add alternative board id for the ZyXEL P-334WT
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / scripts / config /
2007-10-20 Felix Fietkauignore mconf_check
2007-10-14 John Crispinadd possibility to set default .config values
2007-09-23 Felix Fietkauadd initial version of a package feeds management script
2007-07-11 Felix Fietkaucolor change to make menuconfig easier to read (patch...
2007-06-12 Felix Fietkauremove a useless warning
2007-05-29 Felix FietkauAdd gitignore files
2007-03-29 Felix Fietkaufix menuconfig 'deselect' statement
2007-03-23 Felix Fietkauadd 'deselect' property for menuconfig
2007-03-04 Felix Fietkaudisable the automatic config reset if 'Advanced configu...
2007-03-04 Felix Fietkauforce a config reset when the user changes the target...
2006-12-10 Felix Fietkauadd openbsd compatibility patch (thanks, wbx)
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkau*sigh* increase size of the static buffer allocated...
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkaudon't generate .tmpconfig.h and .kconfig.d
2006-10-13 Felix Fietkauimprove ncurses check
2006-10-13 Felix Fietkaufix lxdialog build target
2006-10-13 Felix Fietkauremove useless file
2016-03-20 Felix Fietkaufinally move buildroot-ng to trunk