2012-04-21 Gabor Juhosramips: rt3883: add profile and build sysupgrade image...
2012-04-21 Gabor Juhosramips: add swconfig to the default package list
2012-04-21 Gabor Juhosramips: build initramfs image for the Fonera 2.0N
2012-04-21 Gabor Juhosramips: rt305x: add initial support for Tenda W306R...
2012-04-21 Gabor Juhosramips: remove hardcoded console parameter from kernel...
2012-04-21 Gabor Juhoslinux/3.3: fix crypto4xx build failure
2012-04-21 Mirko Vogtremove screwed up patch for gcc 4.7-linaro which got...
2012-04-21 Mirko Vogtadd support for GCC 4.7-linaro (based on GCC 4.7.1)
2012-04-21 Mirko Vogtchange /etc/config/network according to actual VLAN...
2012-04-21 Jo-Philipp... gcc: add patch to make the getenv() spec function nonfa...
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhosppc40x: nuke 3.2 support
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhosppc40x: switch to 3.3.2
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhosppc40x: sync 3.3 config
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhosar71xx: remove duplicated AP121 Kconfig entry
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhoscns21xx: remove 3.2 support
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhoscns21xx: switch to 3.3.2
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhoscns21xx: add support for 3.3
2012-04-20 Gabor Juhoslinux/3.3: update ARM mach-types
2012-04-20 Jo-Philipp... e2fsprogs: fix status reaping with fsck piped to logger...
2012-04-20 Jo-Philipp... enable ntpd server for busybox
2012-04-20 Claudio MignantiAdd a missing symbol for config-3.3
2012-04-20 Claudio MignantiReorganize the subtargets, group subtargets per cpu...
2012-04-20 Claudio MignantiUpdate the kernel to 3.3.x series, remove patches that...
2012-04-20 Claudio MignantiEnsure that the bin directory exists before copy the...
2012-04-20 Florian Fainelliremove some annoying warnings and fix snd modules build
2012-04-20 Florian Fainelliadd missing config symbol
2012-04-20 Florian Fainelligpio-button-hotplug: don't build on 2.6.30
2012-04-20 Florian Fainellibutton-hotplug: prevent build on 2.6.30
2012-04-20 Florian Fainellixfsprogs: disable po files building
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: nuke 3.2 support
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: switch to 3.3.2
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: sync 3.3 config
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: merge/reorganize 3.3 patches
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: use ap91_pci_init for RB751{,G}
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: move USB device registration directly into...
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: add ap9x_pci_get_wmac_data helper
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: add sanity checks to decode_rle
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosavr32: remove old kernel support
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosavr32: switch to 3.3.2
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosavr32: sync kernel config
2012-04-19 Gabor Juhosavr32: fix atomic64_t related kernel build errors
2012-04-19 Felix Fietkaumac80211: update to 2012-04-17, adds some build fixes...
2012-04-19 Jo-Philipp... openssl: update to v1.0.1a (CVE-2012-2110)
2012-04-18 Florian Fainelliswitch to 3.2.15
2012-04-18 Florian Fainellifix 335-mips-kexec patch for all 3+ kernels
2012-04-18 Jonas Gorskimake xz ramdisk images also available for 2.6.39+
2012-04-18 Mirko Vogtwhen choosing eglibc select eglibc version 2.13 by...
2012-04-18 Mirko Vogtremove patch '100-do-not-use-implicit-rules.patch'...
2012-04-17 Felix Fietkauppp: move ppp-{up,down} from the netifd package to...
2012-04-17 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to latest, fixes ppp reconnect issues
2012-04-17 Jonas Gorskikernel: x86: also update subtarget kernel versions
2012-04-17 Jonas Gorskikernel: also update the targets to use 3.2.15
2012-04-17 Jonas Gorskikernel: update linux 3.3 to 3.3.2
2012-04-17 Jonas Gorskikernel: update linux 3.2 to 3.2.15
2012-04-17 Jo-Philipp... don't overwrite, substitute REVISION instead
2012-04-17 Felix Fietkauath9k/ath5k: fix driver load issues with mesh support...
2012-04-16 Felix Fietkauiw: sync nl80211.h update with compat-wireless
2012-04-16 Felix Fietkaumac80211: update to wireless-testing 2012-04-13
2012-04-16 Jo-Philipp... mklibs: revert r31315
2012-04-16 Jo-Philipp... tools/mklibs: add missing <unistd.h> in readelf/elf.cpp
2012-04-16 Jo-Philipp... bump to Linux v3.3.1
2012-04-16 Jo-Philipp... Fix bufferbloat in PPPoATM TX queue
2012-04-16 Jo-Philipp... Update ppp TX restart patch to avoid race condition
2012-04-16 Jo-Philipp... iproute2: Add hotplug script to add slave devices to...
2012-04-16 John Crispinadds 3.3 patches and files
2012-04-16 Florian Fainellibackport missing platform data members for gpio-keys
2012-04-16 Florian Fainellibackport a missing eeprom 93cx6 define for building...
2012-04-16 Florian Fainellisierra-directip: disable build with kernels older than...
2012-04-16 Florian Fainelliadd missing debugging symbols
2012-04-16 Florian Fainelliadd missing debugging symbols
2012-04-16 Mirko Vogtlevel up eglibc versions to latest revisions of its...
2012-04-15 Florian Fainellimark set but unused variables as such
2012-04-15 Florian Fainellirefresh 2.6.32 patches
2012-04-15 Florian Fainellirefresh 2.6.32 patches
2012-04-15 Florian Fainellisilence an annoying x86 warning
2012-04-15 Travis Kemendisable xfs on avr32
2012-04-15 Jo-Philipp... base-files: reformat banner to better work with varying...
2012-04-15 Hauke Mehrtensat91: Missing kernel config symbols for AT91 target...
2012-04-14 Hauke Mehrtensbrcm47xx: fix a bug in the sprom handling of bcma,...
2012-04-14 Jonas Gorskitools: sdcc: fix order of linking with libm
2012-04-13 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: refresh patches
2012-04-13 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update bcma and ssb to version master-2012...
2012-04-13 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: add missing dependency to mac80211 to brcmsmac
2012-04-13 Hauke Mehrtensbrcm47xx: remove support for kernel 3.0
2012-04-13 Felix Fietkauixp4xx: add support for linux 3.3.1
2012-04-13 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix arm compressed images build on mac os x
2012-04-13 Jo-Philipp... don't overwrite, substitute REVISION instead
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... PATCH: Disable console terminal in Grub for alix2 target
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... populate repositories.conf from
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... base-file: cleanup white space in Kconfig source
2012-04-12 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix sleep mode handling issues, should improve...
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... include, base-files, opkg: introduce version configurat...
2012-04-12 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to 2012-04-12, fixes interface reconnect...
2012-04-12 John Crispinupdate 3.2 patches
2012-04-12 Mirko Vogtadd missing includes ('unistd.h') for mklibs
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... base-files: remove network preconfig, it collides with...
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... remove preconfig variables
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... remove preconfig variables
2012-04-12 Jo-Philipp... toolchain/gcc: gcc-4.7.0 upstream patch fixing uClibc...
2012-04-10 Jo-Philipp... exclude CONFIG_GDB on avr32, allows enabling CONFIG_GDB...