ramips: remove RAM size from device name for UniElec devices
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / tools /
2019-10-19 Ilya Gordeevtplink-safeloader: fix compilation warnings
2019-10-08 Josef Schlehofertools/e2fsprogs: Update to version 1.45.4
2019-10-06 Josef Schlehoferexpat: Update to version 2.2.9
2019-09-26 DENG Qingfangccache: update to 3.7.4
2019-09-25 Felix Fietkautools/coreutils: install "touch"
2019-09-15 Petr Štetiarscons: move to packages feed
2019-09-04 Hauke Mehrtenstools/mkimage: Update U-Boot to version 2019.07
2019-09-03 Rosen Penevupslug2: Update to git repository
2019-09-03 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: libelf: fix headers to trigger -Wundef warnings
2019-09-03 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: libelf: install pkg-config file
2019-09-01 Daniel Engbergtools/cmake: Update to 3.15.1
2019-08-27 DENG Qingfangtools/mtd-utils: update to 2.1.1
2019-08-24 Christian Lampartermake-ext4fs: update to HEAD of 2017-05-29 - eebda1
2019-08-17 Daniel Engbergtools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.3
2019-08-13 Russell Seniortools/patch: apply upstream patch for cve-2019-13638
2019-08-13 Russell Seniortools/scons: update scons to 3.1.1
2019-08-07 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: add support for TP-Link CPE220 v2
2019-08-07 Adrian Schmutzlertplink-safeloader: increase kernel partition for CPE...
2019-08-06 Daniel Engbergexpat: Update to 2.2.7
2019-08-04 Petr Štetiarfirmware-utils: uimage_padhdr: fix Coverity issue
2019-08-04 DENG Qingfangccache: update to 3.7.2
2019-07-30 Russell Seniortools/patch: apply upstream patch for CVE-2019-13636
2019-07-26 Daniel Golletools/mklibs: update to 0.1.44 and convert to Python 3
2019-07-26 NOGUCHI Hiroshiramips: add support for Fon FON2601
2019-07-26 Petr Štetiartools/scons: switch to Python 3
2019-07-26 Petr Štetiartools/b43-tools/b43-fwsquash: convert to Python 3 with...
2019-07-23 Hans Dedeckertools: libressl: fix compilation for non-glibc clib...
2019-07-22 Kevin Darbyshire... tools: libressl: fix build on MacOS
2019-07-21 Roman Yeryomintools: libressl: update to 2.9.2 version
2019-07-19 Petr Štetiarfirmware-utils: mkfwimage: fix build failure on macOS...
2019-07-19 Petr Štetiarfirmware-utils: mkfwimage: fix more errors reported...
2019-07-19 Kevin Darbyshire... firmware-utils: mkfwimage: fix more errors
2019-07-19 Petr Štetiarfirmware-utils: mkfwimage: provide human readable error
2019-07-19 Petr Štetiarfirmware-utils: mkfwimage: enable extra compiler checks...
2019-07-17 Andrew Cameronath79: add support for TP-Link CPE510-v2/v3
2019-07-17 Georgi Vlaevramips: add support for TP-Link RE650 v1
2019-07-08 Daniel Engbergtools/gengetopt: Update to 2.23
2019-07-07 Andrew Cameronath79: increase kernel partition size for CPE610v1
2019-06-24 Andrew Cameronath79: add support for TP-Link CPE610-v1
2019-06-22 Daniel Engbergtools/bison: Update to 3.4.1
2019-06-08 Deng Qingfangtools/ccache: update to 3.7.1
2019-05-31 Davide Fioravantifirmware-utils: jcgimage: add support for 4MiB+ images
2019-05-31 Davide Fioravantifirmware-utils: jcgimage: fix style and compiler warnings
2019-05-22 Hans DedeckerRevert "bc: update to 1.07.1"
2019-05-22 Deng Qingfangbc: update to 1.07.1
2019-05-18 Deng Qingfangscons: update to 3.0.5
2019-05-18 Davide Fioravantitools/firmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: add Qualcomm layouts
2019-05-11 Steve Glennonipq40xx: add factory image for EnGenius ENS620EXT
2019-04-29 Deng Qingfangtools/ccache: update to 3.7
2019-04-07 Tomasz Maciej Nowaktools: cbootimage: depend on automake
2019-04-06 Christian Lamparterfirmware-utils: fix nec-enc build on older architectures
2019-04-06 INAGAKI Hiroshifirmware-utils: add nec-enc
2019-04-06 Rosen Penevtools/xz: Compile with PIC to fix linking errors
2019-04-06 Michael Graytools: tplink-safeloader: add C7v5 KR Support
2019-04-06 Tomasz Maciej Nowaktools: add cbootimage-configs for tegra
2019-04-06 Tomasz Maciej Nowaktools: add cbootimage for tegra
2019-04-02 Mario Schroenath79: Add support for TP-Link CPE210 v3
2019-04-02 Adrian Schmutzlerar71xx: Use dynamic partitions for TP-Link CPE210 v2
2019-03-24 Deng Qingfangtools/ccache: update to 3.6
2019-03-24 Pawel Dembickifirmware-utils: mkdlinkfw: add kernel image offset
2019-03-17 Stijn TintelRevert "tools/cmake: Update to 3.14.0"
2019-03-17 Daniel Engbergtools/libelf: Add mirrors as main site is dead
2019-03-16 Daniel Engbergtools/cmake: Update to 3.14.0
2019-03-11 Piotr Dymaczath79: add support for TP-Link RE350K v1
2019-03-10 Daniel Golletools: tar: update to version 1.32
2019-03-10 Moritz Warningcmake: match warnings more strictly in C++ feature...
2019-03-07 Felix Fietkautools/mkimage: use http download server (fixes FS#2052)
2019-03-03 Felix Fietkautools: squashfskit4 should only depend on coreutils...
2019-03-03 Alexander Couzenstools/squashfskit: fix version detection on non-linux...
2019-02-28 Alexander Couzenstools: migrate from squashfs4 to squashfskit4
2019-02-26 Syrone Wongtools/isl: update to 0.20
2019-02-20 Linus Walleijgemini: Generate harddisk image for DNS-313
2019-02-20 Linus Walleijfirmware-tools/ptgen: Allow generation 0 size partitions
2019-02-10 Daniel Engbergtools/mpfr: Update to 4.0.2
2019-02-10 Daniel Engbergtools/bison: Update to 3.3.2
2019-02-10 Daniel Engbergtools/sed: Update to 4.7
2019-02-10 Daniel Engbergtools/tar: Update to 1.31
2019-01-27 Skirmantas Lauzikasath79: add support for TP-Link Archer C2 V3 (AC900)
2019-01-27 Skirmantas Lauzikasfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: Fix for Archer C2...
2019-01-27 Michael Graytools: tplink-safeloader: add C7v5 RU Support
2019-01-26 David Bauertools: mktplinkfw2: add split-uboot layout
2019-01-22 Kuang Rufantools/sed: fix incorrect dependency.
2019-01-15 Mathias Kresinfirmware-utils: mksercommfw: overhaul image creation
2019-01-15 Mathias Kresintools: zip: add option for reproducible archives
2019-01-15 Mathias Kresintools: add zip utility
2019-01-13 Mathias Kresinfirmware-utils: mkdlinkfw: fix build
2019-01-13 Mathias Kresinfirmware-utils: mkdlinkfw: fix error handling
2019-01-13 Mathias Kresinfirmware-utils: mkdlinkfw: create reproducible header
2019-01-13 Mathias Kresinfirmware-utils: mkdlinkfw: cleanup code
2019-01-12 Hans Dedeckertools/firmware-utils: fix sysupgrade typo in mkdapimg2
2019-01-12 Hans Dedeckertools/firmware-utils: fix sysupgrade typo in mkdapimg
2019-01-07 Egor Mikhaylovbison: update to 3.2.4
2018-12-31 Georgi Vlaevath79: add support for TP-Link Archer C6 v2
2018-12-29 Hans Dedeckertools/cmake: update to 3.13.2
2018-12-27 Daniel Engbergtools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.44.5
2018-12-24 INAGAKI Hiroshifirmware-utils: add hex pattern mode for xorimage
2018-12-24 Daniel Engbergtools/mtools: Update to 4.0.23
2018-12-19 Kevin Darbyshire... tools: Update endian definitions for Mac OSX
2018-12-17 Karl-Felix Glatzerath79: add support for TP-Link Archer A7
2018-12-16 Hauke Mehrtenstools/sdimage: Fix build with host Linux headers <...