Update gpiommc to use configfs
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / generic-2.6 / patches-2.6.26 /
2008-07-14 Imre Kalozupdate patch for the final kernel release
2008-07-14 Imre Kalozreadd patch...
2008-07-14 Matteo Croceremove reverted patch
2008-07-14 Imre Kaloznuke eyecandy as not everyone likes it :P
2008-07-13 Imre Kalozadd ocf kernel patch
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozsync with the cryptodev-2.6 git tree
2008-07-11 Imre Kalozupgrade ixp4xx to 2.6.26-rc9, resync patches
2008-06-25 Imre Kalozadd arm mach_types update again
2008-06-23 Imre Kalozupgrade orion to 2.6.26-rc7
2008-06-22 Gabor Juhosgeneric-2.6: update IMQ patch to the official version...
2008-06-16 Gabor Juhosgeneric-2.6: even newer IMQ patch for 2.6.25 and 2...
2008-06-13 Imre Kalozupgrade orion and sync to 2.6.26-rc6
2008-06-11 Imre Kalozupgrade orion to 2.6.26-rc5
2008-06-11 Imre Kalozadd newer, fixed IMQ patch for 2.6.25 and 2.6.26
2008-06-10 Gabor Juhosgeneric-2.6: revert yaffs changes [11378], the new...
2008-06-07 Gabor Juhosgeneric-2.6: refresh yaffs patches
2008-06-06 Gabor Juhosgeneric-2.6: yaffs cleanup * reduce compiler warnings...
2008-06-02 Gabor Juhosrefresh generic 2.6.26 patches
2008-06-02 Gabor Juhos2.6.26: fix a typo in the latest mini_fo patch
2008-06-02 Gabor Juhos2.6.26: sync IMQ patch with 2.6.25
2008-06-02 Gabor Juhosfix mini_fo on 2.6.26-rc4
2008-06-02 Imre Kalozrevert an upstream change to retain compatibility with...
2008-06-02 Imre Kalozadd generic 2.6.26 patches/files