2018-04-05 Felix Fietkauramips: fix BUG_ON on mtk-mmc driver probe
2018-04-05 Felix Fietkauramips: move mtk-mmc driver code out of patches-*/...
2018-04-05 Felix Fietkaufirewall: update to the latest version, adds hw flow...
2018-04-05 Felix Fietkaukernel: add support for enabling hardware flow offload...
2018-04-05 Felix Fietkaukernel: add hardware offload patch for flow tables...
2018-04-05 David Bauerar71xx: add model detection for UBNT AC-Mesh
2018-04-05 Nicolò Veronesear71xx: Add support for D-Link DAP-1330 a1
2018-04-05 Nicolò Veronesefirmware-utils: image generator for D-Link DAP-1330
2018-04-05 Jo-Philipp... include: extend SetupHostCommand macro to accept more...
2018-04-05 Alexander Couzensbase-files: change /var link from /tmp to tmp
2018-04-04 Jo-Philipp... Revert "ncurses: Remove obsolete compile fixes"
2018-04-04 Reto Schneiderar71xx: Fix typo in wan LED color of gl-mifi
2018-04-04 Mathias Kresinbase-files: get_dt_led: don't warn about missing led
2018-04-04 Mathias Kresinlantiq: kernel 4.14: fix vr9 reboot mask
2018-04-04 Pawel Dembickiramips: add support for DLINK DWR-921-C3
2018-04-04 Giuseppe Lippolisramips: add support for DLINK DWR-921-C1
2018-04-04 Pawel Dembickiramips: add BroadMobi BM806U lte-modem support
2018-04-04 Giuseppe Lippolisramips: add wistron neweb d18q1 lte-modem support
2018-04-04 André Draszikramips: mt7620: eMMC: fix compiler warnings in non...
2018-04-04 André Draszikramips: mt7620: eMMC: remove unused variable
2018-04-04 André Draszikramips: mt7620: eMMC: stop invalid memory access if...
2018-04-04 André Draszikramips: mt7620: eMMC: fix MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
2018-04-04 André Draszikramips: mt7620: eMMC: fix compiler warning (misleading...
2018-04-04 André Draszikramips: mt7620: eMMC: clear owner field
2018-04-03 Sebastian Fleerleds-apu2: add newer board names
2018-04-03 Daniel Engbergpackage/utils/f2fs-tools: Update to 1.10.0
2018-04-03 Rosen Penevncurses: Remove obsolete compile fixes
2018-04-03 Adrià Llaudetnand-utils: add flash_erase utility
2018-04-03 Hannu Nymanbusybox: update to 1.28.2
2018-04-03 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel 4.14 to 4.14.32
2018-04-03 Hauke Mehrtenssamba36: fix some security problems
2018-04-03 Hauke Mehrtensbuild: Improve GCC version detection
2018-04-03 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: Add support for XM25QH64A and XM25QH128A SPI...
2018-04-03 Hauke Mehrtensmtd-utils: Mark some lzma functions as static
2018-04-03 Paul Wassibrcm47xx: add kernel 4.14 support
2018-04-03 Hans Dedeckernetifd: update to latest git HEAD
2018-04-03 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: add Luxul XAP-1500 and XWR-1750 WiFi LEDs
2018-03-31 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: update to latest git HEAD
2018-03-31 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel 4.9 to version 4.9.91
2018-03-31 Paul Wassipackage/libs/mbedtls: add package with some mbedtls...
2018-03-31 Hauke Mehrtensmbedtls: update to version 2.8.0
2018-03-31 Jan Pavlinecxfsprogs: add xfs-admin util
2018-03-31 Paul Wassitools/e2fsprogs: update to 1.44.1
2018-03-31 Paul Wassipackage/utils/e2fsprogs: update to 1.44.1
2018-03-31 Paul Wassipackages/util/util-linux: Update to 2.32
2018-03-31 Rosen Penevncurses: Update to 6.1.
2018-03-31 Rosen Penevlibtool: Update to 2.4.6
2018-03-31 Matti Laaksopistachio: remove kernel 4.9 support
2018-03-31 Matti Laaksopistachio: Switch to kernel 4.14
2018-03-31 Matti Laaksopistachio: add kernel 4.14 support
2018-03-31 Damir Samardzicmvebu: add support for MACCHIATObin (cortex-a72)
2018-03-31 Josua Mayeru-boot-mvebu: update to 2018.03
2018-03-31 Josua Mayermvebu: clearfog-pro: set new DTB name in boot-script
2018-03-31 Josua Mayeru-boot-mvebu: set configuration options in Makefile
2018-03-31 Imre Kalozmvebu: Add support for WRT3200ACM with new NAND flash
2018-03-31 Rosen Penevmvebu: Get rid of RTC hack for Turris Omnia.
2018-03-31 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Update firmware to latest.
2018-03-31 Paul Wassiopenssl: update to 1.0.2o
2018-03-31 Kevin Darbyshire... Revert "iproute2: fix hidden uint to uin64_t promotion...
2018-03-30 Felix Fietkaubuild: filter out kmod-ipt-offload from the default...
2018-03-29 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config option
2018-03-29 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: increase WNDR4700's dtb+kernel partition...
2018-03-29 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: switch MR24's initramfs to multi-image method
2018-03-29 Hans Dedeckermap: fix psidlen becoming negative (FS#1430)
2018-03-29 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: switch to kernel 4.14
2018-03-29 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: update kernel 4.14 config
2018-03-29 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: fix earlycon regression in kernel 4.14
2018-03-29 Felix FietkauRevert "ppp: make ppp-multilink provide ppp"
2018-03-28 Felix Fietkauar71xx: fix ar934x usb controller resource conflict
2018-03-28 Yousong Zhouprocd: update to the latest version
2018-03-27 Daniel Gollehostapd: update to git snapshot of 2018-03-26
2018-03-27 Hans Dedeckeruci: update to latest git HEAD
2018-03-27 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version (fixes FS#1452)
2018-03-27 Felix Fietkaubuild: include kmod-ipt-offload in default images
2018-03-25 Felix Fietkaukernel: add kmod-sound-ens1371
2018-03-24 Hans Dedeckerdnsmasq: improve init script portability (FS#1446)
2018-03-23 Fan Fansunxi: add build for sopine
2018-03-23 Rosen Penevethtool: Update to 4.15.
2018-03-23 Stijn SegersKernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.29
2018-03-23 Kevin Darbyshire... iproute2: cake: support new overhead reporting & stats...
2018-03-23 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: split stats structures, add overhead...
2018-03-23 Hauke Mehrtensath10k-ct: fix module depends
2018-03-23 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Add htt-mgt variants of ath10k-ct firmware.
2018-03-23 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Update wave-1 and wave-2 firmware to latest.
2018-03-23 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Update driver to latest.
2018-03-23 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Update DEPENDS and PROVIDES
2018-03-23 Felix Fietkaulibubox: update to the latest version
2018-03-23 Felix Fietkauramips: remove dead (and potentially crashy) code in...
2018-03-23 Felix Fietkauramips: rename ethernet priv->device field to dev to...
2018-03-23 Felix Fietkaukernel: netfilter: fix dst entries in flowtable offload
2018-03-23 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix crash in flow offload when removing net...
2018-03-23 Felix Fietkaukernel: flow-offload: only offload connections that...
2018-03-23 Mathias Kresinlantiq: intel-xway: add vr9 v1.1 phy support
2018-03-23 INAGAKI Hiroshiramips: fix switch and MAC address for WHR-G300N
2018-03-23 Sven Eckelmannipq40xx: Add reserved memory for WPJ428
2018-03-23 Sven Eckelmannipq40xx: Use detailed reserved memory for A42
2018-03-23 Sven Eckelmannipq40xx: Remove phy reset gpio from Cisco Meraki MR33
2018-03-23 Sven Eckelmannipq40xx: Adjust SoC name of AVM Fritz!Box 4040
2018-03-23 Sven Eckelmannipq40xx: Use constant to set gpio active low/high
2018-03-23 Sven Eckelmannipq40xx: Fix DTS status parameter values