iwinfo: update to latest Git HEAD
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / scripts /
2019-09-29 Paul Spoorenbuild: create JSON files containing image info
2019-09-25 leo chungbuild: fix xconfig target
2019-09-25 Petr Štetiarbuild: fix host menu config targets using ncurses
2019-09-19 Johann Neuhauserbuild: make device tree arg really optional in mkits.sh
2019-09-16 Yousong Zhoudownload.dl: fix @KERNEL mirror urls
2019-09-15 Felix Fietkauscripts/feeds: fix accepting "-" in feed type string
2019-09-14 Jonas Gorskiimages: fix boot failures on NAND with small sub pages
2019-09-02 Bjørn Morkscripts/feeds: fix 'src-include' directive
2019-09-01 Thomas LangerFix handling of BUILD_SUFFIX in remote-gdb script
2019-08-28 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts/feeds: allow adding parameters to feeds
2019-08-20 Yousong Zhouscripts/dl_github_archive.py: fix python3 transition
2019-08-18 Yousong Zhoudownload.pl: use https://source.openwrt.org
2019-08-13 Jonas Gorskibuild: allow overriding default selection state for...
2019-07-30 Petr Štetiarscripts/ubinize-image.sh: fix buildbot breakage
2019-07-26 Petr Štetiarscripts/jungo-image: convert to Python 3 with 2-to-3
2019-07-26 Petr Štetiarscripts/dl_github_archive.py: convert to Python 3 with...
2019-07-03 Alban Bedelscripts: time.pl: Don't print the time on stderr
2019-07-01 Bjørn Morkscripts/feeds: add src-include method
2019-06-21 Jo-Philipp Wichmetadata: handle ABI version rebuild tracking for trans...
2019-06-20 Jonas Gorskiscripts/config: fix *c_shipped build depency tracking
2019-06-20 Jonas Gorskimetadata: ensure one dependency provider to be y if...
2019-06-20 Nicolas Pitreconfig: fix relational operators for bool and tristate...
2019-06-20 Jonas Gorskiconfig: regenerate *_shipped sources
2019-06-16 Joseph Bendentoolchain: Add GCC 9.1.0 release
2019-05-31 Eneas U de Queirozbuild: add support to && in DEPENDS
2019-05-17 Jeffery Tobuild: fix STAGING_DIR cleaning when filenames contain...
2019-05-11 Felix Fietkaubuild: add a config option for enabling a testing versi...
2019-04-26 Yousong Zhouscripts/qemustart: add notes on adding new options
2019-04-26 Yousong Zhouscripts/qemustart: fix network device emulation
2019-04-26 Yousong Zhouscripts/qemustart: no network by default and enable...
2019-04-24 Hans Dedeckerscripts/qemustart: fix usage with networking support
2019-04-11 Kevin Darbyshire... build: switch default target from ar71xx to ath79
2019-04-08 Petr Štetiarscripts/qemustart: Allow specifying custom rootfs for...
2019-04-08 Petr Štetiarscripts/qemustart: Allow specifying custom kernel for x86
2019-04-08 Petr Štetiarscripts/qemustart: Allow usage without networking
2019-03-27 Daniel GolleIB: fix generating .profile.mk for profiles without...
2019-03-26 Stijn Tintelscripts/gen_image_generic.sh: fail on errors
2019-03-11 Daniel GolleIB: include SUPPORTED_DEVICES in 'make info' output
2019-03-06 Daniel Golleib: display whether profile comes with image metadata
2019-02-28 David Bauerscripts: make eva_ramboot.py offset configurable
2019-02-25 Piotr Dymaczbuild: add helpers for generating QSDK sysupgrade compa...
2019-02-22 Yousong Zhouscripts/qemustart: allow machine selection with new...
2019-01-31 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: ipkg-make-index.sh: dereference symbolic links
2019-01-30 Jeffery Tobuild: fix STAGING_DIR cleaning for packages
2019-01-26 Oever Gonzálezbuild: add a script for generating Linksys factory...
2019-01-24 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: extend ABI_VERSION suffixing to provides
2019-01-21 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: ipkg-remove: handle existing .ipk files withou...
2019-01-19 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: add ABI_VERSION to binary package names
2019-01-19 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: expose ABI version in .packageauxvars
2019-01-19 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: rename .packagesubdirs to .packageauxvars
2019-01-02 Sven Eckelmannbuild: Drop user/group ID/name from sysupgrade.tar
2019-01-02 Sven Eckelmannbuild: Use stable file ordering in sysupgrade.tar
2018-12-19 Yorkie Liuscripts: rstrip.sh: allow rpath with sole $ORIGIN token
2018-12-17 Yousong Zhouscripts/qemustart: more compact rand_mac()
2018-11-08 Jo-Philipp Wichscript: ipkg-build: honour $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2018-11-01 Hauke Mehrtensscripts: update config.guess and config.sub
2018-09-10 Sven Eckelmannar71xx: Skip more hashed blocks for OM2P(-HS) 64k variant
2018-09-09 Yousong Zhouscripts/ipkg-build: quash error messages when conffiles...
2018-09-09 Yousong Zhouscripts/metadata.pm: avoid adding dup names in provides...
2018-09-03 Felix Fietkaubuild: add support for enabling the rootfs/boot partiti...
2018-08-29 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: bundle-libraries: fix logic flaw
2018-08-28 David Bauerbuild: add mkrasimage
2018-08-27 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: bundle-libraries: prevent loading host locales...
2018-08-05 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: time.pl: avoid hard Time::HiRes dependency
2018-08-04 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: remove GNU time dependency
2018-07-30 Paul Schulzconfig: Change conf.c remove compiler warnings
2018-07-17 Yousong Zhouscripts/dl_github_archive.py: stringify exception
2018-07-12 Matthias Schifferinclude/feeds.mk: rework generation of opkg distfeeds...
2018-07-12 Matthias Schifferscripts/feeds: add src-dummy method
2018-07-04 Yousong Zhouscripts/dl_github_archive.py: rename from download.py
2018-07-04 Yousong Zhoufixup-makefile.pl: fixup when PKG_SOURCE is defined...
2018-07-02 Felix Fietkaubuild: fix target metadata scan dependencies
2018-06-27 Yousong Zhouscripts/download.py: use a more terse api for fetching...
2018-06-27 Yousong Zhoubuild: download code from github using archive API
2018-06-26 Christian Lamparteripq40xx: add support for the ZyXEL NBG6617
2018-06-05 Ted Hessscripts: Replace obsolete POSIX tmpnam in slugimage...
2018-05-05 Philip Prindevilleenv: only use color diffs on terminals
2018-05-01 Rosen Penevdownload.pl: Change OpenWrt mirrors to HTTPS.
2018-05-01 Rosen Penevdownload.pl: Change SourceForge address to HTTPS.
2018-04-27 Felix Fietkauscripts/feeds: add support for git feeds with submodules
2018-04-26 Jo-Philipp Wichscripts: bundle-libraries: fix build on OS X (FS#1493)
2018-04-23 Sven Eckelmannipq40xx: add support for OpenMesh A62
2018-03-18 Valentin Spreckelsscripts: add EVA ramboot script
2018-03-17 Sven Eckelmannbuild: Allow to change the FIT config section name
2018-02-26 Matthias Schifferscripts/metadata.pm: allow group-only Require-User...
2018-02-13 Alif M. Ahmadbuild: cleanup leftover qconf files
2018-02-02 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: bundle-libraries.sh: patch bundled ld.so
2018-01-31 Yousong Zhouscripts/qemustart: more portable array operation
2018-01-14 Jo-Philipp Wichmetadata: do not emit broken kconfig dependency statements
2018-01-14 Matthias Schifferscripts/feeds: fix install of packages with different...
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: improve code readability by using (s)printf...
2018-01-13 Matthias Schifferbuild: remove obsolete "package feature" feature
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: scripts/feeds: distinguish between source...
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: always resolve dependencies through provides...
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: simplify generation of build depends from...
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: handle target build depends together with...
2018-01-13 Matthias Schifferbuild: remove package preconfig feature
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: remove redundant fields from package hash
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: replace %subdir hash with a path field in...
2018-01-13 Matthias Schiffermetadata: change pkg->{src} field to hold a reference