ipq806x: Netgear D7800: Fix RAM and enable PCIe #2
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / scripts /
4 days ago Ansuel Smithtreewide: drop use of which
2021-12-29 Paul Spoorenscripts: dump-target-info print kernel versions
2021-12-02 Enrico Miosobase-files: add eMMC sysupgrade support
2021-11-28 Robert Markoscripts: ubinize-image: make rootfs optional
2021-11-16 Felix Fietkautoolchain: add a version that can be bumped to force...
2021-11-13 Arne Zachlodscripts/env: fix env for git conf init.defaultBranch...
2021-10-31 Josh Sorefscripts: fix various typos
2021-10-30 Jan-Niklas Burfeindscripts: eva_ramboot.py: remove unused import
2021-10-28 Daniel Gollebase-files, metadata: support additional group membership
2021-10-23 Hans DedeckerRevert "ethtool: update to v5.14"
2021-10-23 Hans Dedeckerethtool: update to v5.14
2021-10-11 Felix Fietkauscripts/rstrip.sh: do not strip .o files with STRIP_KMOD
2021-09-24 Paul Spoorenscripts: package-metadata add pkgmanifestjson call
2021-09-24 Paul Spoorenscripts: store maintainer in package metadata
2021-09-23 Damien Mascordscripts: mkits.sh: Allow legacy @ mode for dts creation
2021-09-23 Ansuel Smithscripts: handle gcc and linux in dl_cleanup script
2021-09-23 Ansuel Smithscripts: format dl_cleanup to black format python style
2021-09-23 Ansuel Smithscripts: add missing regex for dl_cleanup script
2021-09-14 Paul Spoorenbuild: store artifacts in JSON
2021-08-16 Daniel Gollebase-files: rename 'sdcard' to 'legacy-sdcard'
2021-08-06 Stijn Tintelbase-files: add generic sdcard upgrade method
2021-08-06 Stijn Tintelscripts/target-metadata.pl: order features alphabetically
2021-07-18 Yonghyu Banscripts/mkits.sh: Fix the hash algorithm paramter
2021-07-06 Ansuel Smithscripts: check if dl directory exist in dl_cleanup...
2021-06-21 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fix generation with empty profiles
2021-06-17 Moritz Warningbuild: preserve profiles.json between builds
2021-06-07 Karel Kočíscripts/feeds: generate index after all feeds are updated
2021-05-29 Paul Spoorenscripts: config.guess: update to 2021-05-24
2021-05-13 Leonardo Mörleinbuild: introduce $(MKHASH)
2021-03-25 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: 3rd fixup of default_packages
2021-03-25 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fixup fixup of arch_packages
2021-03-24 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fixup missing arch_packages
2021-03-21 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fix duplicates in default_packages
2021-03-17 Daniel Golleinclude/image*: add support for device-tree overlays
2021-03-17 Daniel Gollescripts/mkits.sh: add support for adding DT overlay...
2021-03-15 Paul Spoorenscripts,ipkg-build: use realpath for pkg_dir
2021-03-15 Paul Spoorenscripts,ipkg-build: apply shellcheck
2021-03-05 Robert Markoscripts: mkits.sh: replace @ with - in nodes
2021-02-28 Daniel Golletreewide: fix spelling 'seperate' -> 'separate'
2021-02-26 David Bauerdownload: add mirror alias for Debian
2021-02-26 David Bauerdownload: use mirror redirector for GNOME downloads
2021-02-25 Adrian Schmutzlertreewide: rename IMAGE_PREFIX/IMAGE_NAME to DEVICE_IMG_*
2021-02-24 Daniel Golleimage: allow building FIT and uImage with ramdisk
2021-02-24 Daniel Golleimage: add support for building FIT image with filesystem
2021-02-21 David Bauerdownload: remove broken mirrors
2021-02-15 Felix FietkauMostly revert "build: add support for fixing up library...
2021-02-14 Felix Fietkaubuild: drop ABI version from metadata
2021-02-14 Felix Fietkaubuild: add support for fixing up library soname
2021-02-14 Paul Spoorenscripts: fix checkpatch.pl for changed license dir
2021-02-05 Paul Spoorentreewide: unify OpenWrt hosted source via @OPENWRT
2021-01-28 Paul Spoorenscripts: sources CDN as fallback in download.pl
2021-01-15 Paul Spoorenscripts: target-metadata don't add PROFILES twice
2021-01-07 Paul Spoorenscripts/feed: no warn on toolchain/linux overwrite
2021-01-05 Kevin Darbyshire... build: drop clang wrapper
2021-01-02 Paul Spoorenscripts/qemustart: use squashfs instead of ext4
2020-12-22 Marek Lindneripq40xx: add support for Plasma Cloud PA2200
2020-12-22 Marek Lindneripq40xx: add support for Plasma Cloud PA1200
2020-12-22 Sven Eckelmannath79: Add support for Plasma Cloud PA300
2020-12-22 Sven Eckelmannimages: Fix sysupgrade.tar for devices with NOR flash
2020-12-22 Sven Eckelmannscripts/om-fwupgradecfg-gen.sh: Generate checksum over...
2020-12-22 Sven Eckelmannscripts/om-fwupgradecfg-gen.sh: Drop block alignment...
2020-12-22 INAGAKI Hiroshiscripts: add -N option to mkhash for printing without...
2020-12-14 Paul Spoorenbuild/json: add filesystem information
2020-12-10 Karel Kočíscripts/feeds: fix preference of package install
2020-12-09 Brian Norrisscripts/feeds: warn when skipping core package override
2020-11-28 Piotr Stefaniakbuild: mkhash on FreeBSD
2020-11-27 Petr Štetiardownload.pl: properly cleanup intermediate .hash file
2020-11-27 Petr Štetiardownload: handle possibly invalid local tarballs
2020-11-27 Hannu Nymanscripts/feeds: silence git warning by selecting pull...
2020-11-25 Paul Spoorenscripts: add size_compare.sh
2020-11-20 David Bauerscripts: download.pl: retry download using filename
2020-11-18 Adrian Schmutzlerscripts: add const_structs.checkpatch for checkpatch.pl
2020-11-18 Adrian Schmutzlerscripts: checkpatch.pl: suppress warnings about MAINTAINERS
2020-11-13 Felix Fietkauscripts/kconfig.pl: allow regex syntax in filtering...
2020-11-12 Paul Spoorenscripts: add spelling.txt for checkpatch.pl
2020-11-12 Paul Spoorenscripts: checkpatch remove device-tree doc check
2020-11-12 Paul Spoorenscripts: Update checkpatch.pl to 2020-06-11
2020-11-12 Paul Spoorenbuild: store SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in JSON info files
2020-11-09 Paul Spoorenscripts: mkhash fail on hashing a folder
2020-11-09 Paul Spoorenscripts: mkhash fix return code handling
2020-11-09 Paul Spoorenscripts: mkhash show -n option in usage
2020-11-02 Petr Štetiarscripts: bundle-libraries.sh: fix broken SDK compiler
2020-11-02 Petr Štetiarscripts/getver.sh: silence rev-list errors
2020-10-11 Tony Ambardarscripts/qemustart: update malta to use MIPS64 R2 cpu
2020-09-25 Christian Lamparterbuild: define PWM_SUPPORT arch feature flag
2020-09-25 Christian Lamparterscripts: mkits.sh make it possible to specify fdt@#
2020-09-22 Paul Spoorenscripts: update SPDX license names
2020-09-14 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: ipkg-build: simplify uid/gid resolving
2020-09-14 Paul Spoorenbuild: add user/group ID resolve function
2020-09-11 David Bauerscripts: download.pl: fix indentation
2020-09-10 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: bundle-libraries.sh: retain preloaded libraries
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbuild: store granular timestamps in packages
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbuild: get_source_date_epoch allow external repos
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbuild: Fix Shellcheck for get_source_date_epoch.sh
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbuild: ipkg-build use fakeroot with PKG_FILE_MODES
2020-08-24 Jo-Philipp WichRevert "scripts/download: add sources CDN as first...
2020-08-12 Paul Spoorentreewide: replace `which` with `command -v`
2020-08-04 Petr Štetiarscripts: remove checkpatch.sh
2020-08-04 Paul Spoorenscripts: Add Buildbot dump-target-info.pl script
2020-08-02 Adrian Schmutzlerscripts/checkpatch.pl: fix README.md file name after...