mehrtenstreewide: Mark packages nonshared if they depend on...
2021-05-13 Leonardo Mörleinbuild: introduce $(MKHASH)
2021-05-08 Thomas Richarduqmi: fix network registration loop
2021-05-04 Hauke Mehrtensltq-dsl-base: Make package nonshared to fix image builder
2021-05-02 David Baueriwinfo: update to latest Git HEAD
2021-04-28 David Baueriwinfo: update to latest Git HEAD
2021-04-24 Tony Ambardarbpftools: update to v5.11.16, simplify make
2021-04-24 Tony Ambardarbpftools: fix feature override for masking clang