image: add KERNEL_SIZE to the default device vars
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / oxnas / image / Makefile
2016-09-13 Mathias Kresinimage: add KERNEL_SIZE to the default device vars
2016-09-04 Mathias Kresinimage: use k as unit suffix for blocksize
2016-09-09 Daniel Golleoxnas: small image improvements for kd20
2016-09-04 Daniel Golleoxnas: kd20: generate image compatible with stock firmware
2016-07-29 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: rename sysupgrade-nand to sysupgrade-tar
2016-07-14 Felix Fietkauimage: clean up UBI related device variable definitions
2016-06-07 Felix Fietkauoxnas: install kernel binaries into bin/ for use with...
2016-05-22 Felix Fietkauoxnas: use global UBIFS_OPTS, all profiles use the...
2016-05-16 Daniel Golleoxnas: reorganize image build code and nuke profiles
2016-04-19 Hauke Mehrtensoxnas: add support for Akitio MyCloud mini
2016-03-23 John Crispinoxnas: set ubifs parameters for Default profile
2016-03-20 John Crispinoxnas: switch to new image generation template
2015-10-31 Felix Fietkauoxnas: image: Remove custom mkfs targz override as...
2015-10-31 Felix Fietkauoxnas: image: Refactor sanitize_profile_name using...
2015-08-14 Jonas move KDIR_TMP definition to a central location
2015-06-14 Felix Fietkauoxnas: change file extension of u-boot+initramfs image
2015-02-16 John Crispinoxnas: fix itb generation
2015-02-09 John Crispinoxnas: copy ubinized images to binary folder
2014-12-12 John Crispinoxnas: use u-boot.bin in KDIR
2014-11-26 John Crispinadd new target 'oxnas'