2022-07-20 Andre Heidertools/libressl: bump to v3.5.3
2022-07-19 Eneas U de... uencrypt: add package to decrypt WG4хх223 config
2022-07-19 Wenli Looiramips: add support for Netgear WAX202
2022-07-19 Wenli Looiimage: add support for Netgear encrypted image
2022-07-19 Oleg Sramips: Add support command fw_setsys for Xiaomi routers
2022-07-19 John Audiamt7622: remove 300 MHz from dts
2022-07-19 Rafał Miłeckikernel: switch back 5.15 to fw_devlink=permissive
2022-07-18 John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.131
2022-07-18 John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.130
2022-07-18 John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.129
2022-07-18 John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.128
2022-07-18 Rafał Miłeckibcm4908: use upstream-accepted watchdog patches
2022-07-18 Rafał Miłeckibcm4908: backport latest DT patches
2022-07-18 Rafał Miłeckikernel: update leds-bcm63138 driver
2022-07-18 Felix Fietkaukernel: backport mtk wlan flow offloading fix
2022-07-17 Mark Mentovaiipq40xx: add MikroTik wAP ac (RBwAPG-5HacD2HnD) support
2022-07-17 Rafał Miłeckikernel: backport LEDs driver for BCMBCA devices
2022-07-17 Rosen Penevlibiconv-full: add host build
2022-07-17 Christian Lampartersdk: add spidev-test to the bundle of userspace sources
2022-07-17 Catalin Todakernel: netconsole: add network console logging support
2022-07-17 Christian Lamparteruboot-layerscape: update PKG_HASH
2022-07-17 Rosen Penevmbedtls: build with PIC
2022-07-17 Christian Lamparteripq-wifi: remove dangling GL.iNet GL-B2200 boardfiles
2022-07-17 Christian Lamparternu801: fix DEPENDS on bcm53xx
2022-07-17 Christian Marangiprocd: update to git HEAD
2022-07-17 Christian Marangifstools: update to git HEAD
2022-07-17 Sander Vanheulerealtek: correct egress frame port verification
2022-07-17 Sander Vanheulerealtek: correct egress frame priority assignment
2022-07-17 Sander Vanheulerealtek: fix egress L2 learning on rtl839x
2022-07-17 Sander Vanheulerealtek: fix egress port mask on rtl839x
2022-07-17 Christian Marangiubox: update to latest git HEAD
2022-07-16 Eneas U de... wolfssl: bump to 5.4.0
2022-07-15 Christian Lamparterbcm53xx: add support for Meraki MR26
2022-07-15 Christian Lamparternu801: add MR26 to the table
2022-07-15 Christian Lampartermodule/firmware: remove intersil PRISM54 support
2022-07-15 Christian Lamparterutils/spidev_test: side-step build-system woes
2022-07-15 Christian Lamparteripq-wifi: drop upstreamed board-2.bin
2022-07-15 Christian Lamparterlinux-firmware: Update to version 20220610
2022-07-15 Rosen Penevlibiconv-stub: remove
2022-07-15 Rosen remove libiconv-stub
2022-07-15 Sebastian clean up INTL flags
2022-07-15 Christian Lamparterfirmware: intel-microcode: update to 20220510
2022-07-15 Christian Lamparteripq40xx: R619AC: replace space with - separator in...
2022-07-15 Manuel Gigantohostapd: add ppsk option (private psk)
2022-07-15 Rosen Penevstrace: add
2022-07-14 Leonardo Mörleinautomake: always use correct path for aclocal.real
2022-07-14 Sieng-Piaw... ath79: fix Tx cleanup when NAPI poll budget is zero
2022-07-14 Michael Prattfirewall3: update file hash
2022-07-14 Nick Hainkemediatek: mt7622: add linux-next tag to bpi-wps-button fix
2022-07-14 Christian Marangigeneric: fix warning orphan section from module exports...
2022-07-14 Florian Eckertlinux/generic/hack-5.15: add missing patch headers
2022-07-14 Florian Eckertlinux/generic/pending-5.15: add missing patch headers
2022-07-14 Florian Eckerttarget/linux/pending-5.15: rename patches
2022-07-13 Felix Fietkautools/coreutils: enable ginstall utility
2022-07-13 Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: unbreak build with binman
2022-07-13 Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: add support for UBI EOF marker
2022-07-13 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix AQL issue with multicast traffic
2022-07-13 Claudiu Bezneauboot-at91: fix build on buildbots
2022-07-12 Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: mark mt7620 build as @BROKEN
2022-07-12 Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: mark MT7621 variants as @BROKEN
2022-07-12 Petr Štetiaruboot-imx: pico-pi-imx7d: fix wrong make flags overriding
2022-07-12 Rodrigo B.... ath79: tplink-archer-c6-v2-us: fix inverted LED colors
2022-07-11 Daniel Gollebcm27xx: update patch to fix build
2022-07-11 Daniel Golleuboot-ramips: add support for MT7621, merge into uboot...
2022-07-11 Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: update to 2022.07 release
2022-07-11 Piotr Dymaczgeneric: 5.15: add missing symbols
2022-07-11 Piotr Dymaczimx: keep common kernel symbols in target's config
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakuboot-envtools: imx: cortexa7: add TechNexion PICO...
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: cortexa7: add support for TechNexion PICO-PI-IMX7D
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakuboot-imx: add support for TechNexion PICO-PI-IMX7D
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: add DT aliases for imx7d-pico-pi
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: make sdcard/eMMC sysupgrade more resilient
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: decouple sdcard sysupgrade from Apalis boards
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: create sdcard image recipe with raw U-Boot
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: extract common combined image operations between...
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakcypress-nvram: support BCM4339 on TechNexion PICO-PI...
2022-07-11 Lech Perczaklinux-firmware: use upstream firmware for cypress-firmw...
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakmac80211: enable CONFIG_BRCMFMAC_SDIO for imx/cortexa7
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakkernel: add kmod-btsdio package
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakkernel: add kmod-touchscreen-edt-ft5x06 package
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: cortexa7: enable framebuffer console + DRM
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: bundle correct SDMA firmware for i.MX 7 boards
2022-07-11 Lech Perczakimx: cortexa7: adjust kernel config defaults for i...
2022-07-11 Piotr Dymaczimx: refresh (sub)target kernel configs
2022-07-11 Rafał Miłeckiuboot-envtools: support NVMEM based access
2022-07-10 Paul Blazejowskihostapd: apply patch to fix building openssl variant
2022-07-10 Claudiu Bezneauboot-at91: update to linux4sam-2022.04
2022-07-10 Claudiu Bezneaat91bootstrap: update at91bootstrap v4 targets to v4.0.3
2022-07-10 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.15 to 5.15.53
2022-07-10 Rui Salvaterrakernel: bump 5.15 to 5.15.52
2022-07-10 John Audiakernel: bump 5.15 to 5.15.51
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkeiptables: update to 1.8.8
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkelibtool: update to 2.4.7
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkelldpd: update to 1.0.14
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkelldpd: switch to
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkebinutils: update to 2.38
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkelibusb: update to 1.0.26
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkelibusb: update to 1.0.25
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkejansson: update to 2.14
2022-07-10 Nick Hainkejansson: cleanup and switch to