gemini: Bump to kernel v5.10
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / tools / mtd-utils / patches /
2020-08-26 Hauke Mehrtenstools: mtd-utils: Update to version 2.1.2
2019-08-27 DENG Qingfangtools/mtd-utils: update to 2.1.1
2018-04-28 Hauke Mehrtenstools/mtd-utils: update to version 2.0.2
2018-04-28 Hauke Mehrtenstools/mtd-utils: Mark some lzma functions as static
2017-10-27 Alex Macleantools/mtd-utils: include sysmacros.h explicitly
2017-06-19 Alexander Couzensmtd-utils/mkfs.jffs2: honor env SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2017-01-09 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove ubifs xz decompression support
2015-12-05 Hauke Mehrtensupdate mtd-utils to 1.5.2
2015-09-17 Jo-Philipp Wichtools/mtd-utils: avoid linking libm statically
2015-09-14 Jo-Philipp Wichtools/mtd-utils: prefer static linking
2015-05-26 Imre Kaloztools/mtd-utils: upgrade to latest git
2014-10-25 Felix Fietkautools: Fix compilation on x32 host
2014-10-12 Felix Fietkautools/mtd-utils: fix a segfault in parsing the device...
2013-11-07 Gabor Juhostools/mtd-utils: add EOF marker support to libubigen...
2013-10-28 Felix Fietkaumtd-utils: get rid of extern inline to fix build errors
2012-05-13 Gabor Juhostools/mtd-utils: remove empty patches
2012-03-03 Gabor Juhostools/mtd-utils: fix build error
2012-03-03 Gabor Juhostools/mtd-utils: update mkfs.ubifs XZ support
2012-03-02 Gabor Juhostools/mtd-utils: add XZ compression support to mkfs...
2012-03-01 Gabor Juhostools/mtd-utils: cleanup mkubifs lzo patch
2012-03-01 Gabor Juhostools/mtd-utils: update to 1.4.5
2010-11-24 Alexandros C. Coul... tools/mtd-utils: update to mtd-utils-20101124
2010-10-15 Alexandros C. Coul... tools/mtd-utils: add two upstream patches
2010-10-03 Jo-Philipp Wichmtd-utils: refresh patches again
2010-10-03 Alexandros C. Coul... tools/mtd-utils: kill 132-revert-zlib-cleanup.patch...
2010-10-02 Jo-Philipp Wichmtd-utils: refresh patches
2010-10-02 Jo-Philipp Wichtools/mtd-utils: fix compilation on OS X
2010-10-01 Alexandros C. Coul... tools/mtd-utils: update to mtd-utils-20101001, fix...
2010-09-15 Jo-Philipp Wichmtd-utils: revert r23075
2010-09-15 Jo-Philipp Wichmtd-utils: do not rely on host kernel headers, redefine...
2010-09-13 Jo-Philipp Wichrevert r23048 for now until Darwin compile issues have...
2010-09-13 Alexandros C. Coul... tools/mtd-utils: update to version git-20100912
2010-04-14 Felix Fietkaumtd-utils: remove bogus include statement to make it...
2010-04-12 Alexandros C. Coul... add jffs2/lzma support (not activated by default yet)
2010-02-24 Felix Fietkaumtd-utils: do not try to compile in support for ubifs...
2010-01-16 Felix Fietkaumtd-utils: refresh the cygwin_fixes patch
2010-01-16 Felix Fietkaumtd-utils: fix compile on mac os x
2010-01-11 Lars-Peter Clausenmtd-utils: Don't include lzo headers aswell...
2010-01-11 Lars-Peter Clausenmtd-utils: Disable lzo for mkfs.ubifs
2010-01-05 Florian Fainellimake mtd-utils compile correctly on cygwin
2009-06-14 Felix Fietkauadd ubinize to the mtd-utils build
2009-06-14 Felix Fietkauupgrade to a more recent version of mtd-utils - prepara...
2009-02-21 Hauke Mehrtenstools: refresh patches for tools lua, mtd-utils, ipkg...
2016-03-20 Felix Fietkaufinally move buildroot-ng to trunk