samba36: Don't resolve interfaces.
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / tools /
2017-08-23 Ryan Mouncetools: patch various gnu tools for macOS 10.13
2017-08-23 Marty Plummertools/mkimage: fix musl build
2017-08-09 Daniel Engbergtools/pkg-config: Update to 0.29.2
2017-08-09 Daniel Engbergtools/expat: Update to 2.2.3
2017-08-09 Daniel Engbergtools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.5
2017-08-02 Thibaut VARENEtools/firmware-utils: document reserved fields in mkchkimg
2017-07-31 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: respect -e option when...
2017-07-31 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: fix info for images with...
2017-07-31 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: replace "endian_swap"...
2017-07-25 Alex Macleanfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for...
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: drop mktplinkfw-kernel tool
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: mktplinkfw: rework combined image option
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for...
2017-07-18 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: expat: fix build on older host systems
2017-07-17 Ted Hesstools/expat: Update host version to 2.2.2
2017-07-14 Hauke Mehrtenstools/flex: Revert "tools/flex: add autoreconf"
2017-07-09 Henryk Heisigfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: fix Archer C60 facto...
2017-07-08 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: use static board struct...
2017-07-08 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: update firmware header
2017-07-06 John Crispintools/flex: add autoreconf
2017-07-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: flex: fix build with automake 1.15.1
2017-07-04 Thomas Langerautomake: Update to version 1.15.1
2017-07-04 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: mktplinkfw: add option for endianness...
2017-07-04 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: add missing options descri...
2017-07-04 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WR902AC v1
2017-07-03 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: fix MD5 salt
2017-07-02 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: fix support for -w option
2017-06-29 Piotr Dymaczramips: add support for TP-Link TL-WR840N v4 and TL...
2017-06-29 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: support additional hardwar...
2017-06-29 Henryk Heisigar71xx: add support for TP-Link Archer C58 v1
2017-06-29 Jean-Pierre St-Yvesfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for...
2017-06-29 Henryk Heisigfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for...
2017-06-29 Federico Capponar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WA855RE v1
2017-06-26 Mathias Kresinfirmware-utils: fix dgn3500sum compiler warnings
2017-06-19 Alexander Couzensmtd-utils/mkfs.jffs2: honor env SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2017-06-19 Alexander Couzensfirmware-utils: honor env SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2017-06-11 Ludwig Thomeczekfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add TP-Link Archer...
2017-06-11 Serg Studzinskiiar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WR942N v1
2017-06-11 Jan Niehusmannfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: support strings...
2017-06-07 Daniel Golleautomake: import upstream fix for perl 5.26
2017-05-30 Felix Fietkautar: override symlink permissions
2017-05-29 Daniel Engbergtools/sparse: Update to snapshot 2017-03-31
2017-05-26 Eric Luehrsenflex: update to 2.6.4 (FS#809)
2017-05-25 Hannu Nymantools/libressl: update to 2.5.4
2017-05-25 Hannu Nymantools/flex: update to 2.6.3
2017-05-25 Hannu Nymantools/cmake: update to 3.8.1
2017-05-25 Syrone Wongtools/isl: update to 0.18
2017-04-26 Rosen Penevtools: host/include/getline.h: Remove
2017-03-20 Daniel Engbergtools/upx: Remove from repo
2017-03-20 Daniel Engbergtools/coreutils: Update to 8.27
2017-03-20 Daniel Engbergtools/libressl: Update to 2.5.1
2017-03-20 Daniel Engbergtools/dosfstools: Update to 4.1
2017-03-20 Daniel Engbergtools/sed: Update to 4.4
2017-03-12 Kevin Darbyshire... ccache: update to 3.3.4
2017-03-11 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for...
2017-02-26 Etienne Haarsmatools/m4: update 1.4.18
2017-02-15 Furong Xutools: patch-image: fix file descriptor leak.
2017-02-14 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WA850RE v2
2017-02-09 Etienne Haarsmacmake: update to version 3.7.2
2017-02-09 Daniel Engbergtools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.4
2017-02-01 Hannu Nymanccache, samba36: fix addresses to use https
2017-01-31 FUKAUMI Naokifirmware-utils: improve tools for Buffalo DHP series
2017-01-30 Stijn Tintelqemu: rename internal crypto/aes symbols
2017-01-26 Henryk Heisigar71xx: add support to TP-Link Archer C59v1 and C60v1
2017-01-25 Sergey Sergeevtools: update kernel2minor to 0.24 version
2017-01-20 John CrispinRevert "tools: wrt400n: fix making factory images with...
2017-01-19 Yousong Zhoutools: wrt400n: fix making factory images with kernel...
2017-01-18 Felix Fietkaubuild: extend CONFIG_AUTOREMOVE to tools/
2017-01-18 Felix Fietkaubuild: remove separate /install step for host builds
2017-01-18 Alexandru Ardeleantools/qemu: use default host configure rule ; set appro...
2017-01-16 Alexandru Ardeleantools/cmake: remove HOST_CONFIGURE_CMD and re-distribut...
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkaucmake: properly pass host cflags/ldflags to the build
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkaucmake: support verbose build that shows compiler commands
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkaucmake: restore parallel build support for bootstrap
2017-01-11 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: link librt if needed (FS#381)
2017-01-11 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: mkimage: pass crypto libraries through HOST_LOAD...
2017-01-10 Matthias Schiffertools: libressl: always build as PIC
2017-01-09 Felix Fietkautools: remove obsolete yaffs tool
2017-01-09 Felix Fietkautools: reorganize dependencies, fix build after deletin...
2017-01-09 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove ubifs xz decompression support
2017-01-06 Felix Fietkautools/kernel2minor: fix permissions of created files
2017-01-06 Felix Fietkautools/kernel2minor: fix endian conversion issues, allow...
2017-01-06 Felix Fietkautools/kernel2minor: fix portability issue
2017-01-05 Matthias Schifferfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for...
2017-01-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: use different approach for passing LDFLAGS
2017-01-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: cmake: use pkg-config to discover libcrypto...
2017-01-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: mkimage: use pkg-config to discover libcrypto...
2017-01-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: make libressl build depend on pkg-config
2017-01-05 Felix Fietkaucmake: update to version 3.7.1
2017-01-05 Felix Fietkautools: make cmake depend on libressl, one of its utilit...
2017-01-05 Felix Fietkautools: build libressl on all systems
2017-01-03 Daniel Engbergtools: gmp: Update to 6.1.2
2017-01-03 Daniel Engbergxz: Update to 5.2.3
2016-12-28 Felix Fietkaulibressl: disable shared libraries, fixes build issues
2016-12-24 Felix Fietkautoolchain: remove ppl/cloog, disable graphite for gcc 4.8
2016-12-22 Felix Fietkaub43-tools: fix tarball hash
2016-12-22 Felix Fietkautreewide: clean up and unify PKG_VERSION for git based...
2016-12-22 Henryk Heisigramips: Add support to TP-Link Archer MR200
2016-12-22 Radek Dostálfirmware-utils/tplink-safeloader: add support for TP...
2016-12-22 Tal Kerenfirmware-utils: kernel image generator for TP-Link...