2020-04-17 Magnus Krokenmbedtls: update to 2.16.6
2020-04-17 Petr Štetiarkernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.33
2020-04-17 Daniel Gollemac80211: make sure existing iface belongs to correct...
2020-04-17 David Bauerath79: remove stray pipe
2020-04-17 Lucian Cristianelfutils: aarch64 fix build on musl
2020-04-17 Petr Štetiaruboot-sunxi: bump to 2020.04 relase
2020-04-17 Petr Štetiaruboot-imx6: bump to 2020.04 release
2020-04-17 David Bauermac80211: drop data frames without key on encrypted...
2020-04-17 David Bauerath79: add support for AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E
2020-04-17 David Bauerath79: add QCA9550 reset sequence
2020-04-17 Daniel Gollemac80211: fix detecting existing interface
2020-04-16 Koen Vandeputtekernel: add support for GD25D05 SPI NOR (5.4)
2020-04-16 Roger Pueyo... ath79: reduce spi-max-frequency for Mikrotik wAP G...
2020-04-16 Koen Vandeputteath79: MikroTik: fix missing nand on kernel 5.4
2020-04-16 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.19 to 4.19.115
2020-04-16 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.176
2020-04-15 Hannu Nymanath79: improve status LED definitions for GL-AR750
2020-04-15 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: add SUPPORTED_DEVICES for TP-Link TL-WA901ND v2
2020-04-15 Chuanhong Guoramips: mt7621: enable lzma-loader for some devices
2020-04-14 Paul Spoorenx86: append metadata to combined images
2020-04-14 Paul Spoorenscripts/download: add sources CDN as first mirror
2020-04-14 Paul Spoorenscripts: JSON merge don't crash if no JSON found
2020-04-14 Petr Štetiarkernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.32
2020-04-14 Ansuel Smithipq806x: add patch to fix broken buttons
2020-04-14 Daniel Golleprocd: jail fixes and improvements
2020-04-14 Daniel Gollenetifd: clean up netns functionality
2020-04-14 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: further fixes for ZyXEL NBG6716
2020-04-14 Kevin Darbyshire... Revert "kmod-sched: add act_police"
2020-04-14 Chuanhong Guoramips: define image recipe for uncompressed uimage...
2020-04-14 Chuanhong Guoramips: define lzma loader platform in target
2020-04-14 Chuanhong Guoramips: add missing DEVICE_VARS for lzma-loader
2020-04-14 Luiz Angelo... ath79: enable m25p,fast-read for tplink,tl-wr1043-v1
2020-04-14 Luiz Angelo... ath79: enable m25p,fast-read for tplink,tl-wr2543-v1
2020-04-14 Luiz Angelo... ath79: add read support using spi-mem
2020-04-13 Daniel Gollenetifd: fix jail ifdown and jails without jail_ifname
2020-04-13 Daniel Gollenetifd: network namespace jail improvements
2020-04-13 Daniel Gollemac80211: adapt for single-instance wpad
2020-04-13 Daniel Gollehostapd: reduce to a single instance per service
2020-04-13 Alberto Bursix86: add nforce eth to default packages
2020-04-13 Tomasz Maciej... mvebu: drop armada-37xx PCI aardvark patches
2020-04-13 DENG Qingfangmvebu: refresh config
2020-04-13 DENG Qingfangmvebu: refresh patches
2020-04-13 DENG Qingfangmvebu: set kernel testing version to 5.4
2020-04-13 DENG Qingfangmvebu: copy files and patches to 5.4
2020-04-13 Daniel González... mvebu: add support for Buffalo LinkStation LS421DE
2020-04-13 Rosen Penevtoolchain/gcc: remove uclibc hack
2020-04-13 Rosen Penevelfutils: update to 0.179
2020-04-13 Rosen Penevhostapd: backport usleep patch
2020-04-13 Aleksander... kernel: remove non-existant symbols
2020-04-13 Kirill Lukoninwpa_supplicant: disable CONFIG_WRITE functionality
2020-04-13 Jose Oliveramwlwifi: Update the 88W8964's firmware to
2020-04-13 Lucian Cristiankernel: hwmon: add dme1737 driver
2020-04-13 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: fix USB port LED assignment for ZyXEL NBG6716
2020-04-13 Guillaume Lefebvreath79: fix wmac initialization for Zyxel NBG6716
2020-04-13 Álvaro Fernández... cypress-firmware: update to v5.4.18-2020_0402
2020-04-13 Chuanhong Guoramips: fix whitespace in 990_NET-no-auto-carrier-suppo...
2020-04-13 Chuanhong Guoramips: ralink-eth: fix leftover dma dev argument
2020-04-12 Daniel Gollebase-files: don't ship local build key when on buildbot
2020-04-12 Jonas Gorskibcm63xx: disable all devices with <= 4MiB flash and...
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: replace pinctrl property names
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: explicitly disable built-in switch when needed
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guobase-files: preinit: also config switch when no port...
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: add 5.4 as testing kernel
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: mt76x8: switch to kernel 5.4
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: disable images for 4M devices
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: ralink-eth: add support for 5.4 kernel
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: mt7628: update dts for upstream gpio-mt7621...
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: refresh kernel config for 5.4
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: copy kernel config for 5.4
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: port 0034-NET-multi-phy-support.patch to 5.4
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: ralink-eth: fix device struct passed to dma...
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: move and rename out-of-tree mtk eth driver
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: increase spi frequency for newifi d1/d2
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guoramips: enable broken-flash-reset for some 32M flash...
2020-04-12 Chuanhong Guogeneric: spi-nor: rework broken-flash-reset
2020-04-12 Kevin Darbyshire... dnsmasq: bump to v2.81
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbase-files: source in /lib/functions/
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbase-files: do not source in
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlercns3xx: remove support for kernel 4.14
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: mt7621: tidy up names for Ubiquiti devices
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: remove support for kernel 4.19
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: use kernel 5.4 as testing kernel
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: 5.4: fix compilation for changed driver_find_d...
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: 5.4: add removed helper syscon_regmap_lookup_b...
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: prevent fall-through in kernel patches for 5.4
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbroadcom-wl: fix compilation with kernel 5.4
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: fix missing watchdog core dependency
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: update config for kernel 5.4
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: refresh patches for kernel 5.4
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm63xx: copy files to kernel 5.4
2020-04-12 Adrian Schmutzlerbroadcom-wl: fix compilation with kernel >= 4.15
2020-04-11 Yanase Yukiramips: add support for I-O DATA WN-AX2033GR
2020-04-11 Jo-Philipp... Revert "build: scripts/config - update to kconfig-v5.6"
2020-04-11 Jo-Philipp... Revert "build: add option to warn on recursive dependency"
2020-04-11 Jo-Philipp... Revert "build: config: allow bool to select a module...
2020-04-11 Jo-Philipp... generic: drop 616-net_optimize_xfrm_calls.patch
2020-04-11 Hans Dedeckeriproute2: update to 5.6.0
2020-04-11 Kevin Darbyshire... Revert ".gitignore: ignore more scripts/config output"
2020-04-11 Eneas U de... build: config: allow bool to select a module pkg
2020-04-10 Pawel Dembickiipq40xx: add support for Cell C RTL30VW