kernel/3.18: update to version 3.18.25
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / omap24xx /
2015-10-09 Michael Büschomap24xx: Append dtb to the zImage
2015-10-07 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add missing kconfig options
2015-10-07 Michael Büschomap24xx: KERNEL_PATCHVER:=4.1
2015-10-07 Michael Büschomap24xx: Remove 4.0
2015-09-16 Felix Fietkauomap24xx: remove obsolete kernel 3.3 patches
2015-03-19 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add basic config for linux-4.0
2015-03-06 John Crispinkernel: disbale HAMRADIO in generic config
2015-01-05 Felix Fietkauall targets: remove all =m kernel config symbols
2014-10-24 Felix Fietkaukernel: makefiles: make use of new var KERNEL_PATCHVER
2014-10-12 Felix clean up and parallelize mkfs calls
2014-10-05 Felix Fietkautargets: remove useless quotes around KERNELNAME
2014-02-09 Imre Kalozadditional musb fixups
2014-02-09 Imre Kalozmove some omap24xx modules to the generic Makefile
2013-09-26 Felix Fietkaubuild: unify arm target cflags
2013-07-29 Felix Fietkaubuild: unify target independent optimization options
2013-07-20 Gabor Juhoslinux: move more ARM_ERRATA symbols to the generic...
2013-06-27 Florian Fainellitargets: prepare for supporting normal and initramfs...
2013-06-05 Jonas Gorskiomap24xx: convert to use the new jffs2_nand
2012-11-29 Gabor Juhosremove common symbols from 3.3 configs
2012-09-28 John Crispindont explicitly select wireless-tools. rely on the...
2012-09-26 Florian Fainelliget rid of the IRQF_SAMPLE_RANDOM flag
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelliomap24xx/profiles/n810: remove reference to non-existin...
2012-07-29 Florian Fainelliresync config
2012-07-29 Florian Fainelliuse the same description as other omap platforms (witho...
2012-07-24 Florian Fainellimove omap specific modules to
2012-07-24 Florian Fainellimove n810 battery module to omap24
2012-07-24 Florian Fainellimove target specific modules to target's
2012-06-05 John Crispinbump to 3.3.8
2012-05-27 Gabor Juhosomap24xx: remove 3.1 support
2012-05-27 Gabor Juhosomap24xx: switch to 3.3 and add broken flag
2012-05-18 Gabor Juhosomap24xx: add support for 3.3
2012-05-15 Gabor Juhoslinux: move certain disabled symbols to the generic...
2012-04-21 Gabor Juhosomap24xx: remove 2.6.38 support
2012-03-03 Felix Fietkauomap24xx: fix compile error with new binutils (#11072)
2012-01-31 Jonas Gorskikernel: update linux 3.1 to 3.1.10
2012-01-13 Jonas Gorskikernel: update linux 3.1 to 3.1.9
2011-12-06 Jonas Gorskilinux: update 3.1 to 3.1.4
2011-11-28 John Crispinomap24xx: bump to 3.1.3
2011-11-17 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix cbus nested IRQ acking
2011-11-17 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix initialization of software IRQ mask
2011-11-17 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update 3.1 config
2011-11-17 Michael Büschomap24xx: Some retu/tahvo IRQ fixes
2011-11-17 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add basic kexec fixes.
2011-11-16 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add workaround for omapfb locking bug.
2011-11-16 Michael BüschRevert r29193
2011-11-16 Michael Büschomap24xx: Set platform specific optimization flags
2011-11-16 Michael Büschn810: Add xmodmap to profile
2011-11-13 Jonas Gorskilinux: update 3.1 to 3.1.1
2011-11-05 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add cbus tahvo locking fix.
2011-11-05 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix n810bm compilation
2011-10-30 Michael Büschomap24xx: Default to linux-3.1
2011-10-30 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix n810 LCD initialization
2011-10-30 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix n810 boot
2011-10-29 Michael Büschomap24xx: Refresh 3.1 config
2011-10-29 Michael Büschomap24xx: Refresh 3.1 patches
2011-10-29 Michael BüschFix tusb patch
2011-10-29 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix MUSB compile
2011-10-29 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add n800 touchscreen and keypad drivers....
2011-10-29 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add 3.1 patchset.
2011-10-26 Michael BüschUpdate my email address
2011-10-25 Jo-Philipp Wichtarget: globally disable BSD process accounting
2011-06-18 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update to kernel
2011-05-15 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel from to and...
2011-03-28 Michael BüschUpdate omap24xx kconfig
2011-03-28 Michael BüschUpdate 2.6.38 to
2011-03-20 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update to 2.6.38. Remove 2.6.37 files
2011-03-09 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update to 2.6.38-rc8
2011-03-09 Michael Büschomap24xx: Split up tahvo usb fixes
2011-03-07 Michael Büschn810: Add workaround for bluetooth IRQ issue
2011-03-07 Michael Büschn810 bluetooth compile fixes
2011-03-07 Michael Büschn810 profile: Add bluetooth related options
2011-03-07 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update bluetooth kconfig options
2011-03-07 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add bluetooth firmware
2011-03-07 Imre Kalozonly support EABI on ARM targets
2011-03-07 Michael Büschn810: Add usb networking to default net config
2011-03-06 Michael Büschtahvo-usb: Fix NULL ptr deref in OTR irq handler
2011-03-06 Michael Büschn810: Update profile
2011-03-06 Michael Büschn810: Partially fix tahvo USB.
2011-03-06 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix modular compilation of MUSB
2011-03-06 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update kconfig
2011-03-06 Michael Büschomap24xx: Set hardware watchdog timeout to max
2011-03-06 Michael Büschomap24xx: Start watchdog with RT priority
2011-03-04 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update to .38-rc7
2011-03-04 Michael Büschn810: More retu-wdt cleanups
2011-03-02 Michael Büschn810bm: Add charger_state attribute
2011-03-02 Michael Büschcbus-retu-wdt: Some fixes
2011-03-01 Michael Büsch2.6.38: Let mac80211 select CONFIG_AVERAGE
2011-03-01 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix missing symbols for mac80211
2011-02-28 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update kconfig
2011-02-28 Michael Büschn810bm: Refresh patch
2011-02-28 Michael Büschn810: Fix LCD
2011-02-28 Michael Büschcbus-retu: Add IRQ handler locking
2011-02-28 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update 2.6.38 config. This fixes MMC.
2011-02-27 Michael Büschn810: Fix tsc2005 busnum
2011-02-27 Michael Büschn810bm: Compile fix for kernel with lock debugging
2011-02-27 Michael Büschcbus-retu: Fix nested IRQ handling
2011-02-27 Michael Büschomap24xx: Fix possible MMC null ptr deref
2011-02-27 Michael Büschrename patch
2011-02-27 Michael Büschomap24xx: Update MMC fixes
2011-02-26 Michael Büschomap24xx: Add 2.6.38 files