mvebu: add support for WRT32X (venom)
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / mvebu / base-files / etc /
2018-05-14 Michael Graymvebu: add support for WRT32X (venom)
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: use the generic board_name function
2016-10-24 Imre Kalozmvebu: add support for the Linksys WRT3200ACM (Rango)
2016-10-24 Imre Kalozmvebu: add missing status LEDs for Linksys WRT1200AC...
2016-06-15 Rujun Wangmvebu: Configure status LED for WRT1900ACS
2015-04-12 Imre Kalozmvebu: migrate mamba support to the upstreamed code
2015-02-07 Luka Perkovtargets: base-files: does not need to be executable
2014-12-15 John Crispinadd "preinit_regular" set_state argument
2014-06-29 Imre Kalozuse the power led on the WRT1900AC for status reporting