ramips: add support for Zbtlink ZBT-WG1602
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / ipq806x /
2 days ago Shane Synanipq806x: revert SDC clock changes for NBG6817 MMC
4 days ago Bjørn Morkipq806x: sysupgrade: drop unnecessary UBI to UBI logic
9 days ago Matthew Haganipq806x: add support for Cisco Meraki MR42/MR52
9 days ago Matthew Haganipq806x: add gsbi2_i2c label
9 days ago Matthew Haganipq806x: backport GMAC_AHB_RESET deassert patches
9 days ago Matthew Haganipq806x: add GSBI nodes to ipq8064-dtsi-addidions
10 days ago John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.82
10 days ago John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.81
2021-11-19 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.80
2021-11-02 Mathias Kresinkernel: 5.10: packet mangling code only for ar8216...
2021-10-31 Robert Markoipq806x: ecw5410: use bootloader provided MAC-s
2021-10-31 Robert Markoipq806x: ecw5410: fix PCI1 radio caldata
2021-10-31 Robert Markoipq806x: ecw5410: drop GPIO based MDIO1 node
2021-10-30 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: consolidate 11-ath10k-caldata
2021-10-30 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: remove transition workarounds for qcom-smem...
2021-10-30 Ansuel Smithipq806x: provide WiFI mac-addresses from dts
2021-10-30 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.76
2021-10-26 Peter Geisipq806x: add support for Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming...
2021-10-02 Paul Spoorenipq806x: remove obsolete Kernel 5.4
2021-10-02 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.150
2021-09-30 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.67
2021-09-12 Ansuel Smithipq806x: switch to kernel 5.10
2021-09-09 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: Set CONFIG_RCU_CPU_STALL_TIMEOUT=21
2021-08-29 Filip Matijevićipq806x: add missing enclosing partitions block for...
2021-08-29 Rui Salvaterrakernel: move two symbols to the generic kconfigs
2021-08-24 Chukun Panipq806x: Askey RT4230W REV6: use usual writing for...
2021-08-24 Chukun Panipq806x: Askey RT4230W REV6: fix caldata script
2021-08-21 Shane Synanipq806x: fix min<>target opp-microvolt DTS mixup
2021-07-19 Ansuel Smithipq806x: convert mtd-mac-address to nvmem implementation
2021-07-19 Ansuel Smithtreewide: convert mtd-mac-address-increment* to generic...
2021-07-10 Adrian Schmutzlertreewide: call check-size before append-metadata
2021-06-30 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix dedicated cpufreq driver
2021-06-30 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix missing 1.4ghz cache freq for ipq8065 SoC
2021-06-30 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix missing changes in 5.4 for new cpufreq...
2021-06-27 John Audiaipq806x: refresh config for kernel 5.4
2021-06-05 Alex Henrieipq806x: fix LAN and WAN port assignments on TP-Link...
2021-06-05 Adrian Schmutzlertreewide: remove "+" sign for increment with macaddr_add
2021-06-05 Lauro Morenoipq806x: add support for Askey RT4230W REV6
2021-05-23 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix warning about tsens debugfs already registered
2021-05-23 Ansuel Smithipq806x: reduce pci IO space to 64k
2021-05-23 John Audiakernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.120
2021-05-22 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.38
2021-05-14 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.37
2021-05-14 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.36
2021-05-13 Petr Štetiaripq806x: base-files: asrock: fix bootcount include
2021-05-09 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.35
2021-05-09 Mark Mentovaiipq806x: Bring missing patches from 5.4 to 5.10
2021-05-09 Mark Mentovaiipq806x: Add mising devices to kernel 5.10
2021-05-09 John Audiakernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.117
2021-05-08 Stefan Lippers-Hol... ipq806x: ecw5410: case-insensitive qcom-smem partitions
2021-05-08 Stefan Lippers-Hol... ipq806x: g10: case-insensitive qcom-smem partitions
2021-05-08 Stefan Lippers-Hol... ipq806x: nbg6817: case-insensitive qcom-smem partitions
2021-05-08 Mark Mentovaiipq806x: dwmac: fix GMACs connected via SGMII fixed...
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: add missing wakeup-source for gpio keys
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: apply correct voltage tolerance
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix missing tx/rx fifo depth gmac configuration
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: refresh 5.10 patches
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: simplify ecw5410 dts
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: set boot layout for nandc compatible
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: add kernel 5.10 as testing kernel
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: refresh config 5.10
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: refresh dtsi patches
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: introduce nandc boot layout mode
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix broken pci2 and pci3
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: backport cpufreq changes to 5.4
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: introduce dedicated krait cpufreq
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: drop upstream patch
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: drop cpuidle generic support from QCOM
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: backport mtd adm and smem driver
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix missing clk and reset
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: use newer tsens patch
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: copy kernel 5.4 patches to 5.10
2021-05-07 Ansuel Smithipq806x: improve system latency
2021-05-07 Mark Mentovaiipq806x: Add "snps,dwmac" to all gmac compatible=
2021-05-07 Mark Mentovaiipq806x: ubnt,unifi-ac-hd: reorder eth0 and eth1
2021-05-07 Mark Mentovaiipq806x: ubnt,unifi-ac-hd: use on-board PHYs
2021-05-07 Mark Mentovaiipq806x: dwmac: clear forced speed during probe
2021-04-21 Rui Salvaterratreewide: switch the timer frequency to 100 Hz
2021-04-21 Rui Salvaterratreewide: remove redundant ubifs kconfig symbols
2021-04-02 John Audiakernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.109
2021-03-29 Rafał Miłeckikernel: backport 5.13 mtd partitioning changes
2021-03-19 Daniel Golleipq806x: work-around vendor 'rootfs_data' GPT partition
2021-03-18 Aleksander Jan Baj... kernel: move some disabled symbols to generic
2021-03-06 Daniel Golleipq806x: work-around borked QCA SDK bootloader
2021-03-06 Adrian Schmutzlertreewide: remove execute bit and shebang from board...
2021-03-04 Jason A. Donenfeldkernel-5.4: bump to 5.4.102 and refresh patches
2021-03-01 Rafał Miłeckikernel: add the latest mtd patch extending ofpart parser
2021-02-22 Paul Spoorentreewide: remove redundant KERNEL_PREFIX definitions
2021-02-05 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: replace full-text BSC license by SPDX identifier
2021-01-27 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: remove generic profile
2021-01-23 Adrian Schmutzlertreewide: provide global default for SUPPORTED_DEVICES
2021-01-15 Jan Alexanderipq806x: fix Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD partition map
2021-01-14 Jan Alexanderipq806x: add support for Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD
2021-01-06 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: add space before SPDX identifier (again)
2021-01-06 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: improve model name and revision for TP-Link...
2021-01-06 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: create DTSI for TP-Link AD7200 and C2600
2021-01-06 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: clean up DTS file for TP-Link AD7200
2021-01-05 Daniel Golleipq806x: fix LED names of TP-Link Talon AD2700
2021-01-05 Daniel Golleipq806x: some corrections for TP-Link Talon AD7200
2021-01-05 Gary Cooperipq806x: add support for TP-Link Talon AD7200