ramips: add support for Planex MZK-WDPR.
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target /
2016-03-08 John Crispinramips: add support for Planex MZK-WDPR.
2016-03-08 John Crispinbrcm2708: add Raspberry Pi 3 support
2016-03-08 John Crispinbrcm2708: update linux 4.4 patches to latest version
2016-03-08 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: update bcm47xx_sprom to the latest 4.6 queued...
2016-03-08 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: fix SPROM driver compilation with ssb/bcma...
2016-03-08 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: revert patch removing imprecise abort workaround
2016-03-07 Rafał Miłeckikernel: backport bcma 4.6 changes for flashes
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkaukernel: add MIPS kernel fix for an uninitialized CPU map
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove linux 4.3 support
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkauramips: convert the remaining subtargets to 4.4
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkauramips: fix subtarget kernel version assignment (only...
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkauramips: add linux 4.4 support, update mt7621 subtarget...
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkaulantiq: print profile name in dsl lucistat
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkaulantiq: add dsl firmware to default packages
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkaulantiq: do not set default firmware file
2016-03-07 Felix Fietkauar71xx: fix qca956x ethernet initialization
2016-03-06 Felix Fietkauar71xx: enable USB packages for WNR2200 (fixes #21984)
2016-03-06 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: use SPROM driver queued for 4.6
2016-03-05 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.4
2016-03-05 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: fix section mismatch in crashlog
2016-03-05 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config options
2016-03-05 Felix Fietkauar71xx: WNR612v2: enable control of all LEDs and buttons
2016-03-05 Felix Fietkauar71xx: WNR2000v3: add speed_mask to Ethernet port...
2016-03-05 Felix Fietkauar71xx: WNR2000v3: enable control of all LEDs and buttons
2016-03-05 Felix Fietkaumac80211: ath9k: enable GPIO buttons
2016-03-04 John CrispinAP121 target: fix board detection in ar71xx.sh
2016-03-04 John CrispinAR8216: improve mmd register access
2016-03-04 John CrispinAR8216: make ARL age time configurable
2016-03-04 John CrispinAR8216: remove redundant port number in MIB header...
2016-03-04 John CrispinAR8216: complement MIB counters with info in GiB /...
2016-03-04 John CrispinAR8216: don't display MIB counters if all are empty
2016-03-04 John Crispinimx6: image: Add missing kernel prefix
2016-03-04 John Crispinramips: mt7621: fix WF-2881 for ubi split
2016-03-04 John Crispinramips: Add profiles for JCG routers
2016-03-04 John Crispinramips: Add JCG routers to base-files
2016-03-04 John Crispinramips: Add device tree for JCG JHR-N926R
2016-03-04 John Crispinramips: Add device tree for JCG JHR-N825R
2016-03-04 John Crispinramips: Add device tree for JCG JHR-N805R
2016-03-03 John Crispinramips: Incorrect file mode change
2016-03-03 John Crispintarget/mpc85xx: check for 'generic' subtarget for initr...
2016-03-02 Felix Fietkauramips: enable mt76 on mt7688 by default
2016-03-02 Felix Fietkaumac80211: ath9k: enable platform WLAN LED name
2016-03-01 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel 3.18 to version 3.18.27
2016-03-01 John Crispinar71xx: Add OOLITE to the Gainstrong profile, removed...
2016-03-01 John Crispinramips: Added support for ZBT-826 / ZBT-1026
2016-02-29 Felix Fietkauar71xx, firmware-utils: split ubdev01 flash layout...
2016-02-28 Felix Fietkauramips: add sysupgrade support for mt7628
2016-02-28 Felix Fietkauramips: create device tree node for MT7628 WMAC in...
2016-02-26 Felix FietkauRevert "ar71xx: WNR612v2: exclude USB modules from...
2016-02-26 Rafał Miłeckikernel: use upstream accepted bcm47xxpart patches
2016-02-26 Felix Fietkaukernel: disable MIPS VDSO by default until the cache...
2016-02-26 John Crispinar71xx: Renamed Gainstrong MiniBox profile to Gainstron...
2016-02-26 John Crispinramips: fix GPIO names for RT5350F-OLinuXino-EVB
2016-02-26 John Crispinmpc85xx/tl-wdr4900: correct address of the gpio controller
2016-02-25 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: deactivate the vdso gettimeofday function.
2016-02-25 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.3
2016-02-25 Felix Fietkauar71xx: WNR612v2: fix for random WLAN MAC
2016-02-25 Felix Fietkauar71xx: WNR612v2: exclude USB modules from image
2016-02-25 Felix Fietkauar71xx: WNR2000v3: fix for random WLAN MAC
2016-02-25 Felix Fietkauswitch: allow Ethernet port LEDs to show specific port...
2016-02-25 Felix Fietkauswitch: make LED port_mask file write handler use kstrt...
2016-02-25 John Crispinramips: mt7620: fix failsafe switch config
2016-02-25 John Crispinramips: build factory images for Netgear EX2700
2016-02-25 John Crispinar71xx: correct imagename for TPlink WA730RE
2016-02-25 John Crispinar71xx: correct imagename for TPlink WA701ND
2016-02-25 John Crispinar71xx: matchup of TPlink WR841N(D)-names
2016-02-25 John Crispinbrcm2708: remove linux 4.1 support
2016-02-25 John Crispinbrcm2708: switch to linux 4.4 and update patches
2016-02-24 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add descriptor files for wifi+bt modules (AP6181...
2016-02-24 Rafał Miłeckikernel: replace bgmac patches for BCM47094 with final...
2016-02-24 Rafał Miłeckikernel: mtdsplit: support uimage with UBI
2016-02-23 Rafał Miłeckikernel: mtdsplit: add missing digest field to Seama...
2016-02-22 Felix Fietkauar71xx: reset ethernet tx ring on fast reset to prevent...
2016-02-22 Felix Fietkauramips: fix WSR-1166 partition table
2016-02-19 John Crispinralink: fix mt7628 ehci support
2016-02-19 John Crispinralink: unbreak port4 on mt7620
2016-02-18 Jo-Philipp Wichar71xx: add missing symbol to Linux 4.4 config (#21878)
2016-02-18 John Crispinarchs38: remove network config override
2016-02-18 John Crispinlinux: add support of Synopsys ARCHS38-based boards
2016-02-17 Luka Perkovmvebu: add SolidRun ClearFog A1 support
2016-02-16 John Crispinkernel: add missing symbols to config-4.4
2016-02-16 John Crispinat91: udc driver was missing deps
2016-02-16 John Crispinmvebu: add missing symbols.
2016-02-15 John Crispinramips: Add support for Phicomm PSG1208
2016-02-12 Jo-Philipp Wichar71xx: add missing kernel symbol (#21849)
2016-02-12 John Crispinramips: Support LEDs on D-Link DIR-860L B1
2016-02-12 John Crispinar71xx: Support for Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LITE
2016-02-12 John Crispinar71xx: Make code formatting consistent on ath79/machty...
2016-02-12 John Crispinar71xx: Added support for TL-WA801NDv3
2016-02-12 John Crispinar71xx: WNR2000v3: exclude USB modules from image
2016-02-12 John Crispinuse "-gt" instead of ">" with [ in /lib/functions/lanti...
2016-02-12 John Crispinramips: Add support for Netgear EX2700
2016-02-12 John Crispinzynq: add new target
2016-02-11 Felix Fietkauag71xx: fix build error with debugfs code
2016-02-11 Felix Fietkauag71xx: increase rx ring size to improve performance
2016-02-11 Felix Fietkauag71xx: store ring size order instead of ring size...
2016-02-11 Felix Fietkauag71xx: increase tx ring size to improve performance
2016-02-11 Felix Fietkauag71xx: optimize icache footprint of the receive poll...
2016-02-11 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix uninitialized variable in bridge multicast...
2016-02-09 Jo-Philipp Wichmvebu: fix WRT1900AC v1 LED driver module