toolchain/binutils: Switch to 2.27 as default version
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / toolchain / binutils / patches /
2016-10-24 Felix Fietkaubinutils: remove old unused versions
2016-10-13 Daniel Engbergtoolchain/binutils: Add binutils 2.27
2016-07-15 Syrone Wongtoolchain/binutils: add 2.26.1
2016-05-19 Alexey Brodkintoolchain: Bump ARC tools to arc-2016.03
2015-09-11 Hauke Mehrtensbinutils: add binutils 2.25.1
2015-05-10 Felix Fietkautoolchain: change default emulation for mips64 (octeon...
2015-03-24 Felix Fietkaubinutils: remove version 2.20.1 (only used by avr32)
2014-10-05 Felix Fietkaubinutils: remove old versions
2014-06-06 Felix Fietkautoolchain/binutils: remove obsolete patches
2014-01-07 Imre Kalozupgrade the Linaro binutils to 2.24-2013.12
2013-09-11 Imre Kalozadd support for Linaro binutils 2.23.2-2013.06
2013-06-30 Felix Fietkaubinutils: stop generating the useless _DYNAMIC_LINKING...
2013-06-30 Felix Fietkaubinutils: remove some unused obsolete versions
2013-02-26 Florian Fainellitoolchain/binutils: add musl libc config.sub patch...
2013-02-26 Florian Fainellitoolchain/binutils: refresh patches
2012-11-30 Florian Fainelliremove support for ubicom32
2012-11-23 Florian Fainelliadd preliminary support for musl
2012-11-19 Florian Fainellibinutils: remove 2.21
2012-11-19 Florian Fainellibinutils: add support for 2.23.1
2012-11-19 Florian Fainellibinutils/2.22: backport an upstream fix for an assertio...
2012-09-19 Felix Fietkaubinutils: backport ld patch to fix ARM specific issues...
2012-02-08 Imre Kalozadd binutils 2.22
2011-08-06 Hauke Mehrtensbinutils: add binutils 2.21.1
2011-07-01 Imre Kalozadd the latest avr32 toolchain patches (with additional...
2011-02-21 Imre Kalozremove the CS variant - broken since it's addition
2011-02-18 Imre Kalozadd some more avr32 fixes
2011-02-18 Imre Kalozadd binutils 2.21
2011-02-16 Imre Kalozadd avr32 support
2011-02-16 Imre Kalozfixup the ubicom patch, refresh
2011-02-16 Imre Kalozrefresh patches
2011-01-28 Felix Fietkaubinutils: backport a fix for broken relocation entries...
2010-12-12 Daniel Dickinsonbinutils: Fix autoreconf for packages/devel/binutils...
2010-10-28 Imre Kalozremove support for binutils 2.18 and 2.20
2010-03-30 Gabor Juhostoolchain/binutils: building gas for arm-*-uclibc syste...
2010-03-11 Alexandros C. Coul... add binutils-2.20.1
2010-02-16 Imre Kalozadd avr32 support for binutils 2.19.1 based on the...
2010-02-15 Imre Kalozfixup the hunks in patch
2010-01-19 Nicolas Thillbinutils: remove unrelated hunk in 2.18 avr32 support...
2009-11-05 Felix Fietkaubinutils: fix build errors in 2.20 (patch from #6094)
2009-11-02 Felix Fietkauadd binutils 2.20
2009-10-19 Felix Fietkaubinutils: add support for non-pic handling and use...
2009-10-19 Felix Fietkauadd a binutils variant based on a binutils snapshot...
2009-08-21 Felix Fietkauadd a heavily cleaned up version of ubicom32 toolchain...
2009-07-14 Gabor Juhosbinutils: fix build failure on powerpc target
2009-05-05 Felix Fietkauremove binutils 2.17 and 2.19
2009-05-01 Gabor Juhosfix a small bug in binutils 2.19.1 *
2009-02-21 Hauke Mehrtensbinutils: refresh patches for binutils 2.17
2009-02-03 Nicolas Thillbinutils: add support for v2.19.1 (from #4492, thanks...
2009-01-17 Felix Fietkauadd binutils 2.19 (patch from #4367)
2008-12-02 Imre Kaloznuke binutils 2.16.1 - old, unused, buggy
2008-12-02 Imre Kalozclean up patch
2008-12-02 Imre Kalozsync avr32 binutils patch with the Atmel 1.0.1 release
2008-11-25 Imre Kalozadd avr32 support to binutils 2.18
2008-06-06 John Crispinfinally fixes etrax toolchain problems, thanks nbd
2008-05-16 Travis Kemenfix avr32 compiling
2008-02-02 Felix FietkauAdd binutils-2.18 patches for all arches but AVR32.
2008-02-01 Gabor Juhoseliminate the root cause of the uClibc problems on...
2007-12-28 Imre Kalozwe don't use Atmel version numbers
2007-12-28 Imre Kalozupdate AVR32 binutils patches
2007-06-28 Felix Fietkauremove the custom Build/Prepare override in binutils...
2007-06-12 John Crispinadded several patches to make packages compile for...
2007-06-08 Imre Kalozadd support for the AVR32 platform, namely the ATNGW100...
2016-03-20 Felix Fietkaufinally move buildroot-ng to trunk