Revert r12510. Remove -rpath-link form TARGET_LDFLAGS as it breaks some packages.
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target /
2008-09-13 Felix Fietkauremove old atheros kernels and patches
2008-09-12 Gabor Juhosconvert to GPIOLIB
2008-09-11 Gabor Juhosuse generic cansleep wrappers for GPIO
2008-09-10 Gabor Juhos2.6.26: add gpiommc driver
2008-09-09 Florian Fainelliau1000: fix gpio output
2008-09-09 John Crispinbump ifxmips to
2008-09-07 Gabor Juhosbuild more image types
2008-09-07 Gabor Juhosadd gpio-buttons devices
2008-09-07 Gabor Juhossimplify leds-gpio device registration
2008-09-05 Gabor Juhos2.6.26: fix build error caused by the gpio sysfs stuff
2008-09-04 Gabor Juhos2.6.26: fix gpio sysfs patch, forgot to refresh it
2008-09-04 Gabor Juhosregister gpio-leds on the WP543 board
2008-09-04 Gabor Juhosenable gpio sysfs support
2008-09-04 Gabor Juhos2.6.26: backport gpio sysfs support form 2.6.27-rcX
2008-09-03 Gabor Juhosenable USB support, and sync kernel config
2008-09-03 Gabor Juhosmake use the USB controller on the WP543 board
2008-09-03 Gabor Juhosfix platform device ids of the USB controllers
2008-09-03 Gabor Juhosfix EHCI driver
2008-09-03 Gabor Juhosfix phy id on the WP543 board
2008-09-02 Imre Kalozfinal fix for BCM5354 USB cores, hopefully
2008-09-01 Florian FainelliTreat vlynq external divisor just like automatic, fix...
2008-09-01 Felix Fietkaumake openwrt boot on ar9130 (currently no ethernet...
2008-09-01 Nicolas ThillMove I2C_PCA Kconfig item to generic-2.6
2008-09-01 Florian FainelliFix divisor calculation and configuration from previous...
2008-09-01 Felix Fietkauadd a gzipped uImage for ar71xx
2008-08-31 Nicolas ThillBackport new Sierra Wireless USB IDs from 2.6.27 to...
2008-08-31 Florian FainelliBuild images for the AG310, thanks sn9
2008-08-31 Florian FainelliSync ar7 default network configuration with latest...
2008-08-31 Florian FainelliFix divisor settings for external devices like wireless...
2008-08-30 Florian FainelliBuild images for WAG54GP2v1 and v2, thanks sn9
2008-08-30 Florian FainelliAdd 2.6.26 kernel configuration file
2008-08-30 Florian FainelliSwitch ar7 to 2.6.26, thanks sn9
2008-08-28 Felix Fietkauremove bogus ifxmips network config override
2008-08-27 John Crispinifxmips should not overwrite DEFAULT_PACKAGES
2008-08-27 Gabor Juhosgenerate images for the EASY 5120P-ATA board
2008-08-26 John Crispinadds several fixes to etrax, make openssl work on etrax
2008-08-25 Imre Kalozdisable fpu emulation on magicbox -- no idea how it...
2008-08-25 Imre Kalozupdate sibyte config, disable unneeded features
2008-08-25 Gabor Juhosminor cleanups
2008-08-24 Imre Kalozupgrade sibyte to
2008-08-22 Gabor Juhossync kernel config
2008-08-22 Gabor Juhosupdate to and
2008-08-22 Nicolas Thillfix ImageBuilder (closes: #3863)
2008-08-22 Nicolas Thilladd LICENSE & minimal files (closes: #3710)
2008-08-22 Nicolas Thilladd feeds config file to SDK
2008-08-21 Gabor Juhosfix the CF driver on 2.6.26.x, and create a package...
2008-08-21 Nicolas Thillset reasonable generic CRYPTO_ config entries for 2...
2008-08-20 Gabor Juhosload the mac address from flash where it is possible
2008-08-19 John Crispinredboot.c - adds implicit creation of boardconfig partition
2008-08-18 Imre Kalozupgrade iop32x to
2008-08-18 John Crispinclean up atheros pci code
2008-08-17 Felix Fietkausome more build system cleanup
2008-08-16 Felix Fietkaurework parallel building to get rid of some warnings...
2008-08-14 Gabor Juhosrefresh 2.6.23 patches
2008-08-14 John Crispinadds watchdog driver to ar5315
2008-08-13 Gabor Juhosload board's mac address on Compex devices
2008-08-13 Florian FainelliNow we have b43 working in master mode, include b43...
2008-08-13 Gabor Juhosfix gpio number of the reset button Compex WP54 boards
2008-08-13 Florian FainelliAdd missing config symbols
2008-08-13 Florian FainelliFix card_idx calculation, thanks sn9
2008-08-12 Florian FainelliTypo, should be kmod-madwifi
2008-08-12 Florian FainelliInclude madwifi by default in rb532 images
2008-08-12 Florian FainelliAllow routerboard users to kexec into the newly install...
2008-08-11 Florian FainelliPackage ip6t_limit and ip6t_frag for 2.4 kernels (...
2008-08-10 Gabor Juhosadd wget2nand script
2008-08-10 Gabor Juhosag71xx: add initial message level support
2008-08-09 Gabor Juhossplit support of Cellvision boards
2008-08-09 Felix Fietkausanitize msdosfs header for user space in 2.6.25 (fixes...
2008-08-08 John Crispinfixes kernel oops when reset button was pressed too...
2008-08-07 Imre Kalozupgrade ppc44x to
2008-08-07 Imre Kalozupgrade ppc40x to as well
2008-08-07 Gabor Juhosupdate to and
2008-08-07 Gabor Juhosadd 2.6.26 specific files
2008-08-07 Florian FainelliAdd missing kernel configuration options since the...
2008-08-07 Gabor Juhosadd alternative board id for the ZyXEL P-334WT
2008-08-06 Gabor Juhossync kernel config, and disable broken ide driver until...
2008-08-06 Nicolas Thillremove broken status from uml target
2008-08-06 Gabor Juhosreorder nand partitions on RB-4xx (closes #3852)
2008-08-05 John Crispinadd proper uci/hotplug based button handling on atheros...
2008-08-05 Florian FainelliDuplicate of r12143
2008-08-05 Florian FainelliFix inclusion of pim.h like igmpproxy
2008-08-05 John Crispinfixes reset button on atheros platform, ar5312 gpio_irq...
2008-08-05 Florian FainelliAdd cdc-acm locking fix from #3836
2008-08-05 Felix Fietkauadd missing kconfig symbol
2008-08-05 Felix Fietkaufix kernel header breakage, which caused a compile...
2008-08-05 Gabor Juhossync kernel config
2008-08-05 Felix Fietkauatheros: fix setting the gpio interrupt level when...
2008-08-05 Felix Fietkauswitch to using the SLUB allocator by default in 2...
2008-08-05 Florian FainelliReinstate rdc bootability and force it to use init...
2008-08-05 Gabor Juhosexperimental gpiodev support (closes #3613)
2008-08-05 Gabor Juhosmodules/gpio_dev: move to drivers/char/ on older kernel...
2008-08-05 Felix Fietkaufix ocf compile error
2008-08-05 Felix Fietkaurefresh atheros config, add missing symbols to generic...
2008-08-05 Felix Fietkauonly build avr32 u-boot if requested, fixes build failu...
2008-08-05 John Crispinetrax should not select foxboard-utils by default as...
2008-08-04 John Crispin- bump atheros to .26 - adds leds-gpio to default selec...
2008-08-04 Gabor Juhosfix RB-133/133C led definitions
2008-08-04 John Crispinmore ledtrig-netdev clean ups
2008-08-04 Gabor Juhosadd missing buttons device for RB-1xx boards, thanks...
2008-08-04 John Crispinmakes ledtrignetdev work on .26 and fix whitespaces