sunxi: fix Lamobo R1 board detection
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / package /
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkaurelayd: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkaufirewall: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkauuci: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkauustream-ssl: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkaulibrpc: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkauuqmi: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkaufstools: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkauuhttpd: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkaurpcd: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkauubox: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkauprocd: move to
2016-01-04 Felix Fietkaupackages: use OPENWRT_GIT to point at the main openwrt...
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkaumac80211: add rtl8xxxu
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkaumac80211: iwlwifi: update firmware to ucode -16 version
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkaumac80211: mt7601u use linux-firmware
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkaupackage/network/config/gre: ipv6 gre kmod package name...
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkauwpa_supplicant: set regulatory domain the same way...
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkauiproute2: update to 4.3.0
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkaubusybox: adjust to emit relative...
2016-01-03 Felix Fietkaubusybox: fix handling of special characters in path...
2016-01-02 Felix Fietkauperf: select objdump instead of the full binutils package
2016-01-02 Felix Fietkauperf: add myself as a maintainer
2016-01-02 Felix Fietkauperf: fix musl compatibility
2016-01-02 Felix Fietkauperf: fix parallel build support, explicitly disable...
2016-01-02 Felix Fietkauperf: build in a copy of the source dir instead of...
2016-01-01 John Crispinlantiq: ltq-vmmc: Fix compilation with linux 4.4
2016-01-01 John Crispinltq-vdsl-app: re-add lowlevel settings
2016-01-01 John Crispinltq-vdsl-app: enable G.993.5 XTSE bit by default
2016-01-01 John Crispinltq-vdsl-app: let the driver/app probe the xtse on...
2016-01-01 John Crispinltq-vdsl-app: add/enable missing G.993.2 XTSE bits
2016-01-01 John Crispinltq-vdsl-app: use the final xtse format
2016-01-01 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version from the mt7603...
2016-01-01 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix duplication of sch_netem in multiple packag...
2015-12-31 Nicolas Thilldante: fix MD5SUM
2015-12-28 Luka Perkovuboot-imx6: add support for i.MX6q SABRE board
2015-12-27 Hauke Mehrtens6in4: Corrected tunnelbroker tunnel update URL
2015-12-23 John Crispinlibnl: fix warning with poll.h include on musl
2015-12-23 John Crispinbinutils: upgrade to version 2.25
2015-12-23 John Crispinfstools: update to latest git HEAD
2015-12-23 John Crispinca-certificates: update to version 20151214
2015-12-23 John Crispinswconfig: support receiving SWITCH_TYPE_LINK from kernel
2015-12-23 John Crispinlantiq: ltq-adsl-mei: fix typo
2015-12-23 John Crispinath10k-firmware: Update QCA988X firmware to 10.2.4...
2015-12-23 John Crispinbase-files: allow timezone to be overriden by zonename...
2015-12-23 John Crispinopenvpn: fix configure options
2015-12-23 John Crispinutil-linux: remove outdated configure options
2015-12-23 John Crispinpackage/lldpd: Remove extraneous select
2015-12-23 John Crispindnsmasq: Add option --no-ping
2015-12-23 Felix Fietkaukernel: make kmod-thermal dependency conditional to...
2015-12-22 Felix Fietkaukernel: make kmod-thermal dependency conditional to...
2015-12-22 Felix Fietkaukernel: make kmod-gpiofan depend on kmod-thermal to...
2015-12-22 Zoltan Herpaipackages: bump uboot-sunxi to enable H3 support
2015-12-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: merge a fix for a ps-poll handling issue
2015-12-20 Imre Kalozmwlwifi: upgrade to
2015-12-19 Felix Fietkaudnsmasq: changed option nonwildcard to --bind-dynamic
2015-12-19 Felix FietkauRevert "bzip2: extend/fix the Host/Install rule to...
2015-12-19 Felix Fietkaubase-files: cleanup mtd_get_mac_binary hexdump
2015-12-19 Felix Fietkauar71xx: scan nand ubi partition for ath9k eeprom files
2015-12-19 Felix Fietkauar71xx: PowerCloud CR5000 openwrt configuration
2015-12-19 Felix Fietkauar71xx: PowerCloud CR3000 OpenWrt configuration
2015-12-19 Felix Fietkauar71xx: PowerCloud CAP324 OpenWrt configuration
2015-12-18 Felix Fietkaultq-vdsl-app: enable Annex-M support, disable unsupport...
2015-12-18 Felix Fietkaultq-vdsl-app: remove whitespace after -i, it prevents...
2015-12-17 John Crispinnetwork/services/lldpd: Fix missing dependency when...
2015-12-17 John Crispindante: update to 1.4.1
2015-12-17 John Crispinuboot-omap: update to 2015.10
2015-12-17 John Crispinkernel: kmod-ptp selects a new config symbol
2015-12-17 John Crispinbrcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2015-12-17 John Crispinlantiq: ltq-ptm: set carrier status
2015-12-17 John Crispinlantiq: ltq-atm: set carrier status
2015-12-17 John Crispinath9k: Allow configuration of LED polarity in platform...
2015-12-17 John Crispinath9k: Pass LED polarity to ath_create_gpio_led when...
2015-12-16 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version, fixes more route...
2015-12-15 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version, fixes reload...
2015-12-14 Felix Fietkaulinux-atm: add wrapper for br2684ctl to defer nasX...
2015-12-13 Felix Fietkaulantiq: ltq-vdsl-app: cleanup Makefile
2015-12-13 Felix Fietkaulantiq: ltq-vdsl-app: re-add showtime counters support
2015-12-13 Felix Fietkaubase-files: drop the now unnecessary dependency on...
2015-12-13 Felix Fietkaubuild: add opkg host dependency
2015-12-12 Felix Fietkaukernel: make kmod-crypto-rng depend on kmod-crypto...
2015-12-12 John Crispinprocd: add 'platform_nand_pre_upgrade'
2015-12-11 Felix Fietkaukernel: crypto-aead depends on crypto-null in 4.3 as...
2015-12-11 Jo-Philipp Wichall: drop old
2015-12-11 John Crispinuboot-lantiq: fix build with gcc5
2015-12-11 John Crispinprocd: update to support new ujail options
2015-12-11 John Crispinprocd: bump to latest git HEAD
2015-12-11 John CrispinOpenSSL: Added source/old to PKG_SOURCE_URL
2015-12-11 John Crispindnsmasq: Add option "--all-servers"
2015-12-11 John Crispinbase-file: remove /tmp/.jail (now useless)
2015-12-11 John Crispinbase-files: use max_brightness to set LED
2015-12-11 John Crispinncurses: Fix build of libncursew
2015-12-11 John Crispinkernel: Add dummy sound driver
2015-12-11 John Crispinlantiq: get rid of ltq-vdsl-fw
2015-12-10 Felix Fietkaubr2684ctl: add atm-bridge disabled option
2015-12-10 Felix Fietkaubr2684ctl: fix config reload trigger
2015-12-10 Felix Fietkaunetifd: ifup-shellscript - fix wrong usage of 'local'
2015-12-10 Felix Fietkaukernel/modules: fix crypto API RNG for >=4.2
2015-12-10 Felix Fietkaupopt: remove xgettext prereq check, it is not necessary
2015-12-10 Imre Kalozmac80211: use the linux-firmware tree from 2015-12-07
2015-12-09 Hauke Mehrtensopenssl: add config option for no_hw support