2019-08-22 Paul Spoorenimagebuilder: fix `make info` for empty SUPPORTED_DEVICES
2019-08-21 Hauke Mehrtensmdadm: Use upstream fix for musl 1.1.23 compile
2019-08-21 Hauke Mehrtensmdadm: Fix compile with musl 1.1.23
2019-08-19 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: remove socket from uloop upon NETEV_IFINDEX_CHANGE
2019-08-18 Hauke Mehrtensmusl: Fix CVE-2019-14697
2019-08-18 Jo-Philipp... uhttpd: update to latest Git HEAD
2019-08-18 Jo-Philipp... uhttpd: add direct dependency on libjson-c
2019-08-18 Hauke Mehrtensuhttpd: Fix format string build problems
2019-08-17 Luiz Angelo... musl: ldso/dlsym: fix mips returning undef dlsym
2019-08-17 Rosen Penevbzip2: Update to 1.0.8
2019-08-17 Eneas U de... wolfssl: bump to 4.1.0-stable
2019-08-17 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Update to version 4.19.66-1
2019-08-17 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Update to version 4.19.57
2019-08-17 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: fix closing of router socket
2019-08-16 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: Activate CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING
2019-08-16 Klaus Kudielkamvebu: sysupgrade: sdcard: fix platform_do_upgrade_sdcard
2019-08-16 Tomasz Maciej... mvebu: enable xHCI USB controller connected to PCIe
2019-08-16 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: fix sending RA when link state brings bridge...
2019-08-15 David Bauerlantiq: unify Fritz!Box LED mappings
2019-08-14 Jo-Philipp... Revert "ath79: make target source-only"
2019-08-14 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.138
2019-08-14 Russell Seniortools/patch: apply upstream patch for cve-2019-13638
2019-08-11 David Bauerlantiq: add led-upgrade alias for Fritz!Box 7412
2019-08-11 David Bauerlantiq: enable second VPE on Fritz!Box 7412
2019-08-11 David Bauerlantiq: correct Fritz!Box 7412 button logic level
2019-08-11 Johann Neuhauserlantiq: use wpad-basic for boards with enough storage
2019-08-10 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: fix lingering uloop socket descriptor
2019-08-09 Koen Vandeputtear71xx: ag71xx: init rings with GFP_KERNEL
2019-08-09 Koen Vandeputtear71xx/ath79: ag71xx: init rings with GFP_KERNEL
2019-08-09 Koen Vandeputtear71xx/ath79: ag71xx: fix sleep in atomic
2019-08-09 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.137
2019-08-07 Jo-Philipp... config: introduce separate CONFIG_SIGNATURE_CHECK option
2019-08-07 Petr Štetiaradb: fix build breakage on recent musl
2019-08-07 Jo-Philipp... packages: apply usign padding workarounds to package...
2019-08-06 Jo-Philipp... usign: update to latest Git HEAD
2019-08-06 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.136
2019-08-05 David Bauermpc85xx: correct OCEDO Panda LED definition
2019-08-01 Russell Seniortools/patch: apply upstream patch for CVE-2019-13636
2019-08-01 Petr Štetiarscripts/ fix buildbot breakage
2019-08-01 David Bauerar71xx: fix HiveAP 121 PLL for 1000M
2019-08-01 Koen Vandeputtear71xx: really fix Mikrotik board detection
2019-07-31 Koen Vandeputtetoolchain/musl: bump to version 1.1.23
2019-07-31 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.134
2019-07-31 Koen Vandeputteimx6: bump SDMA firmware to 3.5
2019-07-29 Petr Štetiarath79: make target source-only
2019-07-29 Koen Vandeputtear71xx: fix Mikrotik board detection
2019-07-28 Tomislav Požegaar71xx: fix WLAN LED names for Archer C7
2019-07-28 Tomislav Požegaar71xx: fix system LED names on Archer C5/C7
2019-07-28 Tomislav Požegaar71xx: Archer C7 v1 LED names and RFKILL fixes
2019-07-28 Tomislav Požegaar71xx: update qca-usb-quirks patch
2019-07-28 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: brcm: improve brcmfmac debugging of firmware...
2019-07-28 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: brcm: update brcmfmac 5.4 patches
2019-07-27 Biwen Litfa-layerscape: fix create_pbl and byte_swap host build
2019-07-27 Petr Štetiartfa-layerscape: fix fiptool host build
2019-07-25 Jo-Philipp... openwrt-keyring: update to Git HEAD
2019-07-22 Petr Štetiarurngd: move project to
2019-07-22 Petr Štetiarbuild: add urandom-seed and urngd to default packages set
2019-07-22 Petr Štetiarbase-files: move urandom seed bits into separate package
2019-07-22 Petr Štetiarubox: move getrandom into separate getrandom package
2019-07-22 Petr Štetiarurngd: add micro non-physical true RNG based on timing...
2019-07-21 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: brcm: backport first set of 5.4 brcmfmac...
2019-07-21 David Bauerramips: add support for ASUS RT-AC57U
2019-07-21 David Bauerath79: add support for devolo WiFi pro 1750x
2019-07-21 Etienne Champetierar71xx: enable SGMII fixup on Mikrotik wAP AC
2019-07-20 Petr Štetiarmt7620: disable image generation for Netgear EX2700
2019-07-20 Alberto Bursix86: add modern network modules to Generic target
2019-07-20 Petr Štetiarath25: disable image generation for ubnt2 and ubnt5...
2019-07-19 David Bauergpio-button-hotplug: unify polled and interrupt code
2019-07-19 Petr Štetiargpio-button-hotplug: fix 4.19 build breakage on malta...
2019-07-17 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Use -v1 suffix for TP-Link WDR3600/4300
2019-07-17 Matt Merharopenvpn: fix handling of list options
2019-07-17 Petr Štetiarath79: ar9330: add missing watchdog node
2019-07-17 Deng Qingfangiptables: update to 1.8.3
2019-07-16 Rafał Miłeckilibroxml: bump to the 3.0.2 version
2019-07-14 Petr Štetiarfstools: add direct dependencies on libblobmsg-json...
2019-07-12 Yousong Zhoubusybox: strip off ALTERNATIVES spec
2019-07-12 Yousong Zhouopkg: bump to version 2019-06-14
2019-07-12 Koen Vandeputtear71xx: fix nand init issues on some rb2011 devices
2019-07-12 Koen Vandeputtekernel: delete leftovers from unused kernel versions
2019-07-12 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.133
2019-07-11 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Do not build b43legacy on BRCM47xx mips74...
2019-07-10 Fredrik Olofssonkernel: cherry pick patch removing __linux__ check
2019-07-09 Adrian Schmutzlerbase-files: Fix path check in get_mac_binary
2019-07-09 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.132
2019-07-08 Hauke Mehrtenswolfssl: Fix package hash
2019-07-08 Konstantin... netsupport: move out mqprio from kmod-sched
2019-07-08 Eneas U de... wolfssl: update to 3.15.7, fix Makefile
2019-07-05 Adrian Schmutzlerbase-files: Really check path in get_mac_binary
2019-07-05 Pawel Dembickimpc85xx: Use gzip compressed kernel on HiveAP-330
2019-07-03 Mathias Kresinlantiq: enable STP where referenced
2019-07-03 W. Michael... ar71xx: fix ath79/rb4xx IRQ initialization on kernel...
2019-06-28 Karel Kočífstools: block-mount: fix restart of fstab service
2019-06-28 Brett Mastbergenmvebu: Fix for non-generic espressobin...
2019-06-28 Vladimir Vidmvebu: fix regression for non-generic ESPRESSObin versions
2019-06-28 Vladimir Vidmvebu: image: fix generic-arm64.bootscript mmc selection
2019-06-27 Bjørn Morkbase-files: use OPENWRT prefix for os-release variables
2019-06-27 Chuanhong Guoramips: mt7621: add IRQ for GPIO node
2019-06-27 Koen Vandeputteuqmi: bump to latest git HEAD
2019-06-27 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.131
2019-06-26 Yangbo Lulayerscape: drop pause frame support for aquantia phy