layerscape: add u-boot environment support for OpenWrt boot
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / zynq /
2018-09-22 Luis Aranedazynq: kernel: select FPGA-related configs
2018-09-17 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.70
2018-09-10 Luis Aranedazynq: rename zedboard with correct manufacturer
2018-09-10 Luis Aranedazynq: add sdcard image support
2018-09-10 Luis Aranedazynq: enable kernel overlay and f2fs support
2018-09-10 Luis Aranedazynq: remove bootargs from kernel config
2018-08-25 Luis Aranedazynq: add support for the Zybo Z7 board
2018-07-02 Luis Aranedazynq: remove config options handled by generic
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: remove support for kernel 4.4
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: switch to kernel 4.14
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: refresh kernel 4.14 configuration
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: copy config to kernel 4.14
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: fix detection of the zybo board
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: remove hard-coded network configuration
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: reworked image creation process
2018-05-24 John Crispinkernel: mark all v3.18 and v4.4 kernels are source...
2018-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichtarget: disable CONFIG_PROC_PAGE_MONITOR on most targets
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: use only board_name function to get name
2017-06-29 Stijn Tintelkernel: cleanup CONFIG_SCHED_HRTICK
2017-04-26 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove out of tree direct-io disable hack
2017-02-26 Felix Fietkaubuild: get rid of
2017-01-10 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove DEVTMPFS platform overrides
2017-01-10 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove DEVMEM/DEVKMEM platform overrides
2016-10-04 Jo-Philipp Wichzynq: fix maintainer email address
2016-10-04 Jo-Philipp Wichzynq: convert to new image build code
2016-07-25 Felix Fietkaubuild: remove cpio.gz and tar.gz from regular filesyste...
2016-07-15 Felix clean up redundant code related to DEVICE_DTS
2016-06-06 Dirk Neukirchenzynq: remove unneeded _DIAG and _XFRM symbols
2016-05-21 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove bogus CONFIG_LOG_BUF_SHIFT overrides
2016-04-18 John Crispinimage / basefiles: make console password configurable
2016-04-26 John Crispinzynq: Add Zybo device support
2016-04-26 John CrispinZynq: Add Zedboard device support
2016-04-26 John Crispinzynq: Remove rdinit patch
2016-03-23 John Crispinzynq: Simplify boot-img build
2016-02-25 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.3
2016-02-12 John Crispinzynq: add new target