tools: wrt400n: fix making factory images with kernel bigger than 1MB
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / tools / cmake /
2017-01-16 Alexandru Ardeleantools/cmake: remove HOST_CONFIGURE_CMD and re-distribut...
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkaucmake: properly pass host cflags/ldflags to the build
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkaucmake: support verbose build that shows compiler commands
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkaucmake: restore parallel build support for bootstrap
2017-01-11 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: link librt if needed (FS#381)
2017-01-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: use different approach for passing LDFLAGS
2017-01-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: use pkg-config to discover libcrypto...
2017-01-05 Felix Fietkaucmake: update to version 3.7.1
2016-12-16 Felix Fietkautreewide: clean up download hashes
2016-12-01 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: fix compatibility with LibreSSL as well
2016-12-01 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: import another upstream commit for OpenSS...
2016-12-01 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: import upstream patch for OpenSSL 1.1...
2016-11-26 Hannu Nymantools/cmake: update to 3.7.0
2016-08-15 Hannu Nymantools/cmake: update to 3.6.1
2016-06-15 Matthias Schiffertools/cmake: fix parallel build with Make 4.2+
2016-05-13 Syrone Wongtools/cmake: bump to 3.5.2
2016-04-17 Hauke Mehrtenstools/cmake: update to 3.5.1
2016-03-10 John Crispintools/cmake: fix compile on Alpine Linux
2016-02-08 John Crispintools/cmake: update to 3.4.3
2016-01-10 Felix Fietkautools/cmake: update version to 3.4.1
2015-11-21 John Crispintools/cmake: update to 3.4.0
2015-10-31 Felix Fietkautools/cmake: update to 3.3.2
2015-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: Fix cmake build on FreeBSD 10.1
2014-02-16 Luka Perkovcmake: upgrade to
2013-11-24 Luka Perkovcmake: upgrade to
2013-10-18 Luka Perkovcmake: upgrade to 2.8.12
2013-09-07 Felix Fietkautools/cmake: disable qt related checks to fix build...
2013-08-16 Luka Perkovcmake: upgrade to
2013-02-28 Luka Perkovcmake: upgrade to version
2012-09-28 Felix Fietkaucmake: update to version 2.8.9
2012-09-23 Felix Fietkaubuild: add the + token to any commands that can pass...
2012-09-15 Felix Fietkautools/cmake: enable parallel builds
2012-08-10 Jo-Philipp WichRevert "[tools] cmake: link statically"
2012-08-10 Jo-Philipp Wichcmake: link statically
2012-04-02 Florian Fainellicmake: update to 2.8.7
2011-03-24 Alexandros C. Coul... tools/cmake: update to version 2.8.4
2011-01-31 Felix Fietkauadd tools/cmake