perf: drop sched_getcpu wrapper
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / package /
2016-08-23 Ralph Sennhauserperf: drop sched_getcpu wrapper
2016-08-23 Ralph Sennhauserstrace: bump to 4.13
2016-08-23 Toke Høiland-Jørgensenath9k: Set ATH9K_STATION_STATISTICS when enabling debugging
2016-08-23 Felix Fietkauubus: update to the latest version, adds object remove...
2016-08-23 Felix Fietkauubox: move logd into ubox package
2016-08-23 Ash Benzhostapd: use printf to improve portability.
2016-08-23 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Update to latest ath10k-ct driver.
2016-08-23 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version
2016-08-22 Andreas Schultzcyassl: make CyaSSL/WolfSSL more configurable
2016-08-22 Daniel Gollekernel: add fake users for udptunnel and iptunnel modules
2016-08-20 Martin Schillerltq-deu: fix cra_priority
2016-08-20 Martin Schillerltq-deu: fix handling of data blocks with sizes !=...
2016-08-20 Martin Schillerltq-deu: fix aes initialization vector handling
2016-08-18 Jo-Philipp Wichbusybox: enable sha256sum by default
2016-08-18 Hans Dedeckerppp: Extend uci datamodel with persistency sypport
2016-08-18 Josua Mayermtd: fix building with glibc
2016-08-18 Josua Mayeru-boot-envtools: fix building with glibc
2016-08-18 John Crispinubox: fixes segfault inside kmodloader
2016-08-17 Felix Fietkauath9k: switch to using mac80211 intermediate software...
2016-08-16 John Crispinswconfig: revert the portmapping patches, they seem...
2016-08-15 Matteo Crocekernel: add kmod-squashfs
2016-08-15 Hannu Nymanlibs/gmp: update to 6.1.1
2016-08-15 Hannu Nymanpackage/devel/gdb: Update to 7.11.1
2016-08-15 John Crispinswconfig: remove obsolete portmapping feature
2016-08-15 Conn O'Griofasamba: add file/interface reload triggers & filter...
2016-08-15 John Crispinprocd: update to latest git HEAD
2016-08-15 Jo-Philipp Wichncurses: change handling of PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR
2016-08-14 Jonas Gorskibase-files: set pi_ifname in board.d case to fix deconfig
2016-08-13 Jonas Gorskibase-files: configure switch in failsafe
2016-08-13 Jonas Gorskibase-files: allow failsafe to configure vlans
2016-08-13 Jonas Gorskibase-files: add preinit ifname detection based on board...
2016-08-13 Jonas Gorskibase-files: split out preinit interface config
2016-08-13 Jonas Gorskibase-files: board_detect: allow specifying the generate...
2016-08-13 Jonas Gorskibase-files: let config_generate call board_detect
2016-08-12 Jo-Philipp Wichdropbear: security update to 2016.74
2016-08-11 Imre Kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to
2016-08-11 Felix Fietkaukernel: add missing config symbol
2016-08-11 Ben Greearath10k-firmware: Update to latest 99X0 CT firmware.
2016-08-11 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Fix loading 9980 firmware.
2016-08-11 Matteo Crocekernel: add plan 9 fs package
2016-08-11 Petko Bordjukovhostapd: Allow RADIUS accounting without 802.1x
2016-08-10 Mathias Kresinpreinit: use only the image config options
2016-08-10 Mathias Kresinltq-hcd: fix xway dependency
2016-08-09 Felix Fietkauopenssl: re-enable CMAC support
2016-08-08 Jo-Philipp Wichuclient: change SSL support error message
2016-08-07 Petko Bordjukovmac80211: Update the regdb to master-2016-06-10
2016-08-05 Felix Fietkauhostapd: remove unused hostapd-common-old package
2016-08-04 Felix Fietkauath9k: improve powersave filter handling
2016-08-04 Felix Fietkauath9k: improve performance in tx status handling
2016-08-04 Felix FietkauRevert "kernel: remove long obsolete gpio spi controlle...
2016-08-04 Felix Fietkaukernel: mark compression modules as hiddden to obsolete...
2016-08-04 Felix Fietkaukernel: mark kmod-udptunnel as hiddden to replace the...
2016-08-04 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove unused morse led trigger driver
2016-08-04 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove long obsolete gpio spi controller driver...
2016-08-04 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove esfq qdisc
2016-08-04 Mathias Kresinsysupgrade: unmount filesystems before reboot
2016-08-04 Daniel Gollebase-files: remove dead code
2016-08-03 Felix Fietkaukernel: modularize bridge netfilter support a bit furth...
2016-08-03 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove switch driver kmod packages
2016-08-03 Lucian Cristianlinux/modules: Add SCH5627 Super I/O chips
2016-08-03 John Crispinrtc-rv5c386a: package does not build inside the SDK
2016-08-03 John Crispinuboot-lantiq: package does not build inside the SDK
2016-08-02 Felix Fietkaumkelfimage: remove package, it is a host tool that...
2016-08-02 Felix Fietkauuboot-ar71xx: fix default selection for NBG460N/550N...
2016-08-02 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix minor memleak on AP restart / warning...
2016-08-02 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix sta initialization bug leading to stability...
2016-08-01 Hauke Mehrtensgdb: fix build with gcc 4.1.2 as host compiler
2016-08-01 Felix Fietkaubase-files: increase vm.min_free_kbytes
2016-07-26 Florian Eckertuqmi: add metric option to interface config
2016-07-26 Florian Eckertuqmi: fix option ipv6
2016-08-01 Felix Fietkaubuild: create a package feed directory containing all...
2016-07-31 Felix Fietkauperf: prevent build from within the sdk and mark as...
2016-07-31 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove hostap driver
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaudnsmasq: drop --interface and --except-interface option...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version, adds an event...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaudnsmasq: remove use of uci state for getting network...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaudnsmasq: replace the iface hotplug script with a procd...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaudnsmasq: make the check for existing DHCP servers more...
2016-07-29 Ulrich Weberdnsmasq: write atomic config file
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkauprocd: add default timeout for reload trigger actions
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkauigmpproxy: remove procd_open_trigger/procd_close_trigge...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaudropbear: remove procd_open_trigger/procd_close_trigger...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkausysntpd: remove procd_open_trigger/procd_close_trigger...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkauprocd: rework trigger handling
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkauprocd: update to the latest version
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaulibubox: update to the latest version, adds a few utili...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaubuild: add template for getting opkg package files...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaubuild: rework opkg command invocation
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaubuild: rework prepare_rootfs to pass target dir via...
2016-07-29 Felix Fietkaubuild: move rootfs processing code to include/rootfs...
2016-07-28 Álvaro Fernández... brcmfmac43430-firmware: update to v7.45.41.26
2016-07-24 Merlijn Wajernetifd: Use -x hostname:$hostname instead of -H
2016-07-24 Conn O'Griofabase-files: sysupgrade: fix pseudobridge upgrades
2016-07-24 John Crispinmountd: update to latest git HEAD
2016-07-24 John Crispinfirewall3: update to latest git HEAD
2016-07-24 John Crispinugps: update to latest git HEAD
2016-07-27 Felix Fietkauhostapd: backport mesh/ibss HT20/HT40 related fix
2016-07-26 Daniel Gollefstools: update to latest HEAD
2016-07-26 Etienne CHAMPETIERbase-files: use procd init for urandom_seed