octeon: add new target and support for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / octeon / image / Makefile
2021-05-16 Dan Brownocteon: add new target and support for Ubiquiti EdgeRou...
2021-02-28 Adrian Schmutzlerocteon: re-enable CONFIG_CAVIUM_CN63XXP1 and EdgeRouter...
2021-02-10 Adrian Schmutzlertarget: use SPDX license identifiers on Makefiles
2020-11-05 Roman Kuzmitskiiocteon: add support for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4
2020-10-30 Johannes Kimmelocteon: disable edgerouter image
2020-08-16 Donald Hoskinsocteon: add support for Itus Shield Router
2020-01-26 Adrian Schmutzlerocteon: apply vendor_model scheme to device definition...
2019-10-19 Moritz Warningocteon: split up remaining DEVICE_TITLE
2019-08-02 Moritz Warningocteon: split up DEVICE_TITLE
2017-01-19 Jiri Kastnerocteon: fix mtd partitions for erlite on cmdline
2016-09-10 Felix Fietkauocteon: use new ext4/f2fs overlay support
2016-07-30 Felix Fietkauocteon: increase block2mtd rootfs probe timeout on ER
2016-07-30 Felix Fietkauocteon: pad squashfs sysupgrade image rootfs
2016-07-30 Felix Fietkauocteon: fix sysupgrade images
2016-07-29 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: rename sysupgrade-nand to sysupgrade-tar
2016-07-29 Jo-Philipp Wichocteon: clean up image build code
2016-07-28 Jo-Philipp Wichocteon: fix image build
2016-06-17 Jo-Philipp Wichocteon: fix image build
2016-06-15 John Crispinocteon: export the FILESYSTEMS variable during image...
2016-06-14 John Crispinocteon: convert to new image building code
2015-05-29 John Crispinocteon: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-23 John Crispinocteon: build squashfs image for UBNT ERLITE
2015-03-20 John Crispinocteon: add er8 sysupgrade support
2014-10-06 John Crispinocteon: prepare elf kernel image and md5sum for usb...
2014-06-20 John Crispinocteon: build a sysupgrade image for erlite
2013-08-04 John Crispinocteon: add support for the octeon mips64 SoC
2013-02-04 Gabor Juhosocteon: R.I.P.
2010-04-12 Nicolas Thilldefine a shared IMG_PREFIX variable used as a basename...
2009-06-02 Imre Kalozrename cavium-octeon to octeon