2018-05-21 Damir Samardzicmvebu: initial support for Marvell Armada 3720 DB board
2018-05-21 YuheiOKAWAkernel: Add support spi-nor, Eon EN25QH32
2018-05-21 Harvey Phillipskernel: Add configfs support for USB HID gadget
2018-05-21 Hauke Mehrtensath10k-firmware: Fix mirror hash sum
2018-05-20 Jo-Philipp... openwrt-keyring: bundle latest usign certificates
2018-05-20 Jo-Philipp... base-files: depend on openwrt-keyring
2018-05-20 Jo-Philipp... openwrt-keyring: rename from lede-keyring
2018-05-19 Jason A. Donenfeldwireguard: bump to 20180519
2018-05-18 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2018-05-18 John Crispinkernel: whitespace fixes
2018-05-18 Alif M. Ahmadx86: disable CONFIG_EFI_VARS
2018-05-18 Gospod Nassahostapd: fix IEEE 802.11r (fast roaming) defaults
2018-05-18 John Crispiniwinfo: bump to latest git HEAD
2018-05-18 Kevin Darbyshire... wireguard: no longer need portability patch
2018-05-18 YuheiOKAWAramips: add support for YUKAI Engineering Inc. BOCCO
2018-05-18 Michal Cieslakiewiczar71xx: WNDR3700: enable RFKILL function for Wifi button
2018-05-18 Christian Lamparterbrcm2708: add squashfs rootfs image
2018-05-18 Kristian Evensenx86: Add APU3 reference to x86 board.d
2018-05-18 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: backport and reassign crypto4xx patches
2018-05-18 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: don't select swconfig for the MR24
2018-05-18 Roman Yeryominipq40xx: fix ethernet on ap-dk01.1
2018-05-18 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.41
2018-05-18 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.100
2018-05-18 Robert Markoath3k: Add firmware support for QCA Rome
2018-05-18 Daniel Gonzalez... brcm63xx: Tune the network configuration for several...
2018-05-18 Rosen Penevramips: mmc: Sync with staging driver
2018-05-18 Timo Sigurdssonath10k-firmware: Update QCA988X firmware to the latest...
2018-05-17 Matthias Schifferath79: remove unused copy-file build step
2018-05-17 Matthias Schifferath79: fix TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v1 image build
2018-05-17 Kevin Darbyshire... wireguard: bump to 20180514
2018-05-17 Felix Fietkaunetfilter: fix hardware offload regression (FS#1551)
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: add AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 300E
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: ar724x: fix pll settings
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: add and enforce image metadata
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: cleanup image build code
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: sysupgrade: drop unused variables
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: sysupgrade: drop unused platform checks
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: sysupgrade: remove obsolete sysupgrade watchdog...
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: fix dts files
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: enable wireless
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: cleanup kernel config
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: drop platform data patches
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinocteontx: make board.d files executable
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: make board.d files executable
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinlantiq: kernel 4.14: use vbus-supply devicetree property
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinkernel: dwc2: add support for host mode external vbus...
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinlantiq: complete AVM FRITZ!Box 3370 support
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinlantiq: switch to kernel 4.14
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinltq-xdsl-app: start after led script
2018-05-16 Hans Dedeckercurl: bump to 7.60.0
2018-05-16 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest 20180515
2018-05-15 Hans Dedeckerebtables: update to latest git 2018-05-15
2018-05-15 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2018-05-15 John CrispinRevert "ramips: mmc: Sync with staging drivers"
2018-05-15 Wei Yongjunstaging: mt7621-eth: fix return value check in mt7621_g...
2018-05-15 Wei Yongjunstaging: mt7621-eth: fix return value check in mtk_conn...
2018-05-15 Wei Yongjunstaging: mt7621-eth: fix return value check in mtk_probe()
2018-05-15 Rosen Penevramips: pci: sync with staging driver
2018-05-15 Rosen Penevramips: mmc: Sync with staging drivers
2018-05-15 Toke Høiland... wireguard: Add support for ip6prefix config option
2018-05-15 David Woodhouselinux-firmware: Add firmware for usb-serial-ti-usb
2018-05-15 Matthias Badaireramips: Add i2c support for mt7620n
2018-05-15 Alberto Bursikirkwood: support for buttons in Audi and Viper
2018-05-15 Johann Neuhauserath79: fix gmac compatible in ar9330.dtsi and ag71xx_se...
2018-05-15 Daniel Gollemac80211: refactor non-{sae,dfs} mesh initialization
2018-05-14 Sven Eckelmannhostapd: fix VHT80 for encrypted mesh channel settings
2018-05-14 Sven Eckelmannmac80211: Re-enable encrypted 11s meshpoint
2018-05-14 Michael Graymvebu: add support for WRT32X (venom)
2018-05-14 John Crispinfirewall3: update to latest git HEAD
2018-05-14 Linus Walleijgemini: Augment DIR-685 device tree for RTL8366RB
2018-05-14 Linus Walleijgemini: create zImage for DIR-685
2018-05-14 NeilBrownramips: remove unnecessary resource details.
2018-05-14 NeilBrownramips: remove conditional compilation.
2018-05-14 NeilBrownramips: improve interrupt mapping
2018-05-14 Christian Lütke... ramips: Remove redundant owner assignment
2018-05-14 Rosen Penevramips: Move PCI driver to files directory
2018-05-14 Daniel Gollemac80211: properly setup mesh interface
2018-05-14 Daniel Gollehostapd: fix mesh+AP
2018-05-14 Jo-Philipp... rpcd: update to lastest HEAD
2018-05-14 Kevin Darbyshire... wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180513
2018-05-13 Jo-Philipp... at91: sama5d4: fix bad mkubifs options
2018-05-13 Jo-Philipp... kernel: let kmod-rtl8366-smi conditionally depend on...
2018-05-12 Rafał Miłeckikernel: use accepted version of bcm47xxpart fix commit
2018-05-12 Rafał Miłeckikernel: backport mtd patch for minor partitioning cleanup
2018-05-12 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix build error in flow offload code with CONFI...
2018-05-12 Kevin Darbyshire... dnsmasq: bump to 2.80test2
2018-05-12 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: backport the first bunch of 4.18 BCM5301X...
2018-05-11 Jo-Philipp... at91: cleanup kernel configurations
2018-05-11 Jo-Philipp... at91: sama5d2: remove CONFIG_XZ_DEC override
2018-05-11 Jo-Philipp... at91: add missing config symbols
2018-05-11 Jo-Philipp... kernel: rtl8366_smi: guard of_mdiobus_register() call
2018-05-11 huxdnsmasq: add specific interface procd triggers
2018-05-10 John Crispinkernel: fix kmod-switch-rtl8366-smi dependency
2018-05-09 Piotr Dymaczar71xx: fix and improve ALFA Network Tube2H support
2018-05-09 John Crispinkernel: fix chipidea2 dependencies
2018-05-09 Hans Dedeckernghttp2: bump to 1.32.0
2018-05-08 Matthias Schifferath79: Ubiquiti Airmax M: add relocate-kernel to invali...
2018-05-08 Felix Fietkauramips: move mtk-mmc init to probe function to avoid...
2018-05-08 Felix Fietkauramips: clean up the mt7621 nand flash driver hacks...
2018-05-08 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest cake 2018-05-07