tools/coreutils: install readlink
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / package /
2017-12-13 Jo-Philipp Wichuhttpd: fix query string handling
2017-12-13 Ralph Sennhauseropenssl: fix cryptodev config dependency
2017-12-13 Koen Vandeputteuqmi: replace legacy command invoke with newer type
2017-12-13 Michal Sojkaprocd: Always tell cmake whether to include seccomp...
2017-12-13 Yousong Zhoulibunwind: disable building with ssp
2017-12-13 Hauke Mehrtensppp: make the patches apply correctly again
2017-12-13 Hauke Mehrtensppp: fix compile warning
2017-12-13 Hans Dedeckerdropbear: fix PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
2017-12-13 Marcin Jurkowskidropbear: make ssh compression support configurable
2017-12-13 Michal Sojkaprocd: Install seccomp-trace symlink
2017-12-13 Magnus Krokenopenvpn: update to 2.4.4
2017-12-13 Philip Prindevilleusbutils: avoid duplicating the git revision
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellidnsmasq: Pass TARGET_CPPFLAGS to Makefile
2017-12-13 Alexandru Ardeleanwwan: json format in some modem definitions
2017-12-13 Stijn Tintelbase-files: add /etc/profile.d to conffiles
2017-12-13 Stijn Tintelbase-files: order conffiles alphabetically
2017-12-13 Karl Palssonprocd: mdns: Support txt values with spaces
2017-12-13 Rosen Penevsamba36: Remove syslog and load printers lines.
2017-12-13 Rosen Penevsamba36: Don't resolve interfaces.
2017-12-13 Rosen Penevsamba36: Remove guest ok since LuCI configures it.
2017-12-13 BangLang Huangnvram: add help message for nvram magic not found
2017-12-13 BangLang Huangnvram: improve argument check when program start
2017-12-13 BangLang Huangnvram: add usage() function
2017-12-13 BangLang Huangnvram: fix memory leak
2017-12-13 Christian Schoenebeckca-certificates: Update to 20170717
2017-12-13 Rafał Miłeckibase-files: drop unused preinit_echo function
2017-12-13 Florian Eckertbase-files: suppress uci not found output in
2017-12-13 Rosen Penevsamba36: Remove legacy options
2017-12-13 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: drop maintainer
2017-12-13 Stijn Tintelzlib: use default Build/Configure rule
2017-12-13 Stijn Tintellzo: use default Build/Configure rule
2017-12-13 Alin Nastacnetfilter: add iptables-mod-rpfilter package
2017-12-13 Daniel Gollebzip2: add symlink to binary
2017-12-13 Stijn Tinteldropbear: add option to set max auth tries
2017-12-13 Kevin Darbyshire... dropbear: server support option '-T' max auth tries
2017-12-13 Yury Shvedovhostapd: configure NAS ID regardless of encryption
2017-12-13 Yury Shvedovhostapd: add acct_interval option
2017-12-13 Luiz Angelo Daros... valgrind: bump to 3.13.0
2017-12-13 Stefan Tomanekbusybox: backport 'ip rule suppress_{prefixlength,...
2017-12-13 Yousong Zhoulibunwind: update to version 1.2.1
2017-12-13 Jonas Gorskibase-files: board.json's switch reset means existence...
2017-12-13 Alexandru Ardeleangdb: remove Build/Compile rule ; default one works
2017-12-13 Alif M. Ahmadpackage/grub2: update to 2.02
2017-12-13 Hans Dedeckerppp: propagate master firewall zone to dynamic slave...
2017-12-13 Julian Labususbmode: remove devices with unsupported modes
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellielfutils: Pass -Wno-unused-result to silence warnings...
2017-12-13 Stijn Tintellldpd: bump to 0.9.7
2017-12-13 Yousong Zhoulibunwind: update to 1.2
2017-12-13 Alexandru Ardeleanbase-files: fix default procd reload
2017-12-13 Alexandru Ardeleanlldpd: drop specific respawn params [use system-wide]
2017-12-13 Luiz Angelo Daros... elfutils: bump to 0.169
2017-12-13 Daniel Engbergdevel/trace-cmd: Update to 2.6.1
2017-12-13 Giuseppe Lippoliscomgt-3g: enable modem before to setpin
2017-12-13 Daniel Engbergdevel/strace: Update to 4.16
2017-12-13 Daniel Engbergnetwork/utils/ipset: Update to 6.32
2017-12-13 Jo-Philipp Wichmac80211: gracefully handle preexisting VIF
2017-12-13 Abhilash Tusehostapd: fix reload frequency change patch
2017-12-13 Felix Fietkaukernel: allow selecting RTC drivers on targets without...
2017-12-13 Hans Dedeckerdropbear: fix procd interface trigger install
2017-12-13 Hans Dedeckernetifd: return error status in reload_service
2017-12-13 Alif M. Ahmadgrub2: update to 2.02~rc2
2017-12-13 Alexandru Ardeleanbase-files: use restart if no reload hook for service
2017-12-13 Hans Dedeckeriproute2: add libgenl.h and ll_map.h to InstallDev...
2017-12-13 Felix Fietkaubusybox: fix installation of cron and ntpd scripts...
2017-12-13 Hans Dedeckernetifd: fix fw3 warnings in dhcp script
2017-12-13 Philip Prindevillekexec-tools: get kexec running on MUSL and x86 hardware
2017-12-13 Philip Prindevillebusybox: don't install NTP scripts if NTP isn't configured
2017-12-13 Felix Fietkaulantiq: remove lantiq_board_name, use the generic funct...
2017-12-13 Felix Fietkaubase-files: add generic board_name function to
2017-12-13 Vittorio Gambalettamac80211: Fix race condition leading to wifi interfaces...
2017-12-13 Daniel Engberglzo: Update to 2.10
2017-12-13 Stijn Tintellldpd: bump to 0.9.6
2017-12-13 Alexey Brodkinlibnl: Fix building with uClibc
2017-12-13 Hauke Mehrtenstoolchain: add musl to external toolchain
2017-12-13 Felix Fietkauiwcap: fix handling kill signal during dump
2017-12-13 Lucian Cristianbase-files: add submission service port
2017-12-13 Claudiu use parameterized respawn values
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellitoolchain: Allow external toolchains to specify libthre...
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellirssileds: Fix build with external toolchains
2017-12-13 Florian Fainelliadb: Also pass TARGET_CPPFLAGS
2017-12-13 Florian Fainelliswconfig: Link with libubox
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellipx5g: Fix TARGET_LDFLAGS and add TARGET_CPPFLAGS
2017-12-13 Florian Fainelliomcproxy: Update to latest HEAD
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellibsdiff: Also pass down TARGET_CPPFLAGS
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellithc-ipv6: Allow overriding CFLAGS
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellitoolchain: Broaden the executable loader pattern
2017-12-13 Peter Wagneropenssl: update to 1.0.2n
2017-12-13 Christian Lamparterbase-files: upgrade: make get_partitions() endian agnostic
2017-12-13 Jo-Philipp Wichcyassl: update to wolfssl 3.12.2 (1 CVE)
2017-12-13 Jo-Philipp Wichmdadm: fix parameter quoting
2017-12-13 Rosen Penevmdadm: Fix config generation
2017-12-13 Florian Fainellimdadm: Do not check RUN_DIR
2017-12-13 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove out of tree direct-io disable hack
2017-12-13 Daniel Engbergutils/mdadm: Update to 4.0
2017-12-13 Jo-Philipp Wichmdadm: extend uci config support
2017-12-11 Koen Vandeputteuqmi: also try newer pin verification
2017-12-08 Rafał Miłeckiopkg: bump to version 2017-12-08
2017-12-07 Timo Sigurdssonhostapd: backport fix for wnm_sleep_mode=0
2017-12-07 Timo Sigurdssonhostapd: Expose the tdls_prohibit option to UCI
2017-12-06 Hans Dedeckerdnsmasq: backport infinite dns retries fix