modules: iio-mxs-lradc: build on mxs only
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2018-02-20 Michael Heimpoldmxs: drop support for 4.9
2018-02-20 Michael Heimpoldmxs: enable LRADC driver
2018-02-20 Zoltan HERPAImxs: bump to use 4.14 by default
2018-02-20 Zoltan HERPAImxs: add support for 4.14
2018-02-20 John Crispinkernel: ar83xx: remove stray leading space
2018-02-20 Tan Hong Huikernel: ar83xx: add support to configure per port VLAN...
2018-02-20 Koen Vandeputtekernel: backport pcie enumeration fix to kernel 4.9
2018-02-19 Stijn TintelRevert "brcm2708: fix sdcard image"
2018-02-19 Rafał Miłeckikernel: backport patches simplifying mtd_device_parse_r...
2018-02-19 Rafał Miłeckikernel: order mtd backported patches by kernel release
2018-02-19 Tim Harveyimx6: remove support for 4.9
2018-02-19 Tim Harveyimx6: switch to Linux 4.14
2018-02-19 Tim Harveyimx6: add support for Linux 4.14
2018-02-19 Tim Harveykernel: backport dwc pci enumeration fix
2018-02-19 John Crispinkernel: add missing symbols for v4.14
2018-02-18 Hauke Mehrtensbrcm2708: Fix compile after adding kernel 4.9.82
2018-02-18 Hauke Mehrtensx86: Use kernel 4.14 by default
2018-02-18 Stijn Tintelkernel: add missing config symbols
2018-02-18 John Crispinkernel: add missing symbol
2018-02-18 Stijn Tintelkernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.82
2018-02-18 Stijn Tintelkernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.20
2018-02-17 Stijn Tintelbrcm2708: fix sdcard image
2018-02-17 Evgeniy Didinarchs38: add HSDK board to network configure scripts
2018-02-17 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: Add Xunlong Orange Pi Zero Plus
2018-02-17 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: Add Realtek PHY driver or ARM64 devices
2018-02-17 Antony Antonysunxi: add support for NanoPi NEO Plus2 board
2018-02-17 Antony Antonysunxi: add kernel DT for NanoPi NEO Plus2 board
2018-02-16 Mathias Kresinar71xx: fix sysupgrade syntax error
2018-02-16 Mathias Kresintreewide: move nand_do_upgrade call to platform_do_upgrade
2018-02-16 Mathias Kresintreewide: remove obsolete sysupgrade watchdog kill
2018-02-16 Zoltan HERPAIsunxi: switch to kernel 4.14
2018-02-16 John Crispinkernel: add missing symbols
2018-02-15 Roman Yeryominramips: preliminary support for 4.14
2018-02-14 Jo-Philipp Wichramips: fix reporting effective VLAN ID on MT7621 switches
2018-02-14 Jo-Philipp Wichramips: properly map pvid for vlans with remapped vid...
2018-02-14 Jo-Philipp Wichramips: don't clobber vlans with remapped vid on mt7530...
2018-02-14 Jo-Philipp Wichat91: fix image building with CONFIG_TARGET_MULTI_PROFILE
2018-02-14 John Crispinmediatek: bump to v4.14
2018-02-14 Dongming Hanipq806x: add support for GL.iNet GL-B1300
2018-02-14 Evgeniy Didinarchs38: add HSDK board
2018-02-14 Evgeniy Didinarchs38: switch to kmod-usb2
2018-02-14 Kevin Darbyshire... generic: swconfig: reduce lock duration on sysfs files
2018-02-14 Kevin Darbyshire... generic: swconfig: add mode led attribute
2018-02-13 Hauke Mehrtensmvebu: Migrate uci config to new PCIe path
2018-02-13 Hauke Mehrtensmvebu: Add support for kernel 4.14
2018-02-13 Hauke Mehrtensmvebu: move files to files-4.9 and files-4.4 folder
2018-02-13 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: ubifs: create use file system format 4 by default
2018-02-13 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: Add missing config options
2018-02-13 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: drop root parameter from cmdline
2018-02-13 Stefan Lippers-Hol... ipq806x: switch to full dual-boot for the nbg6817 sysup...
2018-02-13 Stefan Lippers-Hol... ipq806x: request the first free loop device dynamically...
2018-02-13 Stefan Lippers-Hol... ipq806x: use absolute the device path in $kernel for...
2018-02-13 Luis Aranedaipq806x: support new location of USB PHY kernel module
2018-02-13 Julien Dusserar71xx: add more registers to ar71x_regs.h
2018-02-13 George Hopkinsramips: add support for D-Link DAP-1522 A1
2018-02-13 George Hopkinskernel: mtdsplit: split by WRG header
2018-02-13 John Crispinkernel: add missing symbol
2018-02-13 Karl Palssonar71xx: Add eTactica EG-200 support
2018-02-13 INAGAKI Hiroshiramips: use new image build code for WHR-G300N
2018-02-13 John Crispinmediatek: remove the CPU_SUBTYPE
2018-02-13 Koen Vandeputtecns3xxx: remove linux 4.9 support
2018-02-13 John Crispinkernel: add missing symbol for v4.14
2018-02-13 Tim Harveyocteontx: add support for OCTEON TX target
2018-02-13 Michael Heimpoldmxs: rename files to files-4.9
2018-02-13 Rosen Penevramips: Add support for the GnuBee Personal Cloud Two
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: fix call trace of pfe module removing
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: fix DPAA2 QDMA issue
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: add a make menuconfig known issue in README
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: fix type for kernel 4.9 dpaa2_mac_get_stats...
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: update README
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: support ubifs rootfs
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: remove USB configs for 64-bit
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: remove USB and TI specific configs for...
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: update patches-4.9 to LSDK1712
2018-02-13 Yangbo Lulayerscape: update build guide in README
2018-02-13 Henryk Heisigar71xx: add support for TP-Link RE355
2018-02-12 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: switch to kernel 4.9
2018-02-12 Jonas Gorskiar7: switch to kernel 4.9
2018-02-12 Jonas Gorskiar7: fix ac49x compilation with 4.9
2018-02-12 John CrispinRevert "mediatek: activate fpu feature flag"
2018-02-11 Jonas Gorskimvebu: fix sysupgrade from 17.04 for clearfog pro
2018-02-11 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: add kernel 4.14 support
2018-02-11 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: add kernel 4.9 support
2018-02-11 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: switch to new partition layout specification
2018-02-11 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: enhance dt partitions support to match upstre...
2018-02-11 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: backport latest bcm63xx_enet changes from...
2018-02-11 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: fix ephy reset gpio lookup
2018-02-11 Matthias Schifferar71xx: add missing config symbol ATH79_MACH_CF_E375AC
2018-02-11 Hauke Mehrtensmediatek: activate fpu feature flag
2018-02-11 Sven Eckelmannipq-wifi: drop OpenMesh A42 board-2.bin
2018-02-11 Ding Tengfeiar71xx:add support for COMFAST CF-E375AC
2018-02-11 David Bauerar71xx: remove bs-partition ro-flag for UniFi AC
2018-02-11 Henryk Heisigramips: add support for TP-Link Archer C50 v3
2018-02-11 Henryk Heisigramips: ArcherC20v4: use common TP-Link dtsi file
2018-02-11 Henryk Heisigramips: change the TP-Link dtsi filename
2018-02-11 Pawel Dembickikernel: mtdsplit: Add support for D-link JBOOT
2018-02-11 David Baueripq806x: mark AVM FB4040 switchport as untagged
2018-02-11 Zoltan HERPAIx86: add preinit hook to reload microcode
2018-02-11 Zoltan HERPAIx86: enable microcode loading for Intel and AMD
2018-02-10 Arne Zachlodar71xx: Orders the names of the devices alphabetically.