2018-06-14 Daniel Gollelibjson-c: add host build (for libblobmsg-json)
2018-06-14 Daniel Golleucert: add package
2018-06-14 Daniel Gollebrcm2708: move wifi calibration EEPROMs out of base...
2018-06-14 Daniel Gollebrcm2708: add brcmfmac-firmware-43455-sdio to DEFAULT_P...
2018-06-14 Daniel Gollebrcm2708: add RPi3+ wifi calibration data
2018-06-14 Daniel Gollelinux-firmware: add firmware for BCM43455 SDIO wlan...
2018-06-14 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix conntrack fixup of offloaded flows on timeout
2018-06-13 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix conntrack leak for flow_offload connections
2018-06-13 Felix Fietkaukernel: allow hardware NAT offload drivers to keep...
2018-06-13 Felix Fietkauramips: rename ethernet driver folder to the same one...
2018-06-13 Felix Fietkaukernel: avoid flow offload for connections with xfrm...
2018-06-13 Daniel Engbergtools/bison: Update to 3.0.5
2018-06-13 Daniel Engbergpopt: Add backup site
2018-06-13 Daniel Engbergtools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.44.2
2018-06-11 Matthias Schifferbase-files: sysupgrade: fix handing get_image unpack...
2018-06-11 Hans Dedeckertoolchain/glibc: update to latest 2.26 commit
2018-06-11 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: user string option support
2018-06-11 Hans Dedeckerdnsmasq: fix confdir option processing (FS#1572)
2018-06-10 Hauke Mehrtenskernel/modules: fix kmod-mdio-gpio module dependencies
2018-06-09 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.107
2018-06-09 Martin Schillerkernel/modules: add kmod-switch-rtl8306 module
2018-06-09 Martin Schillerkernel/modules: add kmod-mdio-gpio module
2018-06-09 Florian Eckertkernel/modules: add kmod-adcxx module
2018-06-09 Martin Schillerkernel/modules: add kmod-random-tpm module
2018-06-09 Jeremiah McConnellmvebu: enable SATA port multiplier support
2018-06-09 Sven Eckelmannmac80211: ath10k: Allow to enable the thermal code...
2018-06-09 Martin Schillerltq-vdsl-mei: reset g_tx_link_rate on showtime exit
2018-06-09 Matthias Badaireramips: fix network config for ravpower wd03
2018-06-09 David Bauerar71xx: use Power-LED as Diag-LED on FRITZBox 4020
2018-06-09 David Bauerar71xx: fix AVM package selection
2018-06-08 Lucian Cristianath79: add tl-mr3020-v1 support
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: wr1043: fix DTC warnings
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: glinet ar150: fix DTC warnings
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: ubnt: fix DTC warnings
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: wdr4300: avoid DTC warnings
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: buffalo_wzr-hp-g450h: fix dtc warnings
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: avm_fritz300e: avoid dtc warnings
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: mdio: add address-cells and size-cells defaults
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: ar9330.dtsi: fix typo in USB unit name
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: add etactica-eg200 support
2018-06-08 INAGAKI Hiroshiramips: add support for I-O DATA WN-GX300GR
2018-06-08 Krystian Kozaksparse: updated to version 0.5.2
2018-06-08 Adoal Xuath79: add TP-Link TL-MR10U port
2018-06-08 Sven Eckelmannar71xx: Fix offset to WMAC address for 8devices Lima
2018-06-08 Christian Lampartermtd-utils: revert faulty upstream patch for now
2018-06-08 Rosen Penevramips: mt7621: Fix some cosmetic DTC warnings
2018-06-08 Rosen Penevramips: mmc: Add back some non-mt7621 code that staging...
2018-06-08 Kevin Darbyshire... ramips: mir3g dts define usb port Vcc volt regulator...
2018-06-08 Christian Lamparteripq40xx: flesh out MR33's pcie dts definitions
2018-06-08 Christian Lamparteripq40xx: fix OpenMesh A62 dtc warnings
2018-06-08 Christian Lamparteripq40xx: fix dtc warning about /soc/ad-hoc-bus missing...
2018-06-08 Christian Lamparteripq40xx: set #size-cells to 0 to fix warning
2018-06-08 Koen Vandeputtear71xx: fix USB switch to mPCIE for Mikrotik rb91x...
2018-06-08 Krystian Kozakimx-uuc: updated to latest git HEAD
2018-06-07 Adi Shammoutbusybox: udhcpc: no MSG_DONTROUTE when sending packet
2018-06-07 Karl Palssonlogd: create log directory for log_file
2018-06-07 Lucian Cristianath79: fix qca956x SoC boot
2018-06-07 David Bauerar71xx: add support for OCEDO Koala
2018-06-07 Denton Gentryhostapd: make cli treat UNKNOWN COMMAND as failing
2018-06-07 Hannu Nymanipq806x: Enlarge R7800 flash - use netgear partition
2018-06-07 Rosen Penevipq806x: Limit NR_CPUS to 2
2018-06-07 Rosen Penevethtool: Update to 4.16
2018-06-07 Rosen Peneviperf: Update to 2.0.11
2018-06-07 Rosen Penevgdb: Update to 8.1
2018-06-07 Rosen Penevstrace: Update to 4.22
2018-06-07 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.106
2018-06-07 Catrinel Catrinescuath79: add WLAN, Ethernet-Switch with LAN/WAN and Statu...
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: remove support for kernel 4.4
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: switch to kernel 4.14
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: refresh kernel 4.14 configuration
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: copy config to kernel 4.14
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedauboot-zynq: update to 2017.03
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: fix detection of the zybo board
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: remove hard-coded network configuration
2018-06-07 Luis Aranedazynq: reworked image creation process
2018-06-07 Christo Nedevbrcm2708: Update brcm2708-gpu-fw package
2018-06-07 Daniel Golleramips: fix reboot with W25Q256 with 4-address-mode...
2018-06-06 Hans Dedeckerebtables: update to latest git 2018-06-06
2018-06-06 Matthias Schifferar71xx: switch CPE/WBS 210/510 to okli-loader
2018-06-06 Matthias Schifferath79: lzma-loader: sync with ar71xx target
2018-06-06 Matthias Schifferar71xx: make loader-okli build step more generic
2018-06-06 Matthias Schifferar71xx: lzma-loader: constify kernel argv array
2018-06-06 Matthias Schifferar71xx: lzma-loader: set page size to 4KB
2018-06-06 Matthias Schifferar71xx: lzma-loader: move padding workaround to gzip...
2018-06-06 Tony Ambardarbase-files: fix UCI config parsing and callback handling
2018-06-05 Stijn Tintelkernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.48
2018-06-05 Ted Hessscripts: Replace obsolete POSIX tmpnam in slugimage...
2018-06-05 Daniel Gollehostapd: properly build hostapd-only SSL variants
2018-06-05 Daniel Gollekernel: modules: package module for Exar 8250 UARTs
2018-06-05 Felix Fietkaukernel: backport patch to fix dst handling for offloade...
2018-06-05 Felix Fietkauhostapd: expose device taxonomy signature via ubus
2018-06-05 Felix Fietkauhostapd: add support for client taxonomy in the full...
2018-06-05 Felix Fietkaugcc: remove support for version 6.3.0
2018-06-05 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2018-06-04 Hans Dedeckermap: make tunnel encapsulation limit support configurab...
2018-06-04 Hans Dedeckernetifd: update to latest git HEAD (FS#1501)
2018-06-04 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: make ds-lite/map tunnel encapsulation limit...
2018-06-04 Hans Dedeckerds-lite: make tunnel encapsulation limit support config...
2018-06-01 Michael Graymvebu: fix broken console on WRT32X (venom)
2018-06-01 Daniel Golleoxnas: bring in new oxnas target