generic: provide get_port_stats() on adm6996 switches
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / generic / files / drivers / net / phy / adm6996.c
2017-09-01 Thibaut VARENEgeneric: provide get_port_stats() on adm6996 switches
2017-07-02 Mirko Partheybrcm47xx: resolve GPIO conflict for WRT54GSv1
2017-02-03 Felix Fietkaukernel: update phy drivers for 4.9
2016-08-10 Mathias Kresinkernel: adm6996: set carrier status
2016-06-07 Felix Fietkautreewide: replace with
2015-10-26 John Crispingeneric: fix adm6996 init
2015-02-09 John Crispinkernel: fix compile error inside adm6996.c
2014-07-05 Hauke Mehrtensadm6996: the GPIO interface for the adm6996l does not...
2014-04-22 John Crispinlinux/generic: add MIB counters and port status to...
2013-11-09 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: adm6996: add support for ADM6996L and GPIO...
2011-05-09 John Crispin(respin) 802.1Q VLAN support for ADM6996M/ADM6996FC
2010-06-26 Felix Fietkaurename target/linux/generic-2.6 to generic