package/utils/fuse: update to 2.9.7
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target /
2016-11-24 Paul Wassimvebu: simplify etc/board.d/02_network
2016-11-24 Felix Fietkaumvebu: use image metadata for firmware validation
2016-11-23 Eddi De Pierilantiq: write protect vgv7519 u-boot and u-boot-env...
2016-11-23 Giuseppe Lippolisramips: Add device DLINK DWR-512-B
2016-11-23 Mathias Kresinramips: do not append metadata to CY-SWR1100 factory...
2016-11-23 Mathias Kresinramips: cleanup dts files of mt7621 based boards
2016-11-23 Mathias Kresinramips: order alphabetical
2016-11-21 Daniel Gonzalez... brcm63xx: Livebox 1: add userspace board support
2016-11-21 Daniel Gonzalez... brcm63xx: Livebox 1: relocate the kernel to fix boot
2016-11-21 Daniel Gonzalez... brcm63xx: Livebox 1: fix part probe name
2016-11-21 Daniel Gonzalez... brcm63xx: Livebox 1: fix led naming
2016-11-21 Daniel Gonzalez... brcm63xx: Livebox 1: use button 1 as failsafe button
2016-11-21 Andrew Yongramips: fix wrong check for MT7621AT
2016-11-21 Felix Fietkaulantiq: add missing metadata for tp-link images
2016-11-21 Andrew Yongramips: Fix sdhci kernel panics on MT7621
2016-11-21 Toke Høiland-Jørgensenmvebu: Add BQL patch for mvneta driver.
2016-11-21 Ben Mulvihilllantiq: use dwc2 by default on danube
2016-11-21 Ben Mulvihilllantiq: dwc2 parameters for danube
2016-11-21 Ben Mulvihilllantiq: device tree bindings for dwc2 on danube
2016-11-21 Ben Mulvihilllantiq: initialise dwc2 on danube
2016-11-21 Chris Blakeapm821xx: Add support for the Cisco Meraki MX60/MX60W
2016-11-21 perillamintramips: add support for WeVO W2914NS v2
2016-11-21 João Chaínhoar71xx: Fix switch config on Mikrotik RB450/G
2016-11-21 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for YunCore CPE830
2016-11-21 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for YunCore CPE870
2016-11-21 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for YunCore AP90Q
2016-11-21 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for COMFAST CF-E380AC v1 and v2
2016-11-21 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for COMFAST CF-E320N v2 and CF...
2016-11-21 Henryk Heisigipq806x: c2600: change wan and lan led trigger to swcon...
2016-11-21 Henryk Heisigipq806x: enable swconfig LED support
2016-11-21 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: remove pipetypes unused var warning
2016-11-21 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: switch to upstream usb driver and backport...
2016-11-18 Paul Wassiar71xx: fix drivers/mtd/nand/ar934x_nfc.c
2016-11-20 Felix Fietkaulantiq: remove device specific sysupgrade image checks
2016-11-20 Felix Fietkauipq806x: remove device specific sysupgrade image checks
2016-11-20 Rafał Miłeckikernel: add bcm47xxpart patch fixing parsing with some...
2016-11-19 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: fix build errors
2016-11-19 Mathias Kresinkernel: rtl8367(b): fix build error
2016-11-19 Felix Fietkaulantiq: run append-metadata before check-size to fix...
2016-11-19 Wilfried Klaebex86: fix GRUB_ROOT for Xen subtarget
2016-11-19 Felix Fietkauramips: append metadata to images
2016-11-19 Felix Fietkaulantiq: append metadata to images
2016-11-19 Felix Fietkauipq806x: append metadata to images
2016-11-19 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: build image for TP-LINK Archer C9 v1
2016-11-19 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: support SafeLoader format in sysupgrade
2016-11-19 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: add kernel support for TP-LINK Archer C9 V1
2016-11-18 João Chaínhoar71xx: enable serial console on mikrotik devices
2016-11-18 Vitaly Chekryzhevramips: add support for ZyXEL Keenetic Viva
2016-11-17 Vitaly Chekryzhevramips: add MT7620 MIB support for switch and port
2016-11-17 Hannu Nymanipq806x: refresh patches
2016-11-17 Jasper Scholteramips: add support for Sitecom WLR-6000
2016-11-17 Dominik Menkeramips: add support for Digineo AC1200 Pro
2016-11-17 Dominik Menkeramips: cleanup ZBT-WG3526.dtsi
2016-11-17 Dominik Menkeramips: split ZBT-WG3526.dts into dtsi and dts files
2016-11-16 Jason A. Donenfeldkernel: enable pcrypt
2016-11-16 Felix Fietkauocteon: fix feature flag for initramfs support
2016-11-16 Stijn Tintelkernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.32
2016-11-16 Henryk Heisigar71xx: tl-wpa8630: Use dynamic parsing of the firmware...
2016-11-16 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: fixes for R7800 and C2600
2016-11-16 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: fix Netgear R7500v2 memory
2016-11-16 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: fix pci pins
2016-11-16 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: add vlans during switch init into R7800 DT
2016-11-16 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: add support for RPM message RAM
2016-11-16 dissent1ipq806x: add support for RPM clock controller
2016-11-16 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: add CPU idle states
2016-11-16 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: backport upstream wdt driver
2016-11-16 dpeddilantiq: add tapi/vmmc to VGV7519 defaults
2016-11-16 dpeddilantiq: enable VMMC for VGV7519
2016-11-16 Eddi De Pierilantiq: add tapi/vmmc to VGV7510KW22 defaults
2016-11-16 Eddi De Pierilantiq: enable VMMC for VGV7510KW22
2016-11-16 Daniel Engbergarm64: boot-wrapper: Add mirror
2016-11-16 Yutang Jianglayerscape: ls1012ardb: only reserve ext4 fs as default...
2016-11-16 Yutang Jianglayerscape: ls1043ardb: add pad-rootfs to reduce the...
2016-11-16 Koen Vandeputtekernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.31
2016-11-16 Jaylin Yuar71xx: Add usable, inactive LEDs on OpenMesh devices
2016-11-16 FUKAUMI Naokiar71xx: add support for Buffalo BHR-4GRV2
2016-11-16 Andreas Zieglerx86-generic: add MMC support to boot off SD cards
2016-11-16 Andreas Zieglerx86: add PATA support to generic and 64 subtargets
2016-11-16 Matthias Schifferx86: refresh generic subtarget config
2016-11-16 Martin Weineltar71xx, ramips: reduce CPU load and flickering on devic...
2016-11-15 Matthias Schifferar71xx: enable HSR tuner on Ubiquiti UAP Outdoor+
2016-11-15 Matthias Schifferar71xx: fix DEVICE_TITLE for Ubiquiti UAP Outdoor+
2016-11-15 Matthias Schifferath9k: add support for the HSR tuner of the Ubiquiti...
2016-11-14 Felix Fietkauramips: fix polling switch interrupts
2016-11-14 Felix Fietkauramips: add port index in switch config for buffalo...
2016-11-14 Felix Fietkaubcm53xx: add switch config for Buffalo WXR-1900DHP...
2016-11-14 Felix Fietkaulantiq: fix port indexing for WBMR-300
2016-11-14 Felix Fietkauramips: add hack to detect missing mt7621 cpu cores
2016-11-14 Felix Fietkauramips: fix status LED for WHR-300HP2
2016-11-13 Mathias Kresinmvebu: revert remove of mvsw61xx device tree nodes
2016-11-13 Mathias Kresintreewide: dts: use keycode defines from input dt-binding
2016-11-12 Mathias Kresintreewide: dts: use C style includes
2016-11-12 Mathias Kresintreewide: dts: fix dtc compiler warnings
2016-11-12 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: remove replaced netgear, wndr4700-usb dwc2...
2016-11-12 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: consolidate apm821xx device trees files
2016-11-12 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: add amcc, usb-otg-405ex devicetree definition
2016-11-12 Eddi De Pierilantiq: fix pci issue if mem kernel parameter is used
2016-11-11 Matthias Schifferar71xx: generate region-coded factory images for TP...
2016-11-10 Jo-Philipp Wicharm64: boot-wrapper: add mirror checksum
2016-11-09 Mathias Kresinramips: add TEW-691GR/TEW-692GR 2.4 GHz interface mac...