realtek: use generic earlycon setup on 5.15
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / scripts /
5 days ago Wenli Looibuild: add ALT3 and ALT4 vendor/model/variant
7 days ago Christian Marangiscripts: ext-tools: add option to only refresh timestamps
7 days ago Christian Marangiscripts: ext-tools: follow links for host tools path
2023-01-12 Christian Marangiscripts/ fix generating unreprodu...
2023-01-07 David Bauerscripts: add Apache fastly mirror
2022-11-27 Shiji Yangscripts: remove redundant character '0x0a' from Linksys...
2022-11-15 Andre Heiderscripts: fix argument handling
2022-11-09 Felix Fietkauscripts/ fix portability issue
2022-11-08 David Bauermkits: support definition of DTB loadaddr
2022-10-30 Shiji Yangscripts: fix missing character '0' issue in linksys...
2022-10-20 Zhang Huascripts/ pass aria2 config in ENV only
2022-10-19 Christian Marangiscripts/ make the download tool configurable
2022-09-30 Christian Marangiscripts/ext-tools: introduce new script to install...
2022-09-30 Bradford Zhangscripts/ add tsinghua and ustc mirrors
2022-09-28 Christian Marangiscripts/ generilize and simplify download...
2022-09-26 Christian Marangiscripts/ fix support for aria2c download...
2022-09-26 Christian Marangiscripts/ fix mirrors regression for curl...
2022-09-25 Christian Marangiscripts/ fix whitespace in mirror urls...
2022-09-25 Bradford add aria2c support
2022-09-22 Michael Prattscripts/dl_cleanup: add support for subdirectories
2022-09-13 Ansuel Smithscripts: add clean of build dir to dl_cleanup script
2022-09-13 Ansuel Smithscripts: assume dl/ the default dir for dl_cleanup...
2022-09-13 Ansuel Smithscripts: add additional regex for dl_cleanup
2022-09-13 Petr Štetiarscripts/ fix downloads with wget
2022-09-13 Petr Štetiarscripts/ silence can't exec curl warning
2022-09-10 Josh Roysscripts: always check certificates
2022-09-06 Petr Štetiarscripts: add xxd -i compat mode
2022-09-06 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: remove File::Slurp dependency
2022-09-06 Petr Štetiarscripts: add
2022-07-24 Christian Marangiscripts: ext-toolchain: add support for musl
2022-07-24 Christian Marangiscripts: ext-toolchain: add support for in...
2022-07-24 Christian Marangiscripts: ext-toolchain: actually probe libc type on...
2022-07-24 Christian Marangiscripts: ext-toolchain: add option to overwrite config
2022-07-24 Christian Marangiscripts: ext-toolchain: fix wrong prefix in print_confi...
2022-07-20 David Bauerramips: add support for ZyXEL NWA50AX / NWA55AXE
2022-07-19 Wenli Looiimage: add support for Netgear encrypted image
2022-07-05 Sander Vanheulescripts: fix CAMEO tag generator
2022-07-05 Markus Stockhausenscripts: add CAMEO tag generator
2022-07-03 Mikhail Zhilkinscripts: add support for Sercomm PID
2022-07-03 Mikhail Zhilkinscripts: add support for Sercomm kernel header
2022-06-28 Luiz Angelo Daros... scripts: add cameo image header generator
2022-04-19 Paul Spoorenbuild: use numeric-owner in ipkg-build
2022-04-16 Doug Kerrscripts: format to black
2022-04-16 Doug Kerrscripts: use std library for jam crc32 calculation
2022-04-15 Daniel Gollescripts/ fix order of files in...
2022-04-11 Daniel Gollescripts/ generate reproducible...
2022-04-06 Daniel Gollescripts: make sure sort-order is independent from locale
2022-04-01 Paul Spoorenscripts: make sure conffiles are sorted
2022-03-29 Paul Spoorenbuild: store sha256_unsigned in JSON
2022-03-28 Daniel Gollescripts/ make ext4 bootfs reproducible
2022-03-24 Daniel Gollescripts/ replace forgotten '-' with ${REFERENC...
2022-03-09 Rui Salvaterratoolchain: binutils: add support for version 2.38
2022-03-05 Georgi Valkovmkhash: fix build errors on FreeBSD 13.0
2022-02-28 Petr Š workaround stray rebuilds
2022-02-28 Petr Š fix shellcheck warnings
2022-02-26 Eneas U de Queirozscripts/ ensure config/conf is built
2022-02-24 Petr ŠtetiarRevert "scripts/ ensure config/conf is...
2022-02-22 Eneas U de Queirozscripts/ ensure config/conf is built
2022-02-19 Eneas U de Queirozbuild: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.14
2022-02-14 Paul Spoorenfeeds: use git-src-full to allow Git versioning
2022-02-14 Paul Spoorenbuild: store source_date_epoch as integer
2022-01-24 Felix Fietkauscripts/feeds: install targets to target/linux/feeds...
2022-01-24 Felix Fietkauscripts/feeds: fix installing targets without explicitl...
2022-01-17 Ansuel Smithtreewide: drop use of which
2021-12-29 Paul Spoorenscripts: dump-target-info print kernel versions
2021-12-02 Enrico Miosobase-files: add eMMC sysupgrade support
2021-11-28 Robert Markoscripts: ubinize-image: make rootfs optional
2021-11-16 Felix Fietkautoolchain: add a version that can be bumped to force...
2021-11-13 Arne Zachlodscripts/env: fix env for git conf init.defaultBranch...
2021-10-31 Josh Sorefscripts: fix various typos
2021-10-30 Jan-Niklas Burfeindscripts: remove unused import
2021-10-28 Daniel Gollebase-files, metadata: support additional group membership
2021-10-23 Hans DedeckerRevert "ethtool: update to v5.14"
2021-10-23 Hans Dedeckerethtool: update to v5.14
2021-10-11 Felix Fietkauscripts/ do not strip .o files with STRIP_KMOD
2021-09-24 Paul Spoorenscripts: package-metadata add pkgmanifestjson call
2021-09-24 Paul Spoorenscripts: store maintainer in package metadata
2021-09-23 Damien Mascordscripts: Allow legacy @ mode for dts creation
2021-09-23 Ansuel Smithscripts: handle gcc and linux in dl_cleanup script
2021-09-23 Ansuel Smithscripts: format dl_cleanup to black format python style
2021-09-23 Ansuel Smithscripts: add missing regex for dl_cleanup script
2021-09-14 Paul Spoorenbuild: store artifacts in JSON
2021-08-16 Daniel Gollebase-files: rename 'sdcard' to 'legacy-sdcard'
2021-08-06 Stijn Tintelbase-files: add generic sdcard upgrade method
2021-08-06 Stijn Tintelscripts/ order features alphabetically
2021-07-18 Yonghyu Banscripts/ Fix the hash algorithm paramter
2021-07-06 Ansuel Smithscripts: check if dl directory exist in dl_cleanup...
2021-06-21 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fix generation with empty profiles
2021-06-17 Moritz Warningbuild: preserve profiles.json between builds
2021-06-07 Karel Kočíscripts/feeds: generate index after all feeds are updated
2021-05-29 Paul Spoorenscripts: config.guess: update to 2021-05-24
2021-05-13 Leonardo Mörleinbuild: introduce $(MKHASH)
2021-03-25 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: 3rd fixup of default_packages
2021-03-25 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fixup fixup of arch_packages
2021-03-24 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fixup missing arch_packages
2021-03-21 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fix duplicates in default_packages
2021-03-17 Daniel Golleinclude/image*: add support for device-tree overlays
2021-03-17 Daniel Gollescripts/ add support for adding DT overlay...
2021-03-15 Paul Spoorenscripts,ipkg-build: use realpath for pkg_dir
2021-03-15 Paul Spoorenscripts,ipkg-build: apply shellcheck