2017-07-24 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix more-data flag for buffered multicast packets
2017-07-24 Felix Fietkauath9k: adjust tx power reduction for US regulatory...
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: drop mktplinkfw-kernel tool
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: image: use tplink-v1-header in place of mktplin...
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczbuild: move mktplinkfw-combined command to image-comman...
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: mktplinkfw: rework combined image option
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczuboot-envtools: add support for ALFA Network AP121F
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: add support for ALFA Network AP121F
2017-07-22 Piotr Dymaczfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: add support for...
2017-07-22 Rosen Penevsamba36: Remove legacy options
2017-07-22 Jo-Philipp... mwlwifi: update to version / 2017-07-13
2017-07-21 Stijn Tintelnetifd: update to git HEAD
2017-07-21 Jo-Philipp... Revert "kernel: do not try to probe builtin modules...
2017-07-21 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version, fixes stability...
2017-07-21 Alexandru Ardeleanipset: split libipset as a subpackage
2017-07-21 Milan Krstićag71xx: add support for port mirroring
2017-07-21 Jo-Philipp... dnsmasq: introduce config support for forced DHCP options
2017-07-21 Daniel Engbergscripts/ Adjust URLs
2017-07-21 Jo-Philipp... build: fix invocation of bundled in SDK and Image...
2017-07-21 Jo-Philipp... brcm47xx: fix switch port mapping on Asus RT-N12 and...
2017-07-20 Matthias Schifferbase-files: upgrade: don't loop forever trying to kill...
2017-07-20 Matthias Schifferprocd: update to latest version
2017-07-20 Sergey Ryazanovar71xx: use the RB912UAG-{2, 5}HPnD Power LED for diag
2017-07-20 Sergey Ryazanovar71xx: keep the RouterBOARD Power LED in On state
2017-07-20 Chuanhong Guoramips: add support for Phicomm K2P
2017-07-20 Andrea Merellolantiq: fix sleep with spinlock held in xrx200 network...
2017-07-20 Jonas Gorskikernel: do not try to probe builtin modules on empty...
2017-07-18 Florian Fainelliuml: Backport upstream fix to build against static...
2017-07-18 Evgeniy Didintoolchain/arc: update to the most recent release arc...
2017-07-18 Hans Dedeckerdnsmasq: backport remove ping check of configured dhcp...
2017-07-18 Jo-Philipp... tools: expat: fix build on older host systems
2017-07-17 Ted Hesstools/expat: Update host version to 2.2.2
2017-07-16 Daniel Gollefstools: update to latest
2017-07-16 Baptiste Jonglezx86: Fix xen serial console by removing conflicting...
2017-07-16 Baptiste Jonglezx86/64: add xen DomU support
2017-07-16 Baptiste Jonglezx86: Move USB support from subtargets to target config
2017-07-16 Baptiste Jonglezx86: Refresh subtargets kernel config
2017-07-16 Baptiste Jonglezx86: Drop stray subtarget "epia"
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: use only board_name function to get name
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: drop target board_name functions
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: use the generic board_name function
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresinsunix: run b53_hack later
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: do board detection during preinit
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresintreewide: populate boardname and model earlier
2017-07-15 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: drop maintainer
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresinimage: fix ar71xx legacy images
2017-07-15 John Marrettramips: fix GL-inet GL-MT300N-V2 WAN/LAN MAC address
2017-07-15 Mathias Kresinimx6: fix DualLite/Solo GW551X board detection
2017-07-14 Nick Brasselnftables: Update to 0.7
2017-07-14 Koen Vandeputtekernel: update kernel 4.9 to 4.9.37
2017-07-14 Hauke Mehrtenstools/flex: Revert "tools/flex: add autoreconf"
2017-07-14 Stijn Tintelzlib: use default Build/Configure rule
2017-07-14 Stijn Tintellzo: use default Build/Configure rule
2017-07-14 Stijn Tintelscripts/ drop NOGRUB variable
2017-07-14 Stijn Tintelscripts/ move from x86/image
2017-07-14 Stijn Tintelscripts: make all scripts executable
2017-07-14 Stijn Tintelscripts/ remove script
2017-07-14 Alif M. Ahmadcurl: bump to version 7.54.1
2017-07-13 Alexander Couzensar71xx/image: change unifi UBNT_CHIP to ar7240
2017-07-12 Matthias Schifferar71xx: set US region code for TP-Link TL-WR710N v1...
2017-07-12 Yousong Zhouopkg: bump to version 2017-07-11
2017-07-11 Alin Nastacnetfilter: add iptables-mod-rpfilter package
2017-07-11 Hans Dedeckeruci: update to the latest version
2017-07-11 Matthias Schifferbase-files: automatically handle paths and symlinks...
2017-07-11 Matthias Schifferkirkwood: upgrade: fix RAMFS_COPY_*
2017-07-11 Matthias Schifferipq806x: upgrade: fix RAMFS_COPY_*
2017-07-11 Matthias Schifferbcm53xx: upgrade: fix RAMFS_COPY_*
2017-07-11 Matthias Schifferbase-files: upgrade: correctly handle nand_do_upgrade...
2017-07-10 Jo-Philipp... dnsmasq: restore ability to include/exclude raw device...
2017-07-09 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: image: simplify Meraki MR16 device definition
2017-07-09 Enrique Giraldoar71xx: fix upgrade platform check for Compex WPJ558
2017-07-09 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: support LED in TP-Link TL-WR902AC RJ45 socket
2017-07-09 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: verify TP-Link TL-WR902AC sysupgrade image
2017-07-09 Henryk Heisigfirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: fix Archer C60 facto...
2017-07-09 Henryk Heisigar71xx: add metadata to some TP-Link images
2017-07-08 Daniel Gollencurses: add libnucrses-dev package
2017-07-08 Matthias Schiffermtd-utils: use source package name for lzo in PKG_BUILD...
2017-07-08 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: use static board struct...
2017-07-08 Rafał Miłeckifirmware-utils: mktplinkfw2: update firmware header
2017-07-07 Mathias Kresinacx-mac80211: remove cobalt reference
2017-07-07 Mathias Kresinacx-mac80211: disable for kernel 4.9+
2017-07-07 Mathias Kresinramips: sound-mt7620: fix dependencies for kernel 4.9
2017-07-07 Mathias Kresinkernel: add missing symbols
2017-07-07 Mathias Kresinlantiq: fix typo in EASY80920.dtsi
2017-07-07 Thomas Nixonlantiq: add Netgear DM200 support
2017-07-07 Thomas Nixonlantiq: set up DSL front-end GPIOs if they exist
2017-07-06 Matthias Schifferramips: simplify ubnt-erx-sfp device definition
2017-07-06 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: update to the latest version
2017-07-06 Felix Fietkaubuild: enable gzipping of images on x86 even if ext4...
2017-07-06 John Crispintools/flex: add autoreconf
2017-07-06 Ram Chandra... ipq806x: Enable AP148 fit image(.itb) generation
2017-07-06 John Crispinramips: bump to v4.9
2017-07-05 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2017-07-05 Jo-Philipp... tools: flex: fix build with automake 1.15.1
2017-07-05 Daniel Gollebzip2: add symlink to binary
2017-07-05 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: remove misleading warning about partial SPI...
2017-07-04 Thomas Langerautomake: Update to version 1.15.1
2017-07-04 Mathias Kresinkirkwood: drop kernel 4.4 support
2017-07-04 Paul Wassikirkwood: switch to kernel 4.9
2017-07-04 Mathias Kresinlantiq: use img file extension for DGN3500 factory...