2010-02-07 Claudio Mignantikernel: fix compilation for platforms without GENERIC_TIME
2010-02-07 Lars-Peter... board-qi_lb60: Fix battery platform data.
2010-02-07 Lars-Peter... clocks: Fix JZ_REG_CLOCK_SLEEP_CTRL address
2010-02-06 Gabor Juhosar71xx: add support for the Winbond W25Q32BV SPI flash...
2010-02-06 Gabor Juhoskernel: merge lzma compressed initramfs fixes to 2...
2010-02-06 Gabor Juhosar71xx: add missing fields to the ar71xx-ehci driver
2010-02-05 Florian Fainellifix mips linking failure on bad section (#6635)
2010-02-05 Jo-Philipp... base-files: fix udhcpc address acquisition on network...
2010-02-04 Lars-Peter... Unset PCI support in the config file
2010-02-04 Lars-Peter... There is currently no host usb support.
2010-02-04 Jo-Philipp... fix wrong numbering of interfaces in wireless detection
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellirefresh patches
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellirefresh 2.6.32 patches
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellirefresh 2.6.32 patches
2010-02-04 Florian Fainelliadd support for 2.6.32
2010-02-04 Florian Fainelliadd 2.6.32 support
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellimove files to file-2.6.30
2010-02-04 Florian Fainelliadd missing MISDN symbols to 2.6.32 config
2010-02-04 Matteo Croceatheros: 2.6.32 support
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellifix path to, thanks bifferos
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellimove 2.6.30 config and patches to their appropriate...
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellimove generic config and patches directory to be 2.6...
2010-02-04 Florian Fainellifix the use of proc_dostring w/ 2.6.32+
2010-02-04 Mike Bakerdisable stdin unless make V=99; fixes bug where compila...
2010-02-03 Lars-Peter... Cleanup battery driver
2010-02-03 Lars-Peter... Seperate charger logic from battery driver
2010-02-03 Felix Fietkaureplace the hostapd-mini preselection in profiles with...
2010-02-03 Felix Fietkausave space by making the crypto testsuite optional...
2010-02-03 Felix Fietkaumac80211: update to latest wireless-testing from today
2010-02-02 Imre Kalozadd kernel packages for the ixp4xx-beeper and appletalk...
2010-02-02 Felix Fietkauhostapd: fix a segfault in the error path of the nl8021...
2010-02-02 Felix Fietkau/sbin/wifi: improve reliability of restarts by resettin...
2010-02-02 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix setup with more than 2 ap mode interfaces
2010-02-01 Florian Fainellimove kernel configuration to config-2.6.30
2010-02-01 Florian Fainelliadd 2.6.32 support
2010-02-01 Florian Fainellimove 2.6.30 configuration to their appropriate names
2010-02-01 Lars-Peter... Add some missing symbols to the generic 2.6.32 config
2010-02-01 Lars-Peter... rtc-jz4740: Free rtc irq when driver is removed
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... base-file: revert unrelated change accidentally committ...
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... firmware-utils: unify cc and cc2 macros, simplifies...
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... nvram: request memory locked pages in mmap() and make...
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... firmware-utils: copy bcm_tag.h to src/ and get rid...
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... preinit: use grep -q where applicable
2010-02-01 Felix Fietkauwprobe: fix missing return code check
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... preinit: use grep -q where applicable
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... preinit: use grep -q where applicable
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... preinit: use grep -q where applicable
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... preinit: use grep -q where applicable
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp... base-files: preinit: get rid of /dev/null redirections...
2010-01-31 Felix Fietkaumac80211: make the vlan injection patch more specific
2010-01-31 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix lookup for vlan'd stations for injected...
2010-01-31 Florian Fainellifix printing of mtd offsets, remove whitespaces.
2010-01-31 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix an eap frame handling bug in ath9k -...
2010-01-31 Florian Fainelliquieten the check for devs, thanks nbd
2010-01-31 Florian Fainelli/dev/null was used before it was created, so an empty...
2010-01-31 Florian Fainellimove files to files-2.6.30, to ease newer kernel integr...
2010-01-31 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix rekeying in ap mode with connected powers...
2010-01-31 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix aggregation setup on wds ap interfaces
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosar71xx: nuke remaining patches
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosar71xx: nuke 2.6.3[01] stuff
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips: nuke 2.6.30 support
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips: enable RTL8366SR driver for the RT288x devices
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: cleanup mac_address changing
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: update register offsets
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: pass sys_clk via platform_data
2010-01-31 Jo-Philipp... fix syntax error in preinit hook (#6610)
2010-01-31 Hauke Mehrtensexport amazon_get_cpu_hz
2010-01-31 Hauke Mehrtensi[amazon] use SYS_HAS_EARLY_PRINTK instead of prom_printf
2010-01-31 Hauke MehrtensAdd kernel 2.6.32 support
2010-01-31 Hauke MehrtensApply patch 240-irq_fix.patch directly
2010-01-31 Hauke MehrtensApply patch 220-fix_timer.patch directly
2010-01-31 Hauke MehrtensApply patch 210-remove_unnedded_variables.patch directly
2010-01-31 Hauke MehrtensApply patch 200-fix_deprecated_interrupt_definations...
2010-01-31 Hauke Mehrtensmove files to correct position
2010-01-31 Hauke Mehrtensremove support for kernel 2.6.21
2010-01-31 Imre Kalozremove support for older kernels
2010-01-31 Imre Kalozswitch to 2.6.32
2010-01-31 Imre Kalozfixup cambria/avila model detection
2010-01-31 Imre Kalozrefresh patch
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: add helper functions to {ed,dis}able interrupts
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: remove unnecessary typecasts
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: simplify tx_next computation
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: simplify tx descriptor initialization
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: pass 'raeth_priv' struct directly to dma...
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips: switch to 2.6.32
2010-01-31 Gabor Juhosramips_eth: convert to use netdev_ops
2010-01-31 Felix Fietkauadd me as a maintainer for a few other packages
2010-01-31 Felix Fietkaumac80211: i maintain this package
2010-01-31 Lars-Peter... rtc-jz4740: reset rtc clock if it has lost its state
2010-01-31 Imre Kalozfix some compile warnings with 2.6.32
2010-01-30 Imre Kalozupgrade avr32 to 2.6.32
2010-01-30 Imre Kalozupgrade IMQ patch to the latest one, refresh patches
2010-01-30 Felix Fietkaustop dropbear at shutdown as well
2010-01-30 Felix Fietkauwhen rebooting, use lazy umounts as fallback (patch...
2010-01-30 Felix Fietkaustop syslogd before rebooting, otherwise umount might...
2010-01-30 Felix Fietkauwhen rebooting, stop the network interfaces last (just...
2010-01-30 Lars-Peter... libtool: Don't use the libdir path found in .la files...
2010-01-30 Felix Fietkaubrcm-2.4: add support for 8-bit flash bus width
2010-01-30 Felix Fietkauhostapd: fix segfault in mac80211 wds ap handling
2010-01-30 Hauke MehrtensAdd missing config option