iperf: Drop single-threaded variant
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux /
2016-05-12 P.Wassiar71xx: Add support for Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO
2016-05-12 P.Wassiar71xx: Rename unifiac to unifiac-lite
2016-05-12 Stanislav Galabovramips: DTS modifications
2016-05-12 John Crispinglobal: change my email address
2016-05-12 Adrián Panellaipq806x: enable fpu
2016-05-12 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: fq_codel match flows_cnt to limit sizing
2016-05-12 Andrew Yongramips: add initial support for SamKnows SK-WB8
2016-05-12 Stanislav Galabovramips: DTS rework
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaukernel: move the old gpio watchdog driver from generic...
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaugemini: delete 3.18 support
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaubcm53xx: delete old kernel versions
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaumxs: delete old kernel versions
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkausunxi: delete old kernel versions
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkauoxnas: delete linux 4.1 support
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove defunct etherboot image building code
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove obsolete Config.in file
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove rdc specific kernel patch
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove legacy script/makefile code for rdc devices
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove obsolete modules.mk
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86/xen_domu: enable xen drivers in the kernel config...
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: enable grub at_keyboard support for x86_64
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove the kvm_guest subtarget
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86/64: add more hardware RNG drivers, including for...
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86/64: enable virtualization support for spinlocks...
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove maintainer override for x86_64
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaux86: remove the ep80579 subtarget, it has been unmainta...
2016-05-11 Jo-Philipp Wichkernel: add workaround to rebuild vdso-n32.so.dbg too
2016-05-11 Álvaro Fernández... kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.10
2016-05-11 Álvaro Fernández... kernel: remove linux 4.3 config
2016-05-10 John Crispinramips: fix DTB generation
2016-05-10 Stanislav Galabovramips: Change all '/include/' clauses to '#include...
2016-05-10 Stanislav Galabovramips: Add hex prefix (0x) to dtsi reg properties...
2016-05-10 Stanislav Galabovramips: introduce serial0 aliases
2016-05-10 Álvaro Fernández... kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.9
2016-05-10 Russell Seniorbrcm47xx: fix wgt634u port assignment, broken since...
2016-05-10 D. Andrei Măceșramips: mt7620: [UPSTREAM] fix USB frequency scaling
2016-05-10 Vittorio Gambalett... ramips: Fix alphabetical sorting for 02_network
2016-05-10 Vittorio Gambalett... ramips: Don't use a VLAN for the single ethernet port...
2016-05-10 Vittorio Gambalett... ramips: Fix network for routers without VLANs on eth0.
2016-05-10 blogicramips: Drop hacky switch workaround for failsafe on...
2016-05-10 blogicramips: Disable all ethernet ports except port 0 on...
2016-05-10 blogicramips: Disable all ethernet ports except port 4 on...
2016-05-10 blogicramips: Get rt3050 ethernet ports to be disabled from...
2016-05-10 blogicramips: Fix comment in rt3050 ethernet switch driver.
2016-05-10 blogicramips: Fix documentation for the rt3050 switch driver.
2016-05-10 blogicramips: Fix multicast ICMPv6 for the rt3050 ethernet...
2016-05-10 blogicar71xx: add TP-Link TL-WR810N support
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: VGV7510KW22BRN - set the phy clock source
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: add device tree binding for the phy clock source
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: VGV7510KW22BRN - support dual-image
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: handle the dual-firmware layout of brnboot
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: move partitions into partion table node
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: use sysupgrade.bin postfix for tplink images
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: VG3503J - use the same PHY led functionality...
2016-05-10 blogicar71xx: Fix eth0 support for Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: use the same functionality for all ethernet...
2016-05-10 blogiclantiq: fix minor typos in 11G/22F phy driver
2016-05-10 blogicramips: add support for Planex MZK-EX750NP.
2016-05-10 blogicmediatek: sync patches and add more ethernet stability...
2016-05-09 Stijn Tintelkernel: add workaround to rebuild vdso-o32.so.dbg
2016-04-29 Jo-Philipp Wichkernel: add a workaround to rebuild vdso.so.dbg after...
2016-04-28 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: add m25p80 workaround for SPI flash writing...
2016-04-28 John Crispinmediatek: sync and patches add support for several...
2016-04-28 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: support SPI-NOR on dual flash devices
2016-04-28 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: switch to m25p80 and drop bcm53xxspiflash
2016-04-28 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: support JEDEC incompatible w25q128 in spi-nor
2016-04-26 Jo-Philipp Wichlantiq: fix xway image building
2016-04-26 Álvaro Fernández... brcm2708: removes backported patch (linux-4.4.7)
2016-04-25 Jo-Philipp Wichat91: fix SAMA5D3 subtarget
2016-04-25 Jo-Philipp Wichx86: remove old references to kmod-acpi-button
2016-04-25 Jo-Philipp Wichuml: revert accidentally committed change
2016-04-25 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: fix make_ext4fs build with recent glibc
2016-04-24 Álvaro Fernández... brcm2708: update linux 4.4 patches to latest version
2016-04-24 Álvaro Fernández... kernel: fix ip6_tunnel compilation
2016-04-24 Álvaro Fernández... kernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.8
2016-04-18 John Crispinimage / basefiles: make console password configurable
2016-04-17 Jo-Philipp Wichtarget: globally remove ARCH_PACKAGES overrides
2016-04-07 Christian Lamparterbrcm2708: implement sysupgrade image check
2016-04-16 Álvaro Fernández... brcm2708: add missing config symbols
2016-04-07 Álvaro Fernández... brcm2708: update to latest version
2016-04-01 Álvaro Fernández... brcm2708-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2016-03-30 Jo-Philipp Wichx86: search PARTUUID in any block device
2016-03-30 Jo-Philipp Wichx86: make sysupgrade work without partx
2016-03-24 John Crispinbranding: add LEDE branding
2016-04-26 John Crispinar71xx: Add support for the OMYlink OMY-G1 reboot
2016-04-26 John Crispinzynq: Add Zybo device support
2016-04-26 John CrispinZynq: Add Zedboard device support
2016-04-26 John Crispinzynq: Remove rdinit patch
2016-04-26 John Crispinlantiq: use dwc2 by default on all ar9 boards
2016-04-26 John Crispinlantiq: install uboot-envtools by default on BTHOMEHUBV3A
2016-04-26 John Crispinlantiq: remove read-only flag on two partitions on...
2016-04-26 John Crispincns3xxx: set both MPS 'and' MRSS to 128
2016-04-26 John Crispincns3xxx: backport pci fix for cns3xxx_write_config
2016-04-26 John Crispinramips: Add support for the Netgear WNDR3700v5
2016-04-26 John Crispinar71xx: Add TP-Link TL-WR740N v6 support to trunk
2016-04-26 John Crispinar71xx: simplify patch 613 and add missing error handling
2016-04-26 John Crispinmediatek: update patches
2016-04-26 John Crispinlantiq: Fix typo in LED diag script.
2016-04-26 John Crispinlantiq: use new image build process for brnImages
2016-04-26 John Crispinlantiq: remove orphaned tp-link image build steps