ipq806x: fix ZyXEL NBG6817 sysupgrade
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / ipq806x / base-files / lib / upgrade / zyxel.sh
2018-01-18 Mathias Kresinipq806x: fix ZyXEL NBG6817 sysupgrade
2018-01-13 Luis Aranedaipq806x: convert to dt-based board-detection
2017-10-29 Stefan Lippers-Hol... ip806x: nbg6817: sysupgrade support both targets for...
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: use only board_name function to get name
2016-10-26 André Valentinipq806x/nbg6817: add sysupgrade support