some minor cleanup
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target /
2006-10-25 Tim Yardleysome minor cleanup
2006-10-25 Tim Yardleyfix partition issue with x86, leveraging the default...
2006-10-24 Tim Yardleycode to bring in the following for x86: X86_GRUB_ROOTPA...
2006-10-24 Mike Bakerfix irq issue (ap70 eth1)
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd e1000 driver, remove references to LINUX_2_4_X86
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd fix for samsung flash chips
2006-10-22 Felix Fietkaufix a timeout on amd flash chips (patch from #874)
2006-10-22 Felix Fietkauadd generic and via ide support to x86-2.6
2006-10-19 Nicolas Thilldisable pcmcia on rb532
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaucleanup/rewrite of the kernel build process
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkauremove bluetooth from ar7 config
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaucleanup
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaufinally kill KMOD_template - removes a big chunk of...
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaumake filesystem size selection generic (for ext2)
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkauport more modules over to the new system
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkauadd another parallel build fix
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkaufix parallel build of brcm-2.4
2006-10-18 Nicolas Thilladd missing <asm/segment.h>, fix mini_fo and openswan...
2006-10-18 Nicolas Thillenable native ipsec modules on 2.6, add ipsec kernel...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauport soundcore module
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauport the usb modules over to the new system
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauremove some old junk
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauremove old target/linux/package directory
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaumove sched_use_tsc patch to generic-2.4
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaumove the ar7 network driver into a separate package
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaumove the ar7 adsl driver into a separate package direct...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauallow platform support directories to add and modify...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauadd fix from #763
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkausome kernel module cleanup
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauremove atm support in a few platforms
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauadd ATM_SUPPORT flag
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauadd USES_EXT2 flag for target platforms
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkaubcm4710: port a missing part of the cache fixes to...
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkaufix irq sharing issue on bcm4710
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkaufix extpci irq assignment bug
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkauaccidentally removed a small part of the flash map...
2006-10-15 Florian FainelliDrop changes to mm/fault.c prevents from seeing kernel...
2006-10-15 Florian FainelliUpdated kernel config
2006-10-15 Florian FainelliMerge preliminary rdc-2.6 support (Airlink101 AR525W)
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauadd io resource patch from #800, merge flash map stuff...
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkaudon't hardcode the cpu frequency for bcm47xx in linux 2.6
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkaufix bcm4710 cache fixes
2006-10-15 Florian FainelliUpdate kernel config : add support for bluetooth device...
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkaucleanup
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkauuse the native toolchain for grub on non-amd64 hosts
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkauleave out the ccache directory when copying the staging...
2016-03-20 Felix Fietkaufinally move buildroot-ng to trunk