swconfig: add (PHY) generic helper setting port link
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / generic / files / include / linux / switch.h
2016-02-03 Rafał Miłeckiswconfig: add (PHY) generic helper setting port link
2016-01-06 Rafał Miłeckiswconfig: add API for setting port link speed
2015-12-23 John Crispinswconfig: add SWITCH_TYPE_LINK and support sending...
2015-01-18 Felix Fietkauar8216: add 802.3az EEE info to swconfig get_link attribute
2013-04-09 John Crispinallow loading port maps from OF
2012-12-14 Gabor Juhosgeneric: disintegrate UAPI from include/linux/switch.h
2012-03-15 Felix Fietkauswconfig: use a mutex instead of a spinlock, many swcon...
2012-03-07 Gabor Juhosgeneric: swconfig: add a generic get_port_link implemen...
2011-12-31 Gabor Juhoskernel: swconfig: introduce a generic switch LED trigger
2011-12-31 Gabor Juhoskernel: swconfig: add get_port_{link,stats} callbacks
2011-07-27 Jonas Gorskiswconfig: Add generic switch identifiers
2010-08-04 Felix Fietkauswconfig: cleanup of kernel drivers and interface ...
2010-06-26 Felix Fietkaurename target/linux/generic-2.6 to generic