wireguard: bump to 0.0.20190227
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / scripts / arm-magic.sh
2015-05-28 Jonas Gorskiscripts/arm-magic.sh: make the generated kernels also...
2012-11-11 Imre Kalozadd support for the Tonze AP-422/425
2012-11-11 Imre Kalozfix machtype handling above 4096
2010-04-14 Nicolas Thilltarget/ixp4xx: fix image building after r20834 (closes...
2008-07-22 Imre Kalozgenerate zImage for the ADI Sidewinder, too
2008-07-02 Imre Kalozgenerate patched zImage for the Pronghorn, too
2008-04-28 Imre Kalozadd support for the Gateworks Cambria
2008-04-07 Imre Kalozadd support for the IXDPG425
2008-03-25 Rod Whitbyarm-magic.sh: added tw5334 machine id
2008-03-12 Rod WhitbyAdded a new mach id
2008-01-14 Imre Kalozadd support for the Netgear WG302v1/WAG302v1
2007-12-28 Imre Kaloz* upgrade ixp4xx to * upgrade to the new...
2007-11-11 Gabor Juhosfix image names in arm-magic.sh (closes: #2682)
2007-07-11 Rod Whitbyarm-magic.sh: Added support for fsg3
2007-06-29 Rod WhitbyAdded support for the D-Link DSM-G600 RevA, and fixed...
2007-05-10 Imre Kalozfixup avila networking, add support for the loft
2007-05-10 Imre Kalozpreliminary board support for the Linksys WRT300N v2...
2007-04-17 Imre Kalozadd support for the Compex WP18 and NP18A
2007-04-02 Imre Kalozenable zImage generation for the new boards
2006-12-23 Rod WhitbyFixed typo, it might work now :-)
2006-12-19 Imre Kaloznext time I should sleep more
2006-12-19 Imre Kalozupgrade to, fix Gateway 7001 patch and enable...